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Hilltop Speedway 2016 Week 5 May 28

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Hilltop Speedway 2016 Week 5 May 28


Conley Continues Streak and Picks up $1,200 to Win


With 116 cars in the pits and the stands packed with fans, Saturday night was filled with non-stop racing, as seven different divisions were in action on the Hill for Veteran’s Appreciation night.


Starting out the night’s events were the JPR Auto and Tire mini wedges with a field of fifteen. Heat race winners were Logan Duncan and Zoe Stafford setting them on the front row of their 10-lap feature event. Under green, it was Duncan who would jump out to the lead with Stafford right on his bumper. Working his way around Donnie Danley to take third was Reece Bollinger who would then set his sights on Stafford for second. Caution would come out with two to go, bunching the field back up for the restart. Back under green, Duncan would again jump out to an early lead. However, coming into turn three to take the checkered, Bollinger would pass Duncan to go on and pick up the win. Finishing third was Zoe Stafford, fourth Donnie Danley and fifth Nick Large.          


The Holmes Tire late model division had a field of twenty-four with last week’s feature winner Larry Bellman setting fast time with a 14.651. Picking up heat race wins were Allen Baker and Rick Mardis with Shane McLoughlin claiming the dash win. The last chance race win went to Wayne Maffet.


Bringing the field to the start of their 25-lap $1,200 to win special was McLoughlin who would jump out to an early lead. However, on the move and looking to take the top spot was Corey Conley who would ultimately pass McLoughlin and take the lead on lap two. As Conley negotiated his way through lap traffic, McLoughlin would work his way back up to the bumper of Conley looking to regain the top spot. However, with nine laps in, a caution would come out bunching the field back up and providing Conley open air to again jump out front and pull away from second. Meanwhile, looking to make his move and working the bumper of McLoughlin was JR Gentry who would cross over McLoughlin in turn one and two to take the second. However, a caution would come out forcing Gentry to restart tail. Back under green, Conley would again remain out front as battle for positions ensued throughout the field including Gentry who would work his way back up to seventh with six laps to go. Unfortunately, after working his way up to third with a mere four laps to go troubles would send Gentry pit side. Nevertheless, remaining undefeated in appearances at the Hill this season and picking up a $1,200 pay day was “The Flying Ace” Corey Conley. Rounding out the top five was Shane McLoughlin, Allen Baker, Cameron Hague and Kyle Moore.


            Next to roll onto the track were the John’s Custom Embroidery & Screen Printing modifieds with a field of twenty-five. Fast qualifier for the division was Bruce Takach with a time of 15.579. Heat race winners were Chris Basich and “The Logger” Kevin Morehouse with DJ Cline picking up the dash win and Casey Fritz the last chance race.


            With the field set, the green was out on their 20-lap feature event. Side by side, pole sitter, DJ Cline and Larry Moran would battle it out for the lead with Moran edging out. However, a caution would come out bunching the field back up single file. Back under green, it was Cline who would get the run and take the top spot as Moran, Chris Basich and Jimmy Smith would fight for second through fourth. As Cline pulled away from the field and began working through lap traffic, Smith would advance to second as “The Logger” Morehouse would work his way from eighth to fifth with five laps to go. As the top five negotiated lap cars, Smith would close in on Cline. However, he would be unable to surpass as DJ Cline would pick up his first feature win at the Hill this season. Second went to Jimmy Smith, third to Larry Moran, fourth to Kevin Morehouse and fifth to Chris Basich.


The Rigz Towing modlite division had a field of twelve with Larry Moran and Darrick Hubbard Sr. each picking up heat race wins setting them on the front row for the 12-lap feature. With the green out, Moran would take the top spot with Hubbard challenging. However, Hubbard would have to turn focus as Keith Tish worked his way up to battle for second and then went to work on Moran. Just as Tish would pass Moran for the lead caution would fly forcing Tish back to second. Back under green, Moran would again take the lead and that is where he would remain going on to pick up his first feature of the season. Second went to Keith Tish, third Ray Leslie, fourth Clint Snyder and fifth Joey Anderson.


The Holmes Pest Control street stocks had a field of fourteen with Mike Lonas setting fast time with a 16.755. A single heat race win went to Trae Schonauer while it was Rusty Redman picking up the dash win. With the field set, the 15-lap feature was under way where a three-wide battle for the lead between Redman, David Potts and Mike Lonas would ensue with Potts advancing. As Potts pulled nearly a four second lead over second, the battle would continue between Bob Daugherty and Lonas for third. Caution would come out with two laps to go bunching the field back up. Back green, it was Potts jumping out over the rest of the field as Redman, Lonas and Daugherty would dice it out for second through fourth. However, going on to pick up his first ever street stock feature after leading every lap it was David Potts followed by Rusty Redman, Bob Daugherty, Mike Lonas and Dustin Daugherty.


With a field of twenty, the Short Track Fire and Rescue mini stocks had two heat races with wins going to Tyler Parsons and Colton St. John. Setting the pace to the green was Parsons as he and St. John would go side by side for the lead with St. John taking the top spot. Meanwhile, working his way up through the field, from his eighteenth starting spot was Jerry Adkins, as troubles would send Parsons pit side. Back under green, St. John would again jump out front as Adkins worked his way around Edwin Geary and Doug Hensel for third. Nevertheless, picking up yet another feature win on the season it was Colton St. John. Tony Mullinnex, Jerry Adkins, Doug Hensel and Edwin Geary rounded out the top five.


Rounding out the night’s events were the Bugs-R-Gone Trucks with a field of six. Picking up the single heat race win was Tim Lillibridge placing him on the pole for the night’s feature event. As the field came to the start, it was Lillibridge who would jump out front with Travis Winterringer looking in. However, a right front flat for Winterringer would bring out the caution and force him to restart tail. Back under green, it was Lillibridge out front with Large challenging but unable to take the top spot as his focus would have to turn to the charging Winterringer who would ultimately take the second spot from Large. Nevertheless, after leading every lap, picking up his first feature win of the season was Tim Lillibridge followed by Wintterringer, Large, Dwayne Powell and Mason Radcliff.










































Hilltop Speedway


May 28, 2016




JPR Auto & Tire Mini Wedges


Heat 1- L. Duncan, D. Danley, C. Hubbard, E. Large, L. Crider, K. Dillon, K. Beagle, L. Gosnell


Heat 2- Z. Stafford, N. Large, R. Bollinger, K. Roeder, B. Renfrew, R. Hutchinson, B. Wilson


Feature- Reece Bollinger, Logan Duncan, Zoe Stafford, Donnie Danley, Nick Large, Brooklyn Wilson, Carson Hubbard, Logan Gosnell, Karyssa Beagle, Levi Crider, Evan Large, Brayden Renfrew, Kyla Dillon, Rilee Hutchinson, Kolten Roeder




Holmes Tire Late Models


Fast Qualifier- Larry Bellman 14.651 


Heat 1- A. Baker, K. Baker, B. Mickley, D. Snyder, W. Maffet, J. Wages, S. Smith, D. Giauque, R. Davis


Heat 2- R. Mardis, K. Moore, T. Myers, S. Campbell, S. Cains, D. Pryor, H. Bachmann, C. Endlich, A. Phillis


Dash- S. McLoughlin, V. Hottinger, JR Gentry, C. Conley, L. Bellman, C. Hague 


B-Main- W. Maffet, J. Wages, S. Cains, R. Davis, A. Phillis, S. Smith, H. Bachmann, D. Giauque, D. Pryor, C. Endlich


Feature- Corey Conley, Shane McLoughlin, Allen Baker, Cameron Hague, Kyle Moore, Brad Mickley, Ty Myers, Vic Hottinger, Dan Snyder, Larry Bellman, Wayne Maffet, Randy Davis, JR Gentry, Rick Mardis, Kirk Baker, Shane Campbell, Jeff Wages, Shaun Cains




John’s Custom Embroidery & Screen Printing Modifieds


Fast Qualifier- Bruce Takach 15.579 


Heat 1- C. Basich, B. Moskey, D. Hittle, R. Duston, D. Benjamin, H. Eppley, R. Miller, C. Fritz, CJ Crossan, D. Wheeler 


Heat 2- K. Morehouse, N. Aronhalt, S. Peltz, J. Morrow, R. Frohnapfel Jr, E. Singhaus, D. Hubbard Jr., R. Harris, J. Disbennett


Dash- DJ Cline, L. Moran, B. Goff, B. Takach, L. Elson, J. Smith


B-Main- C. Fritz, R. Frohnapfel Jr, D. Benjamin, E. Singhaus, R. Miller, H. Eppley, J. Disbennett, CJ Crossan, R. Harris, D. Wheeler 


Feature- DJ Cline, Jimmy Smith, Larry Moran, Kevin Morehouse, Chris Basich, Brad Goff, Casey Fritz, David Hittle, Bruce Takach, Robin Duston, Denny Benjamin, Lance Elson, Eric Singhaus, Josh Morrow, Bruce Miller, Rex Frohnapfel Jr, Scott Peltz, Norm Aronhalt




Holmes Pest Control Street Stocks


Fast Qualifier- Mike Lonas 16.755


Heat 1- T. Schonauer, D. Daugherty, J. Preston, T. Coen, D. Smith, J. Adkins, J. Lanham, B. Simpson


Dash- R. Redman, D. Potts, M. Lonas, B. Daugherty, K. Potts, B. Chilcote


Feature-  David Potts, Rusty Redman, Bob Daugherty, Mike Lonas, Dustin Daugherty, Kevin Potts, Trae Schonauer, Jason St. John, Tim Coen, Jeff Lanham, Bob Chilcote, Dustin Smith, Jon Preston DNS-Brian Simpson




Rigz Towing Modlites


Heat 1- L. Moran, W. Kintz, C. Snyder, J. Large, K. Tish, DA Schneider


Heat 2- D. Hubbard Sr, J. Crider, J. Hart, J. Anderson, R. Leslie, T. McLoughlin 


Feature- Larry Moran, Keith Tish, Ray Leslie, Clint Snyder, Joey Anderson, Josh Crider, Wayne Kintz, John Large, Darrick Hubbard Sr, Jeff Hart, Tanner McLoughlin, DA Schneider




Short Track Fire & Rescue Mini Stocks


Heat 1- T. Parsons, E. Geary, D. Hensel, J. Tatro, N. Rhodes, J. Reihl, K. St. John, R. Retton, G. Thompson, JT Mencer


Heat 2- C. St. John, T. Mullinnex, T. Workman, K. Markey, M. Rose, B. Workman, R. McCain, R. Durbin, J. Adkins, 77


Feature- Colton St. John, Tony Mullinnex, Jerry Adkins, Doug Hensel, Edwin Geary, Tim Workman, Brad Workman, Nathan Rhodes, Jeff Tatro, Kendra St. John, JT Mencer, Greg Thompson, Nova Martin, Tyler Parsons, Richard Retton, Kevin Markey, John Reihl, Rob Durbin DNS-77 Black Flagged- Ronny McCain




Bugs R Gone Trucks


Heat 1- T. Lillibridge, T. Winterringer, J. Large, D. Powell, M. Radcliff, T. Hare


Feature- Tim Lillibridge, Travis Winterringer, John Large, Dwayne Powell, Mason Radcliff, Travis Hare


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