Tom Botos, Interviews Jeff Darr!


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Hello race fans from near and far. I interviewed a driver today the #99 hobby stock driven by Jeff Darr. His car looks like a CRA late model sportsman but due to it being built with mostly stock parts he is running in the hobby stock class at New Paris Speedway here in northern Indiana.


Jeff would like to try to run South Bend Motor Speedway in South Bend,Indiana in the future. Jeff is focusing now on getting seat time in the car and gaining experience  at New Paris Speedway. Jeff started in 2016 in the sportsman class at New Paris Speedway. He currently has a few top 5 finishes but no feature wins under his belt as of yet. Unfortunately there is only him and his dad on his race car team so getting the car ready for weekly Saturday night is challenging. Jeff picked #99 after seeing a car with a fancy #99 A Front wheel drive car from Wall Stadium Speedway in New Jersey.


Jeff was a pit crewman for the CRA racing team of Brandon Fagin.Fagin was sponsored  by the U.S. Army that year in the CRA racing series.


Jeff would like to see all racing division’s at all tracks choose the D 800 Hoosier Tires. Jeff feels these tires are more economical and they can last for almost an entire season.


Jeff would like to thank Donny Klotz the former owner of New Paris for creating the hobby stock division to minimize costs in building race cars. Jeff says the costs are getting way out of hand which keeps the family man from getting into racing.


Jeff Darr feels the following rules package would increase car counts in street stock and hobby stock classes.


All steel motor minus the intake

Single adjustable shocks

Manual rack and pinion

Quick change rear end

Wide five hubs

Template body

Full tube or stock front clip chassis


Finally Jeff stated that decent start money for making features would increase car counts in every division. This start money really helps with tires and other things needed to keep cars going.


Jeff would like to see New Paris Speedway and South Bend Motor Speedway work together and run opposite night’s and align the rules to increase car counts for both tracks. Maybe have a dual points system to where if you run both tracks you get bonus point’s. If both tracks paid 2,000 to win it would attract cars from other tracks as well. Jeff says thank you to everyone supporting local short track racing!

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