Results Crystal Motor Speedway 5.17.19

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Over 130 cars filled the pits at the Crystal Motor Speedway Saturday. Before the event, the extremely popular annual Janet Zeigler  ‘Say Yes 2 Kids’ has held with drivers from all divisions giving rides to young fans.

In the Kentucky Friend Late Model division, it was David Hilliker of Midland holding off a determined Josh Borton of Crystal and Derrick Hilliker, also of Midland. Blanchard’s Carl Ries advanced to the main event by winning the B Main while heats fell to Garrett Wiles of Hubbardston, Scott Baker, Ionia, and Borton.

The Lane Automotive IMCA Modified event was picked up by Chad May from Rockford, followed by Brody Bowser, Stanton, and Austin Wonch of Crystal. Sheridan’s Chad Wernette, Mitchell Hunt of Kent City, and Milt Montgomery of Sheridan all grabbed wins in their heats.

In the Street Stock division, it was Sidney’s Mickey Currier taking the win over Josh Loomis of Weidman and Don Rohn from Sheridan. Shawn Grover of Middleton took the B Main while heats were picked up by Justin Pluskhat of Belding, Kevin Rohn, Stanton, and Currier.

The Flinn Stock feature was taken by Matt Taylor of Greenville, followed by Justin Stahl, also of Greenville, and Mike Wood from Lake Odessa. James Bannister of St. Johns and Mike Currier of Fenwick won the two heat races for the division.

Kyle Hunt of Bannister had to endure two late-race cautions but held on to win the Port City Pro Stock event over Tim Degroft and Jeremy Spence of Deford. Heat event wins were picked up Greenville’s Blake Hollenbeck and Degroft.

Tim Sooy of Stanton held off multiple season champion Curtis Rice of Muskegon in the Engine Pro Pro Truck event. Vern Buskirk of Stanton brought his truck home in third place. Sooy also picked up the heat event to make his evening all checkers.

The Greenville Daily News Mini-Wedge division saw a lot of action is a big field of six to nine-year-old drivers with Landyn Neitling of Saginaw coming home with the win. Eli Fellows and Jazzlyn Hale, both of Crystal filled out the top three positions. Hale and Neitling also picked up heat wins in earlier racing.

In the ten to fourteen-year-old division, Zayden Buskirk of Crystal held on to win over Lilyann Montgomery of Crystal and Ryan Read of Stanton. Buskirk also picked up the heat event.

Next week at Crystal Motor Speedway is the big two day Memorial Day celebration with two nights of racing.  It’s a sprints kind of weekend with Saturday night featuring the Great Lakes Super Sprints and Sunday night has the Michigan Traditional Sprints and the MORA Sprints on hand.  The Mini-Wedge division is off both nights.

Admission for each night is $15 for adults, $5 for kids 5-11, and pit passes costing $30 per night. Gates open at 4:30 with racing set to go at 7:30 on both nights. Additional information can be obtained by visiting the track website at or calling 989.235.5200.


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