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Well folks last week was quite a week!

I had Vacation Bible School every evening Monday-Friday and then had to work at the track on Saturday to get caught up.

So, as a result, I did not get to any other track! Not good! But from the reports I received some wierd things did happen!

Sounded like one area track had one of those nights when no matter what they tried, it did not work and none of it was the track's fault!

Had to be nightmare for them but from what I was told they ended up making the crowd happy and that is what counts!

But the biggest and saddest news of the week was the passing of Larry Birk.

We should have expected it because Larry's health had really been failing the past couple of years and he spent quite a bit of time in the hospital.

Still when do you ever expect someone 48 years old to die?

I really liked Larry and I think most everyone else did also.

During the off season Larry would come to my office and talk for an hour or more!

In thinking back I now understand that when I first met Larry he could not have been any older than 25!
Larry was a giant of a man and at Mottville a few years back I used to call him "Grizzley Adams"!

He was also known as "Light Pole Larry" because of hitting a light pole at Plymouth one night and putting out the lights!

I believe Larry started out racing Street Stocks, then Mini Stocks and finally FWD cars.

He started racing at the Plymouth Speedway but the last few years were pretty much Mottville.

He has had the wrecker at New Paris for the last several years now and I know he really enjoyed that because he was always telling stories about it!

But it was a big clue that Larry's health was really going down when he sold his fwd car to Danny Fillson early in the season.

We are most pleased at Mottville to be presenting a Larry Birk Memorial Race on Sunday, August 28.

Larrys' family will be present and will present the trophies to all heat and dash winners and the top 5 in the features.

We are going all out to make this a big project to honor Larry's memory.

Sunday was extremely hot and humid to put it mildly!

In fact, so hot and humid I really considered cancelling but it was Mid Season Trophy Night and I knew Eric Root was returning for the first time in many years to drive one of Jack Hurford's cars in memory of Larry Birk so we raced.

The MTC Eric drove is usually number 11 but it was renumbered 97 in memory of Larry and on the National Anthem lap Eric led the cars around the track, carrying the checkered flag.

We plan on doing the same thing August 28.

Boy, there are a lot of story lines from Sunday for sure!

First of all, who was not there!

Jody Hurford and Tommie Weeks were planning on attending but Tommie's car broke down. Nick says a new car will be purchased this week!

Kenny Esmont was on the way with his SS but had a really big tire blowout and was lucky not to be hurt!

Turned out the spare was flat also!

John Poulson was a spectator and is still looking for a MTC!

Alex Troup was hoping to make his racing debut in a MTC but he and father Fred just could not quite get it done in time!

But both attended the races Sunday and scouted out the competition!

I had a long talk with Fred, have not seen him in many years!

Tom and Phillip Merchant from Portage, Mi brought a bright orange Street Stock to Mottville. Phillip last raced at Mottville in 1991, my first season as owner!

But they had mechanical woes galore and Tom will drive it next week at Mottville and then the next day head for the Army and Korea!

Phillip will drive it after that.

The few fans who braved the weather really saw some great racing!

Corky Knight was so sore from his hamstring that he let someone else drive his Mini Stock Saturday at South Bend but he drove at Mottville and was super fast!

Josh Dunnuck, the amazing rookie who leads our point standings, gave him a good battle, however!

Pat Knight looked strong in the heats but then had a water pump go bad and took it easy in the feature.

But the Mini Thunder Cars were the story of the day!

Eric Root, driving the Hurford 11 car, did the best anyone has done with that car this year!

I am confident Eric got the max out of that car and he has not missed a beat in the years he has been away from driving!

Caleb Woods was a surprise entrant and he got all you could get out of the Andy Jack number 4 car! Had smoke coming from the tires all the way around the track and Andy told me he was turning 8200 rpms!

I was also surprised to see Nick Weeks at the track with his number 40 car!

Nick has had nothing but trouble this season starting with night 2!

Sunday the car was running hot.

So Nick ran it in 3rd gear and won the dash and heat!

This car is just awesome fast!

Come feature time Jack Huford and Nick Weeks were running one and two and then the battle royal-3 cars fighting for 3rd and the final trophy!

Caleb Woods and Dave Logan battling it out side by side for 25 laps with Eric Root right behind them looking for one of them to make a mistake!

With 5 to go Weeks decided to make his move and he almost got by Hurford but in the end the 48 year old rookie won his first trophy ever!

We were down on Mini Stocks because the special at Kalamazoo but hope to get some Galesburg cars back this Sunday.

I told the Mini Stock drivers that we will examine the Galesburg Mini Stocks and see what they have and what we can all live with and then make amendments to the rules as needed to be fair to all.

Its a delicate process and we need everyone's cooperation in this but we can get it done. We have already changed the rules to allow 8 inch wheels.

Aftermarket intakes are out.

But our regulars all want the Galesburg cars to run with us so we will do our best to work this out.

I think we can get to the point where we have 10-12 Mini Stocks per week-sounds Like Eric Frazier may well be back-hope so!

Have no idea what happened to MTC Danny Filson or Larry Cowan or the Roberts boys Sunday but hope we see them back this Sunday!
I can also see us getting 10-12 MTC weekly very soon.

This week I am officiating at a Saturday wedding with a Friday rehersal so no Plymouth or South Bend for me again this week! Major bummer on that part!

But I think I can get in 3 more nights at Plymouth this season and hopefully 2 more at South Bend.

Now its back to mowing at the track again! Amazing how fast that grass grows!

Dave Logan is going to lend a hand and a mower this week so hopefully we have the place looking great for Sunday!

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