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Hilltop Speedway Results 8/15/15 and Pictures

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Hilltop Speedway Results 8/15/15 and Pictures


Points Season Comes to an End as 2015 Champions were Named


August 16, 2015


            As the 2015 points season comes to an end at Hilltop Speedway, there were 114 drivers entered in the pits to make one final attempt at the championship.


Thirteen JPR Auto & Tire, Winning Edge and A & B Roofing and Construction mini wedges were signed in and ready to compete in the last regular season race of the year. Setting the front row for the night’s feature were heat race winners Zoe Stafford and Nick Large. After a major pile up on the initial start of their 10-lap feature, the green was finally out and it was Nick Large taking the lead. Working his way up through the field to second, from his seventh place starting position, was Reece Bollinger while Braxton Wilson was up from the tail to battle Stafford for third. Challenging Large and making a last lap pass for the lead and picking up the win to finish the season was Reece Bollinger. Third went to Braxton Wilson, fourth to Zoe Stafford and fifth went to Karyssa Beagle. Picking up the 2015 season championship was “The Dominator” Braxton Wilson.


The Holmes Tire late model division had a field of 21 with Craig Wolford setting fast time with a 15.478. Heat race winners were Kirk Baker and Ty Myers with Kyle Moore picking up the dash. The last chance race win went to Mike Hutchinson.


Bringing the field to the start off their 25-lap feature a battle for the lead between pole setter Moore and Mike Lonas would ensue. As the two were side-by-side, Moore would edge out to take the top spot as caution would come out. Back under green, Moore again took the lead as Lonas and Mike Basich battled for second. With Lonas sliding up in two, Basich was able to take advantage and get the run for position. Meanwhile, challenging door-to-door, Vic Hottinger would take fourth from Craig Wolford coming off of two and begin to close in on Lonas for third when caution would once again come out. After the restart, Moore would again jump out front while Hottinger would get the run off of four to take third from Basich. Nevertheless, afer leading every lap, Kyle “Too Short” Moore would end his sesason the same way he started, with a win. In addition, with the win, Moore would also claim the 2015 track championship his first year in the late model divison. Rounding out the top five was Mike Lonas, Vic Hottinger, Mike Basich and George Lee.


Setting fast time among twenty-one Finish Line Auto Body modifieds was Chris Basich with a 16.410. Heat race winners were Brad Mickley and “The Batman” Scott Peltz with “The Outlaw” Jesse Wisecarver winning the dash, placing him on the pole for the night’s feature.


With Wisecarver setting the pace to the green, he would jump out front while Ryan Wisecarver and “Rockin” Robin Duston battled it out for second. Pulling away from the field was Wisecarver, as a caution would come out bunching the field back up. Back under green, it was “The Toboso Bullet” Jimmy Smith working the high side to take second off of four looking to rundown Jesse when another caution would come out. Again, with the restart, Smith would attempt to find a line to get around Wisecarver, However, unable to do so as “The Outlaw” picked up the win after leading every lap. Wisecarver was followed by Jimmy Smith, Ryan Wisecarver, Robin Duston and David Hittle. Although unable to pick up the night’s win, picking up the 2015 points Championship was Jimmy Smith.


The Holmes Pest Control street stocks had a 13-car field with Mike Lonas setting fast time with a 17.435. The only heat race was won by Dave Potts as Kevin Potts picked up the dash.


Coming to the green, it was Kevin Potts setting the pace coming off of four. Out to an early lead was Potts who would have to fend off Mike Lonas who was all over his bumper. However, after a bobble off two and contact on the front stretch, Lonas would fall to third as Bob Daugherty would take second, looking in at the top spot. However, as laps dwindled, it was Kevin Potts who would pick up the win that he would dedicate to his daughter Holly. Second was Daugherty, third Mike Lonas, fourth Bob Chilcote and rounding out the top five was John Wilson. The 2015 Holmes Pest Control street Stock champion is Mike Lonas.


Nineteen entries would make up the modlite division where “The Outlaw” Jesse Wisecarver, Kacy Campbell and Tracy Fritter all picked up heat race wins. With the field set, Wisecarver would take the lead as Kacy Campbell and Tracy Fritter battled it out for second. After working around Campbell, Fritter began to reel in Wisecarver. Gaining over the rest of the field, Wisecarver and Fritter would work through lap traffic with Fritter trying to close the gap. However, unable to do so, as it was “The Outlaw”, pulling double duty, picking up the win followed by Fritter, Kacy Campbell, Joe Burkhead and Brandon Shaw. Moreover, although not in attendance for the night, Nick Crider, claims the 2015 points championship.


The Winning Edge Auto Body mini stocks had a field of nineteen with Colton St. John, Terry Adkins and Jason St. John each picking up a heat race win. With the youngster, St. John, on point the green was out for their 12-lap feature event. An early 3-way battle for the lead would ensue between Colton, Terry Adkins, and Jason St. John, with Colton taking the top spot. Multiple side-by-side battles would continue throughout the race as Adkins, Jason and Jerry Adkins fought for position as the laps dwindled. However, going on to pick up back-to-back wins was Colton St. John. Rounding out the top five was Jason St. John, Terry Adkins, Jerry Adkins and Tim Workman. Picking up the 2015 season championship was Jerry Adkins.


Rounding out the night were the Bugs-R-Gone trucks with a field of eight. Heat race winner was Joey Heyder placing him on the pole for their 12-lap feature event. As the green came out, it was a Heyder front row with Rolly working his way around Joey and putting a straight away lead over third place. A battle for position would ensue between Travis Winterringer, Jerry Gardner and Josey Lillibridge for third through fifth. Nevertheless, picking up not only the night’s win but also the 2015 points championship was Rolly Heyder. Finishing second was Joey Heyder, third was Travis Winterringer, fourth Josey Lillibridge and fifth was Russell Brinker.


Hilltop Speedway Results


August 15, 2015




JPR Auto & Tire, Winning Edge and A & B Roofing and Construction Mini Wedges


Heat  Z. Stafford, D. Danley, B. Renfrew, R. Bollinger, B. Wilson, K. Hare, B. Wilson


Heat  N. Large, E. Large, M. Aronhalt, C. Hubbard, R. Hutchinson, K. Beagle 


Feature  Reece Bollinger, Nick Large, Braxton Wilson, Karyssa Beagle, Rilee Hutchinson, Evan Large, Marcus Aronhalt, Kaylana Hare, Brooklyn Wilson, Donnie Danley, Brayden Renfrew, Carson Hubbard 




Holmes Tire Late Models


Fast Qualifier  Craig Wolford 15.478


Heat  K. Baker, R. Conley, TJ Watson, G. Lee, M. Hutchinson, J. Morey, D. Giauque, V. Mardis 


Heat  T. Myers, S. Peltz, A. Phillis, C. Endlich, B. Dennis, R. Frohnapfel, C. Lillibridge 


Dash  K. Moore, M. Lonas, V. Hottinger, M. Basich, JR Gentry, C. Wolford 


B-Main  R. Hutchinson, V. Mardis, J. Morey, B. Dennis, C. Lillibridge, D. Giauque, R. Frohnapfel


Feature  Kyle Moore, Mike Lonas, Vic Hottinger, Mike Basich, George Lee, Ty Myers, Craig Wolford, TJ Watson, Rick Conley, Aaron Phillis, Vernon Mardis, Kirk Baker, Mike Hutchinson, Jimmy Morey, Cody Endlich, JR Gentry, Scott Peltz, Brad Dennis




Finish Line Auto Body Modfieds


Fast Qualifier  Chris Basich 16.410


Heat  B. Mickley, B. Page, B. Miller, C. Barack, B. Butcher, V. Eaches, M. Enos, R. Harris


Heat  S. Peltz, E. Singhaus, D. Hubbard, R. Reed, D. Hubbard Jr., M. Gardner, H. Eppley


Dash  J. Wisecarver, R. Wisecarver, R. Duston, J. Smith, D. Hittle, C. Basich 


Feature  Jesse Wisecarver, Jimmy Smith, Ryan Wisecarver, Robin Duston, David Hittle, Chris Basich, Eric Singhaus, Mark Gardner, Darrick Hubbard, Bob Page, Darrick Hubbard Jr., Bruce Miller, Cody Barack, Virgil Eaches, Brad Mickley, Rory Reed, Mark Enos, Scott Peltz, Butch Butcher DNS-Hilton Eppley, Randy Harris 




Holmes Pest Control Street Stocks


Fast Qualifier  Mike Lonas 17.453 


Heat  D. Potts, L. Jarrett, B. Simpson, J. Stream, R. Grogg, D. Camp, D. Townsend Jr. 


Dash  K. Potts, B. Daugherty, J. Wilson, M. Lonas, B. Chilcote, J. Preston


Feature  Kevin Potts, Bob Daugherty, Mike Lonas, Bob Chilcote, John Wilson, Dave Potts, Larry Jarrett, Richard Grogg, Jon Preston, Brian Simpson, John Stream, Don Townsend Jr., Dustin Camp




Winning Edge Auto Body Mini Stocks


Heat  C. St. John, B. Markey, T. Workman, E. Geary, D. Regan, J. Tatro, Z. Medley 


Heat  T. Adkins, S. St. John, C. Spencer, E. Robinson, J. Schneider, D. Blaker


Heat  J. St. John, J. Adkins, N. Martin, M. Rose, B. Workman, K. Markey


Feature  Colton St. John, Jason St. John, Terry Adkins, Jerry Adkins, Tim Workman, Nova Martin, Kevin Markey, Caleb Spencer, Brad Workman, Elliot Robinson, Edwin Geary, Samantha St. John, Jeff Tatro, Jeff Schneider, Blaine Markey, Dan Blaker, Duston Regan, Michael Rose DNS-Zach Medley






Heat  J. Wisecarver, T. Boetcher, D. Brown, T. McLoughlin, W. Kintz, DA Schneider, B. Boetcher


Heat  K. Campbell, J. Burkhead, A. Hart, A. Heskett, C. Rittenhouse, C. Robinson


Heat  T. Fritter, B. Shaw, R. Baker, B. Stuhldreher, J. Sisk, 25


Feature  Jesse Wisecarver, Tracy Fritter, Kacy Campbell, Joe Burkhead, Brandon Shaw, Ryan Baker, Tyler Boetcher, Andrew Hart, Brian Stuhldreher, Chris Rittenhouse, David Brown, Tanner McLoughlin, Joey Sisk, Chris Robinson, Brian Boetcher, Andrew Heskett DNS-Wayne Kintz, DA Schneider, 25 




Bugs-R-Gone Trucks


Heat  J. Heyder, R. Heyder, T. Winterringer, J. Lillibridge, T. Garlick, R. Brinker, D. Powell, J. Gardner 


Feature  Rolly Heyder, Joey Heyder, Travis Winterringer, Josey Lillibridge, Russell Brinker, Tom Garlick, Dwayne Powell, Jerry Gardner 


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