Crystal Motor Speedway results delayed

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CMS was rained out Saturday night just as they were getting close to running. I know that the schedule will have to be ‘re-arranged’ to accommodate certain events. As soon as I get a clear word on what is going to happen, I’ll send it out.


I intend on being at the track next week to get some things figured out and I will be doing some video interviews with various drivers that will be made available to any organization or site that may want them. These will be available as a link, a set of ‘i-frames’ that would allow you to seemingly stream the program from your site while actually taking up none of your server space or bandwidth, or I can set up a separate Dropbox account for them so you can download them and mount them as you need.


A year ago, a CBS station talked to me about carrying the CMS live feed on one of their digital stations. At that time, it wasn’t feasible due to the low upload speeds available at the track. Starting next week, we are hoping to completely change how we do things when it comes to live streaming events out of Crystal Motor Speedway. We have set up a new computer at the track that can broadcast in H-265 technology… the tech that allows NetFlix, Amazon, and others to broadcast nice quality to their viewers even when the upload ability isn’t all that good. While H-265 can not be viewed on a cell phone or even a webpage, it can be broadcast out to our racing Roku channel as such… and even to the local CBS station that had talked to me about it.


As soon as I know that this all works as it should, I will be contacting that station and two or three others down state and here in the UP where I live and even over in Wisconsin. I know several big broadcasting stations up here that might be interested. When Tony Stewart came to CMS back in July of 2014, a staggering 32,000 people watched him live on our servers and our Roku channel. The typical Saturday night viewership on our broadcasts is about 5300 people across the nation and in other countries where our men and women in the service of America can watch a small bit of ‘home’ with many more watching the replay over the course of the week. I should point out that this ability is courtesy of continued sponsorship of my friends at Engine Pro of Grand Rapids. ( ) EP has been a strong help to me since 2003 and I wouldn’t be able to do any of this without their help. The cost of doing this is roughly $600 a month, a stiff amount for me at this point in time. I also get assistance from Success Virtual Learning Centers

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I know this isn’t the report you wanted, but until I get the right info, consider it back story.


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