Dalman Wins GLSS Feature at Gas City; Nusbaum Nabs First Mod Feature Win of the Year; Headley, Naida and Knittle Also Post Victories

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(The release is attached as a Word docx and as a pdf file. Two photos of Dalman and one of Nusbaum are also attached.)

GAS CITY, Ind., July 27 — Gregg Dalman of Bellevue, Mich. beat Conner Morrell of Bradenton, Fla. by 1.727 seconds to win the second 25-lap Great Lakes Super Sprints (GLSS) 360 winged sprint car feature ever held at Gas City I-69 Speedway Friday night.

Dillon Nusbaum of Warsaw, Ind. won the quarter-mile dirt oval’s UMP modified championship last year without winning a feature, but he won one Friday night in a 20-lap contest.

The $100 bounty on the Headley family went unclaimed, as James Headley of Marion, Ind. led all 15 laps of the hornet feature.

Thirteen-year-old Darin Naida of Adrian, Mich. won the 600cc outlaw winged micro-sprint feature, while Kevin Knittle of Van Wert, Ohio won his heat and led every lap of the 15-lap feature for the tough truck division in a program that was broadcast live by WIWU TV and was completed by 10:08 p.m.

Dalman, who finished second in the GLSS championship last year, earned $2,000 and gave himself a belated birthday present by winning the sprint car feature, as he turned 48 on July 20. He started third in the 19-car field with his No. 49T, which is sponsored by Maxima Racing Oils, Pro-Mec Engineering Services, Perfit, Edgewraps and Kistler Engines, but his victory was not easy. He and Morrell exchanged the lead multiple times and ran side-by-side several times before Dalman got the upper hand for good with a move to the outside of Morrell in Turn 2 on lap 21.

Dustin Daggett of Grand Ledge, Mich. hit the frontstretch wall on lap eight but survived to finish third. Chase Ridenour of Perry, Mich. both started and finished in fourth place. Fifteen-year-old Andrew Scheid of Sparta, Mich. was the race’s hard charger, as he started 13th but finished fifth.

Nusbaum started second in the modified feature in Kim Wheeler and Dave Baker’s Pierce Platinum chassis that is powered by a Hogue-prepped engine and sponsored by Florida Cars Lexus, Wheeler and Sons Well Drilling, Holzinger Seed Services, Valley Farm Supply and Hogue Engines. He took the lead on lap four by passing polesitter Aaron Orr on the outside, and led the rest of the way.

It was a race where it wasn’t good to be in second place.

Bub Roberts of Warren, Ind. was in line for his best finish of the season at Gas City until he lost a wheel and went for a wild ride in Turn 4 on lap 17 while running second. The accident was bad enough to bring out a red flag, but luckily he wasn’t hurt.

That put Andy Bishop of Gas City in second place, but he and Clayton Bryant tangled in Turn 2 with 18 laps down to bring out a yellow. That gave second to Bill Griffith, but he faltered on the backstretch on lap 19 and ended up fifth. In the end the driver Nusbaum passed for the lead in the early going, Orr, took the runner-up honors. Josh Betts finished third and Jessica Sroufe of Huntington, Ind. placed fourth.

Headley won his fourth hornet feature of the year at Gas City in dominant fashion with his No. 0, which is sponsored by Dudding’s Heating and Cooling, Garriott Electric, Edwards Automotive and TJR Trucking. Gage Allen of Warren, Ind. used lapped traffic to help him get by polesitter Jason Spencer of Columbia City, Ind. for second place on lap seven and went on to finish in that position. James Headley Jr. of Wabash, Ind. passed Spencer with a move to the outside as they were going through Turn 4 with five laps to go to nail down third. Spencer hung on for fourth and Andrew Clark finished fifth.

Naida started third in the Ollie’s Bargain Outlet No. 7N micro-sprint, took the lead from polesitter Alexis Adgate on lap four, and led the rest of the way in that 15-lapper. Nate Franklin dipped under Adgate in Turn 4 on lap nine to earn the runner-up honors. Mike Landis finished third followed by Adgate and Tyler Fitzpatrick.

The 15-lap tough truck feature went non-stop and Knittle won in dominant fashion from the pole with his truck that is sponsored in part by Hick’s Accounting. Devon Howard finished second and Dustin Ratliff was third. Andy King and Leslie Hurd rounded out the top five.

On Friday, Aug. 2 Gas City will host its “Summer Slam” show of non-wing sprint cars, American Vintage Sprint Car Association (AVSCA) sprint cars, USAC SpeeD2 midgets, UMP modifieds and street stocks.

Fans can see the track’s complete 2019 schedule and get additional information on its website at GasCityI69Speedway.com. Fans can also follow it on Facebook (@GasCitySpeedwayOnTheGas), Twitter (@GasCitySpeedway) and Instagram (@GasCitySpeedway).

The results:

GLSS Sprint Heat 1 (8 laps): 1. Brad Lamberson, 2. Gregg Dalman, 3. Dustin Daggett, 4. Brandon Long, 5. Andrew Scheid, 6. Andy Chehowski, 7. Jack James.

GLSS Sprint Heat 2 (8 laps): 1. Conner Morrell, 2. Dan McCarron, 3. Phil Gressman, 4. Michael Summers, 5. Garrett Saunders, 6. Kyle Poortenga.

GLSS Sprint Heat 3 (8 laps): 1. Chase Ridemour, 2. Jared Lamberson, 3. Josh Shantz, 4. Linden Jones, 5. Lukas Smith, 6. Alexis Adgate.

GLSS Sprint Feature (25 laps): 1. Gregg Dalman, 2. Conner Morrell, 3. Dustin Daggett, 4. Chase Ridenour, 5. Andrew Scheid, 6. Josh Shantz, 7. Dan McCarron, 8. Brandon Long, 9. Phil Gressman, 10. Andy Chehowski, 11. Kyle Poortenga, 12. Garrett Saunders, 13. Linden Jones, 14. Jared Lamberson, 15. Michael Summers, 16. Jack James, 17. Lukas Smith, 18. Brad Lamberson, 19. Alexis Adgate.

UMP Modified Heat 1 (8 laps): 1. Dillon Nusbaum, 2. Bill Griffith, 3. Bub Roberts, 4. Josh Betts, 5. Terry Grilliott, 6. Scott Orr, 7. Luke Timmerman.

UMP Modified Heat 2 (8 laps): 1. Aaron Orr, 2. Clayton Bryant, 3. Andy Bishop, 4. Garrett Rons, 5. Jessica Sroufe, 6. Jason Jones.

UMP Modified Feature (20 laps): 1. Dillon Nusbaum, 2. Aaron Orr, 3. Josh Betts, 4. Jessica Sroufe, 5. Bill Griffith, 6. Terry Grilliott, 7. Scott Orr, 8. Jason Jones, 9. Luke Timmerman, 10. Andy Bishop, 11. Bub Roberts, 12. Clayton Bryant, 13. Garrett Rons.

Hornet Heat 1 (8 laps): 1. Jason Spencer, 2. Gage Allen, 3. James Headley Jr., 4. Jacob Beard, 5. Joey Eastes, 6. Stevie Clark, 7. Charlie Teegarden, 8. Brad Evans.

Hornet Heat 2 (8 laps): 1. James Headley, 2. Andrew Clark, 3. Kolton Sollars, 4. Randy Brommer, 5. Dustin Franks, 6. Jesse Arenas, 7. Mark Casto.

Hornet Feature (15 laps): 1. James Headley, 2. Gage Allen, 3. James Headley Jr., 4. Jason Spencer, 5. Andrew Clark, 6. Kolton Sollars, 7. Randy Brommer, 8. Joey Eastes, 9. Stevie Clark, 10. Dustin Franks, 11. Charlie Teegarden, 12. Mark Casto, 13. Brad Evans, 14. Jacob Beard, 15. Jesse Arenas.

Micro-Sprint Heat 1 (8 laps): 1. Alexis Adgate, 2. Darin Naida, 3. Rick Rhodes, 4. Tyler Fitzpatrick, 5. Gage Wilson, 6. Brenton Lamb, 7. Rich Koop (DNS).

Micro-Sprint Heat 2 (8 laps): 1. Mike Landis, 2. Nate Franklin, 3. Shawn Bone, 4. Collin Grissom, 5. Jacob Koop, 6. Dawson Phillips.

Micro-Sprint Feature (15 laps): 1. Darin Naida, 2. Nate Franklin, 3. Mike Landis, 4. Alexis Adgate, 5. Tyler Fitzpatrick, 6. Rick Rhodes, 7. Jacob Koop, 8. Brenton Lamb, 9. Dawson Phillips, 10. Collin Grissom, 11. Jacob Koop, 12. Gage Wilson, 13. Shawn Bone.

Tough Truck Heat 1 (8 laps): 1. Kevin Knittle, 2. Dustin Ratliff, 3. Leslie Hurd, 4. Devon Howard, 5. Abbey Werling, 6. Andy King, 7. Ian Levalley.

Tough Truck Feature (15 laps): 1. Kevin Knittle, 2. Devon Howard, 3. Dustin Ratliff, 4. Andy King, 5. Leslie Hurd, 6. Abbey Werling, 7. Ian Levalley (DNS).

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