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Eriez Speedway results from July 12, 2015

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Eriez Speedway results from July 12, 2015



Rich Michael and Casey Bowers win specials at Eriez Speedway!

Hedman, Blair, Scott, Green, and Morse also score wins!


By Jay Pees

Hammett, PA, (July 12, 2015): Rich Michael made his first 2015 visit to Eriez Speedway and took the $1000 winner's purse back home to Ishua, NY after winning the Plyler Overhead Door E-Mods special. Then Casey Bowers took $500 home to Cranesville, PA after winning the Clinger E-Mod Chassis Economod special. Bump Hedman was at the front of the Super Late Model feature the entire event for his first win in several years. Max Blair won his third feature of the season in the Crate Late Model finale while former Limited Late Model champion Ryan Scott cruised to his fourth checkered flag of the season. Tyler Green made it two in a row at the conclusion of the Street Stock feature after taking the lead late and Steve Morse won his second Challenger feature of the year.


After the autograph session on the front straight the Kandy's Gentlemen's Club Limited Late Models ran their feature with Anthony Marotto and Brian Crandall on the front row. Points leader Ryan Scott, looking for his fourth win of the season, started back in eighth place with the only other feature winner this season, Chris McGuire starting third. Crandall led the opening lap but collided with McGuire at the end of lap two. Both cars suffered flat tires in the encounter and headed to the pit. Marotto then brought the cars back to the green with McGuire able to rejoin the field after quick pit work. Marotto led until the end of the second lap but Scott was the leader after that. After an early caution Scott led Marotto, Dutch Davies, John Zimmerman, and McGuire, charging back through the field. Crandall rejoined the event during the caution, but laps down. By halfway Davies was second with Zimmerman third McGuire fourth and Marotto back to fifth. Johnson again spun with ten complete. McGuire was second at the end of twelve as Davies spun in turn four. On lap fourteen McGuire got sideways in turn two losing second to Zimmerman. A lap fourteen cautionand three more a lap later resulted in third-running Zimmerman clobbering the front straight wall. Scott again led with second-running McGuire looping his mount at lap eighteen. With one lap left McGuire had again charged back to second but Scott went on to the win. McGuire second with Marotto, Troy Dorman, and Bill Applebee filling out the top five.


Justin Carlson and John Boyd brought the Plyler Overhead Door E-Mods to green but Miles Stitzinger and Jimmy Diabo wrecked before getting to the green and Rob Middleton spinning in turn one. Carlson led lap one then five cars piled up in turn one. Troy Carr and Percy McDonald needed towed to the pit but the others all continued. After a restart on lap two seventh-starting Dan Davies had come to second but racing out of turn four Carlson suddenly slowed, accordioning the field and involving Davies and Southwell, leaving John Schenker the leader and Rich Michael, from eighth at the start, second. More wrecking slowed the field again in the $1000 to win 25-lap special before another lap was in the books. When the race was again green Michael went to the front with Schenker second Troy Johnson third, Steve Rex fourth,  and Steve Simon fifth. At halfway Michael had better than a quarter lap lead as Johnson got by Schenker for second then Simon got by both Rex and Schenker to run fourth at the end of fourteen. At sixteen complete Rex was fourth with Mike Potosky fifth. Heading into turn one on lap nineteen in lapped traffic Simon, Johnson, and Rex got together with the lapped car of Jarrod Silvis resulting in Simon stopped with enough damage to retired pitside and erasing Michael's lead. At green Michael led Troy Johnson, Mike Potosky, Rex, and John Woodward back to green. Mike McGee came into the top five at lap twenty and a lap after that John Boyd came to a halt on the main straight, slowing the race once again. Michael handily led the final laps, collecting the $1000 first place purse with Mike Potosky holding off a hard charging Mike McGee for second. Rex wound up fourth with Southwell fifth.


Jimmy Kennerknecht, looking for his second win of 2015, and Guy Adams, after flipping on the front straight last week, started the Nelson Lynwood Nursery Street Stocks feature from the front row with Kennerknecht leading the first three laps over last week's winner Tyler Green. Adams spun from third spot at three complete, slowing the event for the first time. For the restart Kennerknecht led Green and Don McGuire back to racing. Five cars piled up before the end of one more lap, again slowing the event. At halfway Kennerknecht led Green, Mark Ramsey, McGuire, and Gary Fisher. McGuire got back to third at nine complete. Green tried inside and outside lines to get a run on the leader and was almost alongside at two laps left. Green complete the pass on the back straight and went on to his second win is as many weeks. Kennerknecht settled for second with McGuire third, Fisher fourth, and Critter Hemphill fifth. Ramsey experienced mechanical problems and pulled to the infield with two laps to go.


The Clinger E-Mod Chassis Economods were racing for $500 to win over a distance of twenty laps with Ty Rhoades and the veteran Chuck Steinle Sr leading the way. At green Josh Ferry immediately came to second but yellow flew before the end of one lap. Ferry again came to green after restarting but caution again slowed the event after two laps complete. On this green points leader Casey Bowers came to the lead but Kyle Fellows brought about another caution when he spun in turn one. Bowers again came to the lead after restarting, looking for his fourth win of the season. A four-car pileup again slowed the action on lap four. At a lap eleven restart Russ Kapalin flipped violently down the front straight. Although the car was destroyed, Kapalin was ok. Bowers then went on to his fourth win of the season, extending his points lead over Dennis Hagg, who finished fifth. At the checkers it was Bowers for the $500 payday over Rhoades, Ferry, Terry Akerley, and Hagg.


Bump Hedman and John Lacki brought the Jay's Auto Wrecking Super Late Models to green with Hedman, a former champion, leading the way over Lacki, Greg Oakes, Max Blair, and Ryan Scott in the early going. Michael Oakes spun out of turn two at ten laps into the race, bringing yellow over the field. Scott came from fifth to second on the first lap after green but then went wide in turn one the next lap, losing the spots again. Blair, a two time winner this season, got by Greg Oakes at lap fourteen and then Lacki a lap later, bringing him to second. Doug Eck spun at turn four after nineteen laps, erasing Hedman's near quarter-lap lead. Then Paul Briggs spun in turn one on the restart after contact from Doug Eck, who was sent to the pit for aggressive driving. Hedman went on to the win with Blair second, Oakes third, then Lacki and Scott filling out the top five.


Ward Schell and Max Blair, both winners this season, started the Bonnell Collision Center RUSH Crate Late Model feature from the front row with defending champion Kyle Zimmerman and Randy Hall in row two. Blair shot out to the immediate lead with Schell, Zimmerman, and Hall in hot pursuit. With three complete former champion Chad Wright came to fifth while Hall was battling Zimmerman, gaining third at lap six. A lap later Wright displaced Zimmerman for fourth. At the stripe the order was Blair, his third win of the season, Schell, Hall, Wright, and Dave Lyon, who got by Zimmerman at lap eighteen.


Ryan White and Wesley Stull led the Ran-Dan Excavating Challengers to green with White gaining the immediate advantage. Steve Morse came to second with Lindsey Carlson coming to third by the end of two laps. Morse came to the lead at the halfway point and steadily increased his lead over the remainder of the race. Carlson was second by lap seven. White wound up third. Joe Birdsall came to fourth over Wes Stull in the final laps. At the line it was Morse for his second win of the season.


Jay's Auto Wrecking Super Late Models:

Heat 1: Bump Hedman, Greg Oakes, John Lobb, Mike Knight, Rich Gardner, Andy Boozel, Jake Finnerty, Doug Eck

Heat 2: John Lacki, Ryan Scott, Bob Dorman, Chad Wright, Dutch Davies, Michael Oakes, Matt Urban

Heat 3: Max Blair, Darrell Bossard, Chris Hackett, Bobby Rohrer, Paul Briggs, Brian Fardink, John Volpe

Burger King of the Hill: Max Blair, Ryan Scott

Feature: Bump Hedman, Max Blair, Greg Oakes, John Lacki, Ryan Scott, Darrell Bossard, Dutch Davies, Chad Wright, Chris Hackett, Mike Knight, John Volpe, Bob Dorman, Matt Urban, Andy Boozel, Jake Finnerty, Michael Oakes, Paul Briggs, Bobby Rohrer, Brian Fardink, Doug Eck, John Lobb, Rich Gardner (DNS)


Bonnell Collision RUSH Crate Late Models:

Heat 1: Kyle Zimmerman, Randy Hall, Chad Wright, Dave Lyon, Dave Shagla, Scott Gurdak, Matt Latta

Heat 2: Max Blair, Kyle Scott, Chris Ottaway, Breyton Santee, Joe Long, Nathan Earle

Heat 3: Ward Schell. Wyatt Scott, Mike Lozowski, Jamie Brown, Jason Genco, Bruce Hordusky, Khole Wanzer,

Feature: Max Blair, Ward Schell, Randy Hall. Chad Wright, Dave Lyon, Kyle Zimmerman, Kyle Scott, Jason Genco, Matt Latta, Wyatt Scott, Breyton Santee, Chris Ottaway, Mike Lozowski, Jamie Brown, Khole Wanzer, Joe Long, Scott Gurdak, Dave Shagla, Nathan Earle, Bruce Hordusky


Plyler Overhead Door E-Mods:

Heat 1: Justin Carlson, John Schenker, Dan Davies, Joel Watson, Mike Kinney, John Woodward, Rob Middleton, Jarrod Silvis

Heat 2: John Boyd, Butch Southwell, Rich Michael, Ken Zimmer, Troy Johnson, Steve Samuelson, Mike Potosky, Steve Simon

Heat 3: Troy Carr, Percy McDonald, Mike McGee, Steve Rex, Shane Crotty, Jimmy Diabo, Scooter Pangrazio (DNS)

Feature: Rich Michael, Mike Potosky, Mike McGee, Steve Rex, Butch Southwell. Troy Johnson, Joel Watson, Ken Zimmer, John Woodward, John Schenker, Steve Samuelson, Scooter Pangrazio, Rob Middleton, Miles Stitzinger, Jimmy Diabo, Shane Crotty, Steve Simon. John Boyd, Jarrod Silvis, Dan Davies, Justin Carlson, Troy Carr, Percy McDonald, Mike Kinney


Kandy's Gentleman's Club Limited Late Models:

Feature: Ryan Scott, Chris McGuire, Anthony Marotto, Troy Dorman, Bill Applebee, John Cline Sr, Brian Crandall, John Zimmerman, Mike Moon. Dutch Davies, Bryon Johnson


Nelson-Lynwood Street Stocks:

Heat 1: Don McGuire, Tyler Green, Guy Adams, Wade Watson, Brent Crandall, John Cline Jr (DNS)

Heat 2: Mark Ramsey, Gary Fisher, Jimmy Kennerknecht, Kyle Reinwald, Critter Hemphill, Mark Thompson

Feature: Tyler Green, Jimmy Kennerknecht, Don McGuire, Gary Fisher, Critter Hemphill, Mark Thompson, Brent Crandall, Kyle Reinwald, Guy Adams, Mark Ramsey, Wade Watson, John Cline Jr


Clinger E-Mod Chassis Economods:

Heat 1: Casey Bowers, Eric Reinwald, Chuck Steinle Sr, Terry Akerley, Walt Johnson, Mitchell Wright, Russ Kapalin

Heat 2: Ryan Fraley, Josh Ferry, Ty Rhoades, Butch Lambert, Kyle Fellows, Dennis Hagg

Feature: Casey Bowers, Ty Rhoades, Josh Ferry, Terry Akerley, Dennis Hagg, Chick Steinle Sr, Butch Lambert, Russ Kapalin, Walter Johnson, Ryan Fraley, Kyle Fellows, Eric Reinwald, Mitchell Wright


Ran-Den Excavating Challengers:

Heat 1: Ryan White, Travis Darling, Roger Hall, Jeffrey Walters, Thomas Cupp, Chris Horton, Joe Syzmanski, Aaron Marcy, Bandon Troutman, Michael Rotunda, Pete Volpe

Heat 2: Wes Stull, Steve Morse, Lindsey Carlson, Jason Brightman, Andy Proper, Joe Birdsall, Skip Jackson, Garrett Yager, Kate Perry

Feature: Steve Morse, Lindsey Carlson, Ryan White, Joe Birdsall, Wesley Stull, Andy Proper, Chris Horton, Skip Jackson. Aaron Marcy, Jeffrey Walters, Pete Volpe, Joe Syzmanski, Garrett Yager, Kate Perry, Roger Hall, Travis Darling, Jason Brightman, Gary Olson, Mike Rotunda, Thomas Cupp, Brandon Troutman



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