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Orrville, Ohio

Saturday, June 6, 2020

By Mike Swanger

  For the first time this season, fans were allowed into Wayne County Speedway and a big crowd filed in to watch the action as Doug Drown and Jimmy Smith lead all the way for their wins while Bob Daugherty and Doug Hensel had to work to claim their second wins in a row. In the Malcuit Tavern Super Late Model feature, Drown and his Ely Road Reel, JoyRide Transport and DJ Directional Services #12 would start on the pole and quickly open up a big lead as Todd Brennan would take control of second as Matt Lux, Corey Conley, Ryan Markham, Cody Scott and J R Gentry dueled it out for third. Scott would spin out early in the race and would work his way back up into the battle by the halfway mark. Brennan run for second ended on lap 19 when he slowed and stopped on the back stretch and went pitside. In the last five laps, Drown lost his power steering and Lux started to close in but could not catch the Wooster driver as Drown would win by more than a car length. Conley would finish third as Markham would edge out Scott at the finishline for fourth. Just as the checkered flag flew, Mitch Caskey went flying over the turn two guardrail but was ok. Lux and Drown posted the heat wins.

  Luke Sprouse would set the pace for the first three laps of the McKenzie Concrete Super Stock main and then give way to fellow front row starter Don Baney who would lead for the next four circuits. Michael Amick would motor past Baney on lap eight and be the front runner for the next two laps when 7th starting Bob Daugherty and his R C Kuhn & Sons, Met’s Machine Shop and Smith Fabricating #21d would take the reins and then hold off Amick the rest of the way for his second $1,000 win in a row thanks to Stake’s Shortstop. Following the two Mansfield drivers were Gary Hensel Jr. in third as he would pocket the Rich’s Tire and Service Hard Charger award. Baney would hang on to fourth as Tyler Wiles filled out the top five. Daugherty and Amick collected the heat wins.

  It was another close race for the win in the JoyRide Transport Mini Stocks as they were racing for an increased purse thanks to Henthorn Sales and Travis Hutton. Brad Hensel would take the lead from his outside front row starting spot but polesitter Wes Staley would take over on the next lap as Brad Hensel, Dustin Bedlion, Doug Hensel and Zach Myers were all bunched together for second, Staley would keep the lead until lap ten when Wooster’s Doug Hensel would pounce on Staley and take the lead coming out of turn two and hold on for his second win in as many weeks. Brad Hensel would outduel Bedlion for third with Colton St.John taking fifth. Kyle Petit bested the last chance race as Staley, Bedlion, St.John and Brad Hensel won the heats and each collected a $20 bonus thanks to Staley racing. Anthony Collins won the Rich’s Tire and Service Hard Charger award

  The Mod Lites rolled into ‘Orrville’s Historic Oval’ for a OMA points race and Toboso’s Jimmy Smith would take the point on the first lap from his third starting position and then hold off early challenges from Colton Shaw and late charges from Tracy Fritter before parking the Phil Stalling Classic Cars #280 in victory circle and take home the increased first place money thanks to McKenzie Concrete, Corbon Ammunitions and Sam McMillian. Fritter took second from Shaw on lap nine but could not get around Smith at anytime in the closing laps. Shaw held on to third by holding off Tanner McLoughlin as Tim Callahan finished fifth and won the Rich’s Tire and Service Hard Charger award. Heat winners were Smith, McLaughlin and Emmett Myers. The feature was red flagged on the opening lap when Clint Snyder went for a hard tumble in turn one as he was shaken up but ok.

Wayne County Speedway will be back in action next Saturday night at full strength as the OVSCA Sprints will kick off their season along with the Super Late Models, Super Stock and Mini Stocks. Gates will open at 3 pm and racing at 7 pm.


Saturday, June 6, 2020


Heat 1   Matt Lux, Matt Irey, Corey Conley, Todd Brennan, Brett Bee, Dustin Smith, Dave Hornikel, Jerry Aber, Larry Bellman, Brad Malcuit

Heat 2   Doug Drown, Ryan Markham, JR Gentry, Steve Prince, Shane McLoughlin, Cody Scott, Darrell Bossard, Will Thomas, Mitch Caskey

Feature Doug Drown, Matt Lux, Corey Conley, Ryan Markham, Cody Scott, JR Gentry, Steve Prince, Matt Irey, Shane McLoughlin, Darrell Bossard, Will Thomas, Brad Malcuit, Jerry Aber, Brett Bee, Mitch Caskey, Todd Brennan, Dave Hornikel, Larry Bellman, Dustin Smith


Heat 1   Bob Daugherty, Brandon Craver, Mark Baier, Luke Sprouse, James Alleman, Gary Hensel Jr., Jimmy Humphrey, Paul McVicker, Kyle LaGrou, Don Rutt

Heat 2   Michael Amick, Don Baney, Tyler Wiles, Mike McElravy, Curt Zimmerman, Darren Dawson, Jordan James, Caleb Shearn, Bryce Black

Feature Bob Daugherty, Michael Amick, Gary Hensel Jr., Don Baney, Tyler Wiles, Mark Baier, Don Rutt, James Alleman, Paul McVicker, Curt Zimmerman, Jimmy Humphrey, Mike McElravy, Brandon Craver, Luke Sprouse, Kyle LaGrou, Darren Dawson, Bryce Black, Caleb Shearn, Jordan James


Heat 1   Wes Staley, Bryant Worthy, Blaine Markey, Anthony Collins, Daniel Spayde, Clayton Evans, Thomas Ziegler, Ashley Evans, Jordan James

Heat 2   Dustin Bedlion, Doug Hensel, Jolene Voshel, Dakota Graciani, Kyle Petit, Mitch Reichard, Randy Gibson, Buddy Baker

Heat 3   Colton St.John, Cody Newbury, Cory Staley, John Louis, Jeff Slykhuis, Darrel Taylor, Richard Snyder, Coree Boyd

Heat 4   Brad Hensel, Zach Myers, Robert Searls, Chaz Dawson, Molly Rannigan, Travis Hutton, Dylan Tanner, Kevin Markey

‘B’Main Kyle Petit, Daniel Spayde, Mitch Reichard, Molly Rannigan, Richard Snyder Clayton Evans, Ashley Evans, Thomas Ziegler, Darrel Taylor, Buddy Baker, Jeff Slykhuis dns, Travis Hutton dns, Randy Gibson dns, Dylan Tanner dns, Kevin Markey dns, Coree Boyd dns, Jordan James dns

Feature Doug Hensel, Wes Staley, Brad Hensel, Dustin Bedlion, Colton St. John, Jolene Voshel, Cory Staley, Anthony Collins, Bryant Worthy, John Louis, Robert Searls, Dakota Graciani, Chaz Dawson, Jordan James, Daniel Spayde, Zach Myers, Blaine Markey, Cody Newbury, Mitch Reichard, Molly Rannigan


Heat 1    Jimmy Smith, Tyler Stockdale, Ray Leslie, Darrell Mayer, Nick Large, John Large, Casey Butler, Tim Callahan, Gary Hensel Jr dns

Heat 2   Tanner McLaughlin, Jon Preston, Tr Nick Large,acy Fritter, Clint Snyder, Ryan Robey, Reece Bollinger, Justin Pierce, Logan Duncan

Heat  3   Emmett Myers, Colton Shaw, Levi Lease, Craig Mann, Shawn Nairn, Jordan Snyder, Lance Heinberger, Blake Morris

Feature   Jimmy Smith, Tracy Fritter, Colton Shaw, Tanner McLoughlin, Tim Callahan, Emmett Myers, Jon Preston, Justin Pierce, Levi Lease, Craig Mann, Jordan Snyder, Nick Large, Blake Morris, John Large, Tyler Stockdale, Darrell Mayer, Logan Duncan, Ray Leslie, Reece Bollinger, Lance Heinberger, Clint Snyder, Ryan Robey, Gary Hensel Jr, dns, Casey Butler dns, Shawn Nairn dns

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