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Parish, Jenkins, McNett, Long and Beckner Take Spartan Speedway Wins

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Parish, Jenkins, McNett, Long and Beckner Take Spartan Speedway Wins

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Parish, Jenkins, McNett, Long and Beckner Take Spartan Speedway Wins


By Duane Turner, Mason, MI: With foul weather in the area most of the day, the sun would come out just in time to go racing at Spartan Speedway. Jon Parish and Nate Jenkins would claim the Bandolero feature events, with Jon McNett grabbing his second win in a row in the Modifieds. In the Spartan Stock division, Jesse Collinge would take the B-Feature, with the A-feature going to Dane Long. The Pony Stock B-feature would see 13 year old Jarin Larner take his first win, with Brian Beckner taking the A-feature.


First up, The Parts Place Napa Junior Bandit division. Cody Hall took the early lead and Danika LaPoint and Jon Parish settled in to the top three. On lap four, Parish went low to pass both and take the lead, with Trey Chmielewski following in to second place from fourth. As the laps ticked away, Parish would increase his lead and take the win. Chmielewski and Hall held on to the top three. The Bandit division, Faith Schuch led the field to the green flag, and would lead the first two laps. Mike Findlay and Nate Jenkins would stay close behind. On the third lap, Jenkins would move past Findlay, and then quickly take the point. On a lap three restart, Schuch would slip in turn four allowing Findlay and Logan Haughton to move past. On lap five, Findlay would break ending his evening, moving Zach Parish in to third. At the finish, Jenkins would hold on for a close win over Haughton, but Richelle Michalak would make a move and take third by a nose over Zach Parish.


The Performance Automotive Northwest Modifieds would have Maynard Bigelow Jr lead the field to the green flag. Bigelow and Justin Kazmar would race side by side, as Kazmar would nose ahead to lead lap two. Larry Wallace would then settle in to third. Lap four, Wallace would move to the high-side to take over second, as Dan Loughan would follow in to third. With eight laps in, Wallace and Kazmar would make contact racing for the lead, with Wallace taking the blame and moving to the rear on the restart. On the restart, Jon McNett would take over third, and move to the inside of Loughan for second. On a lap ten restart, McNett would take the point from Kazmar, and quickly pull away. On lap 12, current point leader Jim Butler would come to a stop, ending his race. At the half way point, Loughan would move to the inside of Kazmar and take the runner up spot. As the laps would wind down, McNett would build his lead over Loughan, who would develop a tight condition allowing Kazmar to close back in. After 35 laps, McNett would claim his second win in a row, with Loughan and Kazmar in the top three.


Rick Gokee Sr would take the early lead in the Lipari Foods Spartan Stock B-Feature, Brian Boesel would stay a close second with Brandon Biddinger in the top three. The top six would continue to race two by two for the first several laps, with Boesel taking the point on lap five. Scott Booth followed in to second, but would take the lead one lap later. Jesse Collinge and Marc Long would show their strength as the duo moved in to second and third on lap nine. Collinge would take the point two laps later with Marc Long in tow to second. At the half way point, Long and Collinge would race side by side for the lead. This would last for several laps until Collinge took command again with just five laps to go. On the final lap, Long made a move to the inside of Collinge as the duo made contact bringing out the caution. Long would have to go pit-side with a flat tire forcing him to restart at the rear. The final restart, Collinge would take the win over Findlay and Tim Lahar in the top three.


The Lipari Foods Spartan Stock A-Feature would see Pat Dent lead the opening lap. John Kennedy would take over second, with Erik Cooley in third. Damon Place would move in to third on lap four, as Dane Long would follow in to fourth. On lap eighth, Long would move under Place to take over third, and set sail after the lead duo of Dent and Kennedy. At the half way-point, Long would move to the outside of Kennedy and challenge for second. With ten to go, Long would take over second, and move to the outside of Dent and would take the point on the next circuit. With five laps remaining, Kennedy would move past for second, but Long would maintain his lead, and hold on for the win. Kennedy would follow in second, with Dent in third.


The Boss Snow Equipment Pony Stock B-Feature would start with Jarin Larner taking the early point. Rob Miller and Jami Larner would follow close behind. With five laps in, Laura Beckner would close in on the front trio and make it a four-car battle for the lead. Carter Trudgeon would soon join the battle in fifth. With ten laps in, Trudgeon would move in to third, as Jarin and Jami Larner continued to race for the lead. At the finish 13-year-old Jarin Larner would take his first win followed by Jami Larner and Carter Trudgeon.


Brian Boesel would take the early lead in the Boss Snow Equipment Pony Stock A Feature. Troy Andrews and Tyler Heeney would stay close as the top six continued to race two by two for the first ten laps. Boesel and Andrews would take turns leading laps, as Heeney and Brian Beckner looked for a way around. With ten laps to go, the top seven all raced in one group. Tyler Heeney would make it three wide for the lead, but would have to settle back in to the second row. With five laps to go, Boesel would claim the lead, with Beckner in second followed by Andrews and Heeney. Caution on lap 16 for Andrews who stopped in turn two with engine trouble. On the restart, the field would stay side by side. Beckner would nose ahead at the line, and Lex Jarecki would follow in to second. With the white flag in the air, Jarecki would close in, but would follow Beckner across the line. Heeney would hold on for third. 


Up next for "The Track The Stars Call Home" is a double-header weekend. On Friday, July 24 it is Old Timers Night featuring Vintage American Race Cars. The track will also host Road Rage races, the Hare and the Hound races, along with Spartan Sprint Cars, Pony Stocks, and Bandoleros. On Sunday, July 26, Spartan Speedway will play host to the 100 lap Brian Heeney "Wild Child" Memorial race featuring the Top Speed Modified Series. Spartan Stocks, Pony Stocks, and Enduro Figure 8's will also be on hand. For more information, log on to the official website at www.spartanspeedway.com.   


Event Summery:


Performance Automotive Northwest Modifieds

Qualifications: 1) 7 Jon McNett 13.877 2) 10 Tony Pastorino 13.881 3) 14 Kyle Drake 13.906 4) 34 John Ledwidge 13.927 5) m2 Jim Butler 13.929 6) 72 Dan Loughan 13.932 7) 47b Tracey Hernley 13.968 8) 55 Larry Wallace 14.202 9) 96 Justin Kazmar 14.023 10) 83 Maynard Bigelow Jr 14.058 11) 8 Megan Carpenter 14.157 12) 07 Matt Vainner 14.216 13) t55 Bill Pennington 14.285 14) 1 Bill Heeney Jr 14.326 15) 13 Kirk Newland 14.499 16) 10 Tom Smith 15.306


Heat Race: 1) 07 Matt Vainner 2) 83 Maynard Bigelow Jr 3) 8 Megan Carpenter 4) t55 Bill Pennington 5) 96 Justin Kazmar 6) 10 Tom Smith 7) 1 Bill Heeney Jr 8) 13 Kirk Newland 


Heat Race 2: 1) 55 Larry Wallace 2) 72 Dan Loughan 3) m2 Jim Butler 4) 47 Tracey Hernley 5) 34 John Ledwidge 6) 7 Jon McNett 7) 10 Tony Pastorino 8) 14 Kyle Drake


Feature: 1) 7 Jon McNett 2) 72 Dan Loughan 3) 96 Justin Kazmar 4) 34 John Ledwidge 5) 55 Larry Wallace 6) 47b Tracey Hernley 7) 10 Tony Pastorino 8) 14 Kyle Drake 9) 1 Bill Heeney Jr 10) 83 Maynard Bigelow Jr 11) t55 Bill Pennington 12) 10 Tom Smith 13) 8 Megan Carpenter 14) m2 Jim Butler 15) 13 Kirk Newland 16) 07 Matt Vainner dns


Lipari Foods Spartan Stocks

Qualifications: 1) 35 John Kennedy 14.097 2) 7l Dane Long 14.146 3) 6 Pat Dent 14.272 4) 22 Erik Cooley 14.660 5) 10 Mike Findlay 14.992 6) 7 Marc Long 15.012 7) 25 Jesse Collinge 15.102 8) 38 Scott Booth 15.132 9) 13 Jason Luce 15.197 10) 74 James Gokee Jr 15.198 11) 33 Brian Boesel 15.198 12) 69 Tom Williams 15.292 13) 5w Mike Westphal 15.300 14) 21 Brian Biddenger 15.312 15) 31 Rick Gokee Sr 15.362 16) 20 Joseph Biddenger 15.510 17) 771 Harold Bramam Jr 15.798 18) 11 David Kelley 16.004 19) 19 Jennifer Flagg 16.131 20) 21b Blake Dent 18.997 21) 20 Tim Lahar nt 22) 24 Damon Place nt


Heat Race #1: 1) 5w Mike Westphal 2) 771 Harold Braman Jr 3) 19 Jennifer Flagg 4) 21b Blake Dent 5) 20 Joseph Biddinger 6) 21 Brandon Biddinger 7) 31 Rick Gokee Sr


Heat Race #2: 1) 25 Jesse Collinge 2) 33 Brian Boesel 3) 74 James Gokee Jr 4) 69 Tom Williams 5) 11b David Kelley 6) 20 Tim Lahar 7) 38 Scott Booth 8) 13 Jason Luce


Heat Race #3: 1) 35 John Kennedy 2) 7l Dane Long 3) 7 Marc Long 4) 6 Pat Dent 5) 10 Mike Findlay 6) 22 Erik Cooley 7) 24 Damon Place


B-Feature: 1) 25 Jesse Collinge 2) 10 Mike Findlay 3) 20 Tim Lahar 4) 13 Jason Luce 5) 33 Brian Boesel 6) 31 Rick Gokee Sr 7) 74 James Gokee Jr 8) 11 David Kelley 9) 19 Jennifer Flagg 10) 7 Marc Long 11) 77l Harold Braman Jr 12) 20 Joseph Beddinger  13) 21b Blake Dent


A-Feature: 1) 7l Dane Long 2) 35 John Kennedy 3) 6 Pat Dent 4) 24 Damon Place 5) 22 Erik Cooley


Boss Snow Equipment Pony Stocks

Qualifications: 1) Tyler Heeney 16.237 2) 7 Lex Jarecki 16.258 3) Brian Beckner 16.315 4) John Ward Jr 16.548 5) 1 Troy Andrews 16.681 6) 17 DJ Marciniak 16.704 7) 33 Brian Boesel 16.725 8) 47 Wayne Beckner Jr 16.843 9) 14 Jamie Larner 16.856 10) 95 Thomas Logie 16.897 11) 21 Carter Trudgeon 16.891 12) c4l Ryan Gordon 16.902 13) 9 Laura Beckner 16.986 14) 15 Jerry King 17.151 15) 942 Ken Dollarhite Jr 17.161 16) x15 Shelby Gokee 17.177 17) 44 Jarin Larner 17.222 18) 30 Rob Miller 17.506 19) 5 Ryan Hollister 17.658


Heat Race #1: 1) 44 Jarin Larner 2) 942 Ken Dollarhite Jr 3) 9 Laura Beckner 4) 30 Rob Miller 5) 95 Thomas Logie 6) x15 Shelby Gokee 7) 15 Jerry King 8) c4l Ryan Gordon 9) 21 Carter Trudgeon 


Heat Race #2: 1) 11 Brian Beckner 2) 18 Tyler Heeney 3) 27 John Ward Jr 4) 33 Brian Boesel 5) 7 Lex Jarecki 6) 1 Troy Andrews 7) 47 Wayne Beckner Jr 8) 14 Jami Larner 9) 5 Ryan Hollister


B-Feature: 1) 44 Jarin Larner 2) Jami larner 3) 21 Carter Trudgeon 4) 9 Laura Beckner 5) x15 Shelby Gokee 6) 5 Ryan Hollister 7) 30 Rob Miller 8) 15 Jerry King 9) 95 Thomas Logie 10) 942 Ken Dollarhite Jr


A-Feature 1) 11 Brian Beckner 2) 7 Lex Jarecki 3) 18 Tyler Heeney 4) 33 Brian Boesel 5) 27 John Ward Jr 6) 17 DJ Marciniak 7) 47 Wayne Beckner 8) 1 Troy Andrews


The Parts Place Napa Bandoleros


Heat Race #1: 1) 7 Trey Chmielewski 2) 16 Danika LaPoint 3) 36 Jon Parish 4) 11 Kylie Beckner 5) 18 Cameron Leisure 6) 3 Cody Hall


Heat Race #2: 1) 42 Nate Jenkins 2) 10 Mike Findlay Jr 3) 52 Logan Haughton 4) 50 Zach Parish 5) 01 Faith Schuch 6) 14 Richelle Michalak


Junior Bandit Feature:  1) 36 Jon parish 2) 7 Trey Chmielewski 3) 3 Cody hall 4) 11 Kylie Beckner 5) 16 Danika LaPoint 6) 18 Cameron Leisure


Bandit Feature: 1) 42 Nate Jenkins 2) 52 Logan Haughton 3) 14 Richelle Michalak 4) 50 Zach Parish 5) 01 Faith Schuch 6) 10 Mike Findlay Jr


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