Team O’Neil Rally School Releasing Web-Based Video Series

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Following several years of success building a loyal community of fans on our Team O’Neil YouTube channel, Team O’Neil Rally School has developed an informative and entertaining web-based video series: “Will It Rally?”.

This new web series from The Team O’Neil Rally School asks the only car question that really matters: Will it Rally? Ride along as we test the limits of a full spectrum of different street legal vehicles on our snow and ice covered skidpad and slalom areas, before putting them against the stopwatch on a mountainous rally stage here at the Team O’Neil facility. Season One will feature 6 episodes premiering every Thursday from May 30th to July 4th. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the epic quest to find out.. Will it Rally?

Want a preview? The trailer for the series is now available: Will It Rally Trailer. We invite, and would appreciate you sharing these videos with your audience.

For more information or any questions please call 603-444-4488 or visit

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