Team O’Neil March News

Spring Has Sprung

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The days are longer and the sun is brighter. Spring is officially here! We had a fantastic winter with mother nature providing lots of snow and great road conditions. With the long winter behind us, we are excited to announce some new happenings out here at the Rally School.

Here is a quick rundown on what’s going on:

We would like to introduce you to “Team O’Neil Classifieds”, a brand new way to sell and buy rally cars. We are hosting a two-day Rear Wheel Drive only weekend course this April which should be tons of fun. And… our summer courses are filling up fast, so if you have the itch to get back in the drivers seat this summer, now is the time to sign up.

Details on all the new happenings below.

For more information or to place an order call 603-444-4488 or visit

A new way to sell and buy rally cars. 

Have you noticed how hard and confusing it can be to buy and sell rally cars? Well, we have decided to make the process a little easier. We are excited to introduce you to “Team O’Neil Classifieds” a fast and easy way to browse rally cars for sale all over North America. With how close knit the rally community is, we want to do all we can to help make it affordable to hit the stages. The page is meant as a resource for those looking to buy/sell used or new rally cars. There is no charge to list vehicles and no charge to browse the listings. We do however, ask that listings are only made for complete, rally-prepped vehicles with proper safety systems and log books.


We do not have any affiliation with cars posted on the site, and assume no responsibility. Please do your due diligence and purchase with caution. Happy hunting!




A new RWD only Rally Course and a brand newly-prepped E-46 BMW? Count me in!!

Experience the thrill of confidently handling rear wheel drive cars at the limit in this limited-enrollment Rear Wheel Drive School at Team O’Neil on April 13-14. Starting with skidpad and cone-based rallycross exercises, you’ll be free to explore the unique and exciting handling characteristics of rear wheel drive rally prepared BMWs. This open and pressure-free environment allows you to experiment and safely push your limits with professional in-car instruction to give real-time personal feedback and suggestions.

Each exercise builds on the last over the course of 1 or 2 days, and you’ll be exposed to a full spectrum of different corners as well as different techniques such as lift oversteer, throttle oversteer, left foot braking, threshold braking, pendulum turns, trail braking, lines and apexes, and much more.

With only 8 total slots available in this course, you are guaranteed plenty of seat time and individualized instruction to achieve your goals with RWD car control whether you drive on the street, track, drift, or just for fun.

Book your 1 or 2 Day RWD School with Team O’Neil and there are never any hidden fees, all potential damages are included as always, lunch is provided on-site, and you’ll leave with a personal photo, certificate of completion, and $30 credit toward Team O’Neil merchandise. Learn more or sign up!





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