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(Norway, MI) – Norway Speedway Public Relations Director Joe Verdegan is pleased to announce that in 2020 race fans can vote to have their favorite late model drivers show up and compete at the 37th Annual Stateline Challenge at Norway Speedway through a Fan Fund page. Here’s how it works!

There will be two categories – “outsiders” or non-regulars and “regulars” or fairly weekly, local competitors. Fans can “vote” for their favorite driver at $5 per vote. There is no limit to how many “votes” a driver can obtain. Nor, is there any restrictions as to who fans can vote for – only that they have access to a late model to compete in the 75-lap feature.

In the days leading up to the July 3 event the money will be totaled up and divided by five in the “non-regular” and “local-past champions” categories, respectively. That number will include the top four drivers in voting who show up for the July 3 race plus one wildcard driver who shows up to race on July 3 (to be eligible for the wildcard drawing a driver must have a minimum of five votes). In other words, each driver in their respective category will receive equal shares of 20 percent of the money raised.

If one of the top four drivers in the voting does not run at the Stateline Challenge we will simply move on down the list. In total, 10 drivers will reap the benefits of the extra cash. It’s the goal to raise enough money so all ten drivers can earn a minimum of $300 per driver. That’s a total of $3,000 in bonus money. If we can raise more like four or five thousand, that will boost the bonus take home pay even higher of the top eight drivers in the voting and one wildcard in each division.

This is bonus money above and beyond the regular purse and lap leader bonuses that will also be up for grabs.

Businesses can get in on the fun as well as general donations to boost the fund without casting votes for any specific driver are also welcome.

Voting can take place one of two ways. You can pay by Paypal @ You can also send a check or money order with a specific listing of the driver(s) you wish to place votes for to DCRA PO Box 144 Norway, MI 4870. Please mark it ATTN: FAN FUND. 100 percent of this money raised will be given to ten different late model teams.

Regular updates will take place on the Norway Speedway Facebook page in terms of who is where in the voting.

Race teams who benefit from this Fan Fund – please consider donating some door prizes (hats, shirts, door panels, etc.) to some of the fans who make this bonus money possible!

Thanks for playing – let’s make this a great 2020 season! The season opener is slated for Friday night, May 22 with the first green flag flying at 7 p.m. Questions about the Fan Fund can be directed to Joe Verdegan at

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