Fans enjoyed great racing and a first-ever Friday fireworks show June 7th at the Tom Wood Group Indianapolis Speedrome Powered by Lincoln Tech. The evening also featured an autograph session for the folks to meet the drivers and check out the cars up close before competition began. Speaking of the nights action, we start with the Last Chance Wrecker Factory Front Wheel Drives. Don VanValkenburg III stormed through the field for his third victory of the season besting Scott Stewart Jr, Jon Elkins Jr, Ricky Johnson, and Andrew Brown.


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Another new record for cars was established in the Circle City Pyrotechnics Junior Faskarts. 30, yes 30, youngsters were ready for battle. It was the third consecutive event a new record was set in the division’s 14th season. Feature #1 saw Blake Tharp impressively take his initial career triumph over Dylan Sloan, Larry Lynch Jr, Aden Jones, and Hannah Poynter. The second main event had Johnny Bishop notch his second season win over Nathan Brown, Ashton Murello, John Hargraves Jr, and Noah Neat. The final feature saw Trinity Armour victorious for the first time in 2019 besting Tyler Morefield, Donnie Murphy III, Brayden Tharp, and Dale Armour.


The Fords first tackled the oval. Southern invader Cody Bower took the trophy over Josh Fults, Brian Wright, Tyler Terry, and Tyler Cunningham. The Figure 8 feature saw Matt Witty best over Fults, John Gimbel, Josh Garr, and Tyler Fraze. The Reef Aquarium Shop Adult Faskart fight was captured by Kyle Norris ahead of Skylar Shouse, Dayton Shouse, Johnny Hargraves, and David Gehrke. Finally, the USSA Mel Kenyon Midget Series 50-lap main was won by Nick Hamilton over Colin Grissom, Kameron Gladish, Tommy Kouns, and Nathan Foster.

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