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Last Saturday we completed race date number 26 at the Mottville Speedway on the 2011 season, with 6 more dates left.
4 Saturdays-October 8,15,22,29 and 2 Sundays-October 23 and 30.
I am guessing we will need the lights for 3 of those dates-October 22 when we have the Outlaw Late Model show, October 24 for the 26th Annual Indiana-Michigan Challenge Cup, which is a trophy night, and October 30 for the Season Championship trophy night.
I know for certain that while our lights may not be "state of the art" they are the best they have ever been in the 61 year history of the Mottville Speedway!
Things are really picking up for the October 22 Outlaw Late Model show!
As of today we have $400 in sponsorship plus a 4 foot trophy for the winner!
Rod Roberts started things off by pledging $50, Knight Brothers Racing then came through with $50 followed by Unleased Racing (Kevin Grubb) $50 and Walkerton Auto Parts (Jack Hurford) $50.
Then yesterday Rich Boal announced $200 from R and B Car Company!
Still over 2 weeks left until the race so we might get more and I know several others are working on getting more!
Last Saturday we had our second week in a row with heavy comp against us as some track to the north was running some kind of shoe race.
But we did ok!
In fact, even this season, we have had far worse nights!
I am always rooting for the underdog so it actually is fun to race on the same date some of these big time tracks race just to see how we can do!
Our problems Saturday were compounded in the Dave Logan had two cars that would have been running except in one case a driver was supposed to put a new starter in the car and he did not and in the other Dave loaned the drive shaft to a street stock driver and two weeks later they had still not returned it!
Sometimes I think Dave is too nice for his own good!
As if all that was not enough, Corky Knight took his truck to Ohio for a race, costing us a Street Stock and a Mini Stock which we really could have used!
Then Steve Woods had issues with his SS and could not get it running until the feature and Ron Laughman crashed his MS on the very first event of the day!
But, after that, things went well!
Kevin Grubb came to Mottville for the first time in 2011 and was well rewarded as he took home $110 and a feature win!
Just seems unbelieveable that this was the first time this season for Kevin!
But he sure does have a fast car!
In a fantastic Mini Thunder Car feature Dave Logan just beat Jack Hurford by about 6 inches for the win!
I saw when the cars came out of 4 it was going to be close to I concentrated on the finish line and Logan clearly won but not by much!
Jack was driving the Nick Weeks number 40 and will finish out the season in that car.
Meanwhile David Terry went fishing and Steve Woods drove the number 79 MTC owned by Dave Logan.
Now Steve says he has the bug to get a MTC for the 2012 season!
I noticed one of our drivers posted on Facebook that he wished he had gone to the Shoe.
Strange, because he spent $25 for a pit pass and made $55 and I seriously doubt he would have done that well at the Shoe!
Plus he did not put a scratch on the car!
Plus we ran in the afternoon when it was decently warm.
12 year old Brad Blackburn, Jr. made his racing debut and did a good job!
Did not wreck the car and handled it well!
We had some celebs on hand including Kevin and Kenny Koscher from M40, Scott Binkley from the South Bend Speedway and Dennis Woods, our Web Master.
I understand the Shoe gave us some plugs on our Outlaw Late Model show which was very good of them and much appreciated!
Monday I finally finished the painting for the season, covering up the scuff marks Dave Logan put on the front stretch wall, painting the west side of the concrete block building and painting the front rest rooms on the inside.
I think I used 54 gallons of paint this season!
Now its just covering scuff marks after each race date.
One thing that racing on dates when other tracks have these 2 and 3 day shows  has brought home is that we need more drivers whose first loyalty is to the Mottville Speedway!
Basically that means more local drivers!
But we will be back at this Saturday with heavy comp to the Northwest and then we are pretty much home free the final 5 dates-just need some decent weather.
Well, here is the latest I hear on the Plymouth Speedway.
They apparently are going to put a 1/4 mile dirt track inside the present 3/8 mile asphalt track and run specials on the dirt track!
Makes sense except they sure will need to have a good sweeper for the asphalt track to get rid of all the dirt that flies there!
I am guessing considering the tight space, fairly high banks.
But I know I sure would not cover that asphalt after all that money was spent repaving it just a few short years ago!
This could turn out to be a very smart move on their part!
Not sure when this is going to happen so stay tuned!
Those of you who read this column regularly may remember a few weeks ago I said Patrick McNamara was getting geared up to do something in 2012!
Just like the people running for President but who have not officially announced, Patrick made all kinds of denials!
Now he confesses!
Patrick along with the Parrishes and Rob Jenkins have purchased the Springport Motor Speedway for 2012 and Patrick is in charge of sales and marketing.
Jeff Parrish is the promoter.
They really should do well because once Galesburg closed Springport really took off big time!
Well, folks, even at Mottville the season has to end sometime and it is drawing to a close!
So get out and see some exciting racing while you still can!
Remember open at 3 and race at 4!
Open hot laps on Thursdays from 6 pm to dark.

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