Promoter’s Point from Merle Holden, Mottville Speedway

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We are doing our best to start a BOMBER class and so Sunday it was decided that these cars so not have to have fuel injection as many of the older cars do not!

I think we are getting close to starting Bombers in September!

We know Eric Root has one for sure, Scott Binkley and Ed Martz should have one soon and M4o had one last Saturday.

Meanwhile the haters sure came out Sunday night, as expected, after the unfortunate Jason Harman car fire.

Facts are we used 5 fire extinguishers and on it and at times it looked like it would go out but did not!

Fact is a White Pigeon fireman used a water mix fire extinguisher on it and had no better result then we did.

It took the WP fire tire to dose it out.

Nothing more we could do, that is just the way it was!

By far the worse fire we have had in 27 years!!

In point of fact it was the first time in 27 years we had to call the fire department to put out a fire!

Monday I went out and bought 8  more fire extinguishers.

Three large ABC fire extinguishers and 5 smaller ones!

All rated for gasoline and electrical fires!

Glenna Root posted something very interesting which sheds a different light on things(but I need to add racing fuel is legal!)

****RANT!!!!! People want to run their mouth talk bad a about a business over a accident they don’t know much about. Lets start asking the real questions!!. Why did the accident happen? I can tell you the owner , promoter , the flag man, the track crew, none of them worked on your car none of them started your fire!! This isn’t the first time you have had trouble with your car and the plastic gas tank and your to close exhaust, the dead grass where you park is the proof. When someone runs racing fuel which is not allowed and the tank is 20 gallon, it takes a lot of chemical to put out the fire. Use your brains and quit running your mouth!!


For those who want to talk about safety I refer you to our tire barrier which has saved many a driver from injury including Mike Jones this past Sunday!

No other area track has it!

And that is all I have to say about it except I am happy Jason is OK.

WE had 7 Mottville Stocks Sunday and 5 Hornets.

Hornet driver Adam Bradford was in Wisconsin.

Duane Green came to Mottville for the first time and won the feature and a heat!

He had close competition from Ed Martz and James Harman.

Mike Jones moved into the top 20 in points!

Dustin Williams made some smart moves and went into the early lead and had a half lap lead over Dustin Kline before Kline could get into 2nd!

Lots of fast cars for Kline to get by!

Steve Williams was 3rd and won a heat.

Great to have Jamie Terry back with us again driving the Kline 14 car!

The $1 premium hot dogs were a huge hit!

Glad we could do it!

Oh yes JASON SELTZER was on hand for the first time this season and saw the last race of the night!.

Racing at the historic Mottville Speedway resumes SUNDAY , August 20 !!Gates open at 5:30 PM with racing at 6:30  PM!

August 20 is the MIDWEST MINI CUPS for 50 laps plus MS and Hornets. MTC will have the night off!


Trophies to all dash and heat winners and he top 4 in each feature!


Hopefully JR LONG will be track side before long!

We sure do miss him!

I am super excited!

What about you?


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  1. Didn’t a car burn to the ground a few weeks back at another track? I didn’t see them getting chewed out? Was there a difference?

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