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Orrville, Ohio

Saturday, July 13, 2019

By Mike Swanger

  A racing night with no rain have been few and far between this season at Wayne County Speedway and Saturday night was one of those nights with no rain on Malcuit Tavern night as the 8th night of the season went into the record books. Danny Mumaw and Wes Staley both won on opening night back on April 13 and both would pick up their second wins of the season while Doug Drown would win two more features to up his total at WCS to eight this season. Shayne Meadows lead all the way for the win in the first Mod Lite feature of the season.

  Right after the green flag waved for the Pine Tree Towing & Recovery Sprint feature, Clay Riney and Bill Ault would spin in turn one to negate the start of the feature. On the second try, points leader Dean Jacobs would jump into the lead from his 4th starting spot with pole sitter Chris Myers and Wooster’s Danny Mumaw in tow. The action would come to a stop before the second lap could be recorded as Mitch Harble tumbled in turn one. With the green lights back on, Jacobs would ease away from Chris Myers as Mumaw would pressure him for second and take that spot on lap seven. The red flag would wave on lap ten as Henry Malcuit would flip coming out of turn two, ending his night. On the restart, Mumaw would look for an opening to get by Jacobs for the lead and coming out of turn two on lap 12, found the opening on the inside of Jacobs and powered past for the lead. Trey Jacobs would move past Chris Myers on the next circuit for third as T J Michael would take over 4th on the next lap. Laps 15 and 16 would see the caution flag fly, first for a Clay Riney spin in turn four and then for a slowing Bill Ault in turn three. It would be all green to the checkered flag as Mumaw and his ABR Farms, Finishline Auto Body and Hot Rod Trailers #16 would pull away for the win as Dean Jacobs held on to second with Trey Jacobs keeping 10th starting Michael at bay for third while Jamie Myers outdueled Chris Myers in the last five laps to take fifth. Heat winners were Chris Myers and Dean Jacobs.

   Much like the Sprints, the Malcuit Tavern Super Late Model feature got off to a rough start as Charlie Duncan would come to a stop in turn two on the initial start and the on the second attempt, Brett Bee would spin in turn one and collect J R Gentry and Matt Irey with Gentry the only one able to rejoin the field. Front row starters Doug Drown and Ryan Markham would split the lead on the first two circuits as the caution would fly again when Jerry Aber spun with Jeff Warnick and Tom Denzinger also involved with Warnick’s machine getting hooked into Aber’s car and both would be finished for the night. Ben Mott and Larry Bellman tangled on lap four and Nick Cox spun on lap eight causing the action to be slowed up as Markham would keep the point during the green flag action. With a series of green flag laps after that, Matt Lux and Mitch Caskey would make it a four car battle, with Drown and his Ely Road Reel Company, Wooster Glass and JOYRIDE Transport #12 shooting past Markham coming out of turn four on lap 12 to take the lead as Markham would pull off the track on the next lap. Following a lap 16 caution for Mitch Caskey, who would finish fifth, Matt Lux would show the front of his car a couple of times to Wooster’s Drown but Drown would pull away for his third win of the season and expand his O’Reilly Auto Parts ‘Race to the Championship’ points lead. Lux would hold off 10th starting Brad Malcuit for second as Ricky Holderbaum finished fourth and pocketed the Kar Connection Hard Charger award. Gentry, Justin Chance and Drown scored the heat wins.

   Canton’s Wes Staley out raced Jordan James into turn one at the start of the JOYRIDE Transport Mini Stock feature and then lead all the way to checkered flag as James would finish second although he would have one last chance at taking the lead after a caution flag for points leader Doug Hensel with two laps to go. Staley’s BJP Performance, McBreaty Chiropractor and Paul Davis Construction #73s was quick on the gas as the green waved to secure the win. On the last restart, Wyatt Zimmerman worked his way past Brad Hensel and Dustin Bedlion to take third in the last two trips around ‘Orrville’s Historic Oval’. Hensel and Bedlion would finish in that order. Doug Hensel, Bedlion and Staley topped the heat races. With his 4th place finish, Brad Hensel would increase his lead in the NewFast Motorsports ‘Summer Series’ points.

   Don Rutt would accelerate into the early lead from his fourth starting position in the McKenzie Concrete Super Stock feature with 8th starting John Wilson wasting no time in claiming second on the opening lap. Doug Drown would move into second on lap five and as Rutt and Drown encountered lap traffic on lap six, Rutt got trapped behind the slower car and that allowed the Char’s Cars, Gionino’s Pizza and Rick’s Hauling #21d to slip by and two circuits later Wilson took second from Rutt. A red flag on lap nine stopped the race when Luke Sprouse clobbered a retaining tire in turn two, lifting the front end of his car off the ground and coming down hard as he had to be assisted in getting out of his car. Wilson would make a couple of attempts to wrangle the lead away from Drown in the closing laps but Drown would park in the Summit Racing victory lane for the fifth time this season and expand his lead in the Stake’s Shortstop ‘Summer Series’ and the O’Reilly Auto Parts ‘Race to the Championship’ points standings. Brandon Craver and James Alleman went back and forth the last three laps with Craver getting third, Gary Hensel Jr. filled out the top five. Posting the heat wins were Todd Sherwin, Drown and Wilson.

  For the first time in over three years, the Mod Lites returned to Wayne County Speedway and Deerfield’s Shayne Meadows would go flag to flag aboard the Sarchione Ford, Champ Chassis and Sicliano Racing #224 for the win in the non stop feature. Heat winner Casey Butler would take home second with Cody Stillion in third followed by Colton Shaw and John Preston.

   Weekly and yearly Racer Rewards from the Contingency Connection were being raced for once again by the drivers at Wayne County Speedway.

   Next Saturday night, July 20th will see the make up Attica Raceway Park/ Wayne County Speedway Late Model Series in action as the following week the ARP/WCS will wrap up Friday night (July 26) at Attica and at Wayne County Speedway on Saturday(July 27) for the Malcuit Tavern Super Late Models. It will also be another Stake’s Shortstop ‘Summer Series’ for the McKenzie Concrete Super Stocks and the NewFast Motorsports ‘Summer Series’ for the JOYRIDE Transport Mini Stocks. The Modifieds will try once again to get a race in at WCS as the Pine Tree Towing & Recovery Sprints have the night off. Gates will open at 4 pm and racing going green at 7 pm.


Saturday, July 13, 2019


Heat   1   Chris Myers, Danny Mumaw, Jamie Myers, Trey Jacobs, Jordan Harble, Henry Malcuit, Clay Riney, R J Jacobs, Cheyne Mixon

Heat   2   Dean Jacobs, Ricky Peterson, Dylan Kingan, Mitch Harble, T J Michael, Tyler Dunn, Troy Kingan, Troy Vaccaro, Ray Miller

Feature   Danny Mumaw, Dean Jacobs, T J Michael, Trey Jacobs, Jamie Myers, Chris Myers, Jordan Harble, R J Jacobs, Tyler Dunn, Dylan Kingan, Troy Vaccaro, Troy Kingan, Ray Miller, Clay Riney, Bill Ault, Ricky Peterson, Henry Malcuit, Mitch Harble


Heat   1   J R Gentry, Ryan Markham, Matt Lux, Brad Malcuit, Jeff Warnick, Jerry Aber, Ben Mott

Heat   2   Justin Chance, Mike Bores, Brett Bee, Tom Denzinger, Nick Cox, Travis Leyda, Craig Hartong

Heat   3   Doug Drown, Mitch Caskey, Charlie Duncan, Matt Irey, Larry Bellman, Sean Rush, Ricky Holderbaum

Feature   Doug Drown, Matt Lux, Brad Malcuit, Ricky Holderbaum, Mitch Caskey, Sean Rush, Tom Denzinger, Ryan Markham, Nick Cox, J R Gentry, Justin Chance, Mike Bores, Ben Mott, Larry Bellman, Jeff Warnick, Jerry Aber, Travis Leyda, Brett Bee, Matt Irey, Charlie Duncan, Craig Hartong dns


Heat   1   Doug Hensel, Brad Hensel, Jeff Slykhuis, Ryan Carder, Jimmy Burns, Wayne Newbury

Heat   2   Dustin Bedlion, Wyatt Zimmerman, Jolene Voshel, Matt Short, Mitch Reichard, Darrell Taylor, Greg Harris

Heat   3   Wes Staley, Jordan James, Cory Boyd, Clayton Evans, Dusty Long, Tyler Wiles

Feature   Wes Staley, Jordan James, Wyatt Zimmerman, Brad Hensel, Dustin Bedlion, Tyler Wiles, Jolene Voshel, Wayne Newbury, Ryan Carder, Matt Short, Dusty Long, Clayton Evans, Greg Harris, Doug Hensel, Jeff Slykhuis, Cory Boyd, Mitch Reichard, Jimmy Burns, Darrell Taylor dns


Heat   1   Todd Sherwin, Gary McGregor, Kevin Ake, Luke Sprouse, Curt Zimmerman, Paul McVicker, Virgil Masters, Brandon Dormaier dns

Heat   2   Doug Drown, Gary Hensel Jr., Michael Amick, James Alleman, Coty Conway, Don Baney, David Uhler

Heat   3   John Wilson, Brandon Craver, Don Rutt, Justin Lorentz, Nick Humphrey, Ryan Leathers, Ken Catlette

Feature   Doug Drown, John Wilson, Brandon Craver, James Alleman, Gay Hensel Jr., Don Rutt, Gary McGregor, Michael Amick, Justin Lorentz, Kevin Ake, Coty Conway, Curt Zimmerman, Nick Humphrey, Ken Catlette, Brandon Dormaier, Luke Sprouse, Paul McVicker, Todd Sherwin, Virgil Masters, Ryan Leathers dns, David Uhler dns, Don Baney dns


Heat   1   Casey Butler, Cody Stillion, Shayne Meadows, Colton Shaw, Clint Snyder, Shawn Nairn, Joe McFee, Logan Duncan, John Preston, Braden Tucke dns

Feature   Shayne Meadows, Casey Butler, Cody Stillion, Colton Shaw, John Preston, Clint Snyder, Shawn Nairn, Joe McFee, Logan Duncan dns, Braden Tucke dns

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