Midwest Racing Roundup by Tom Botos

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Hello Race Fan’s l had the pleasure of interviewing Doug Fox 44 Street Stock Division Driver at South Bend Motor Speedway. Doug Fox is 43 years old and has been involved in racing his entire life.


Started racing Enduros in 1999 at Kalamazoo Speedway in Michigan. Started racing weekly in the FWD division at South Bend Motor Speedway in 2011.


Doug Fox and his family all have worked at the speedway in one capacity or another for many years. Doug has been flagman,tech inspector and timing system operator in the past at the track.


Doug feels that being flagman has helped improve his racing skills on the track. Doug is pretty much one up on the competition being able to know how to troubleshoot accidents on the race track.


Doug has 6 A Feature wins to date,5 B Feature wins and 15 Heat wins to his credit. Doug says driving in Enduro races has taught him patience on the track and with his on track skill gives him another edge

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