Hello Race Fan’s ,are you all tired of this rain yet?


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Hello Race Fan’s ,are you all tired of this rain yet? This is definitely one of the most rain filled racing season’s I can remember! Mother Nature has it in for us this year. I am hoping some tracks can extend there racing schedules until the end of October to makeup all the rained out event’s in our area.


I had the pleasure of interviewing Kenny Elder Jr. , from Walkerton, Indiana. Kenny is a Street Stock driver at South Bend Motor Speedway. He has been racing for eight years total racing at New Paris Speedway in the Rumble Figure Eight division to get his start in racing. Kenny works third shift at Hoosier Tire Company where he can buy the D800 racing tires for almost half the retail price.


Kenny then moved up to the FWD Front Wheel Drive division racing at South Bend Motor Speedway in 2016. Kenny won 10 features that year enabling him to move up to the Street Stock division at South Bend.


Kenny Elder Jr. has competed

at South Bend Motor Speedway, New Paris Speedway, Plymouth Speedway, Kalamazoo Speedway, M 40 Speedway and Mottville Speedway in Michigan.


Kenny might step out of his car this coming weekend as his friend and crew chief Chad Lindsey might take over the driver’s seat, allowing Kenny to rest and adjust to working third shift at Hoosier Tire in Plymouth, Indiana.


Either Kenny or Chad will be  racing in the 71 Lap Larry Saunders Memorial Street Stock race this weekend at South Bend Motor Speedway.


Kenny has competed at Plymouth Speedway on dirt in a 600 Mini Sprint Car. He collided with Bobby Blount running over Bobby’s left front wheel as they we’re both racing hard for track position. Both cars raced on to finish the feature that evening.


Kenny feels that the competition in the Street Stock Division is fierce averaging 22 cars each week at South Bend. His racing goal is to finish in the top five in points this season and move up with enough sponsorship in the future.


Kenny says he is not afraid to use the bump and run tactic on the track to gain track position. The roar of his engine is an adrenaline rush for him going out on the track every time out. Kenny believes the Street Stocks are the most competitive division at South Bend.


Kenny’ s racing idols are Tony Stewart, Bobby Stremme, David Stremme, Denny Nyari, Danny Brown,Frank Lyle, Brian Ross, Bobby Blount,Jim Blount, Charlie Hanna and Doug Hanna.


Kenny would like to race at Bristol Speedway, Salem Speedway, Winchester Speedway and Anderson Speedway before his racing career is over. Kenny believes winning as many Features as possible gets you fame and notoriety in the world of racing. Short Track Racing is a way of life for Kenny Elder Jr. Also known as the “Wild Child” in the pit area at South Bend!


If you would like to sponsor Kenny please email him at wildchild3884@gmail.com or call at 574 780-2448

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