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Online Racing School with Chassis R&D and Gale Force Suspension comes off a very successful seminar in Nashville, TN last weekend. Next up is our seminar in Wisconsin at Stoney Creek Hotel near LaCrosse, WI. Our guest speaker and supporter, Toby Nuttleman, will again join Bob Bolles, Cale Gale and Bubba Gale with two days of state of the art information on how to develop a winning setup. Much of the information has never been persented before in any medium.


The dates are March 23rd and 24th and there are still a few seats open. Hurry to sign-up at Onlineracingschool.com/Stoney Creek Seminar. Call Bob at 386-677-5384 for more information or if you need help with your sign-up. Or email Bob at chassisrd@aol.com.



Some of the topics that will be covered:


● Complete Explanation of Jacking Force and how to use it to your

advantage. Never before presented information.

● New Way To Analyze Anti-squat related to new control link positioning

and how that gives More Bite off the corners. New information.

● Force verses Weight – How To Understand Force and Weights

● All New Force Analysis and how winning teams are using force

measurement to gain grip. We’ll show you how to do it right.

● How to Utilize Anti-dive for better transitional geometry and more

accurate force measurements. This is a must learn segment.

● Racing Shock Development in the real world.

● How To Make A Race Car Turn – New Analysis Tools

● Valuable Information for all types of race cars

● And Much, Much more related information.





Stoney Creek Hotel

3060 S. Kinney Coulee Road

Onalaska, WI 54650



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