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Orrville Ohio
Saturday, September 22, 2018
By Mike Swanger
Some of the best racing of the season took place during night 2 of the Ohio Dirt Blowout presented by the Kar Connection at NAPA Jani Auto Parts Wayne County Speedway with Andrew Palker driving away once he got the lead to claim his second Ohio Valley Sprint Car Association win at WCS while Jason Dolick would collect the Series’ crown. Doug Drown would follow night one’s act by winning both the Kar Connection Super Late Model and CorBon Super Stock features. The ‘Outlaw’ Jesse Wisecarver mastered the Modified main with Brad Hensel squeezing out his second WQKT 104.5 Mini Stock win of the week end.
Nick Patterson would grab the lead of the Pine Tree Towing & Recovery Sprint feature from the outside front row but action would come to stop on the end of lap two when Jake Hesson took a hard flip high into the catch fence in turn four. He would walk away ok. When the action went back to green, Patterson continued with the lead as Jamie Myers, Tracy Hines and West Salem’s Andrew Palker in tow. Palker would blow by Myers and Hines down the backstretch on lap six and on the next circuit, Patterson would slip way high in turn four and Palker would motor by for the lead. On the next lap around, Patterson would spin in turn four which would start a series of yellow flags the next three laps for different drivers. The next eight laps went green as Palker and his El Campesino Restaurent, Albrecht Trucking and Graber Racing Products #57x, left the field in his wake while Myers and Hines went back and forth for second as Danny Mumaw pulled into 4th and Jordan Ryan and Trey Jacobs battled for fifth. A debris on the track caution on lap 18 stacked the field together for one last time, but Palker would set sail on the restart. Mumaw would power past Myers and Hines for second as they went down the backstretch on the restart but could not catch up to Palker. Jordan Ryan would move into 4th past Myers on lap 21 and then into third when Hines pulled into the infield two circuits later. Myers would finish up 4th with Trey Jacobs finishing out the top five. Ryan, Hesson and Palker posted the heat wins. Going into the night, Jason Dolick trailed Dave Dickson by three points for the OVSCA title and with his 9th place finish combined with Dickson’s 16th finishing position, Dolick claimed the title.
The Kar Connection Super Late Model main started with Charlie Duncan and Ryan Markham on the front row and Duncan would lay claim to the lead with Wooster’s Doug Drown grabbing third. In the early running, those three would not be more than two car lengths apart with Duncan out front for the first ten laps. At that time, lapped traffic came into play and when Duncan hesitated for a second going into turn three, Markham jumped past Duncan for the top spot. Drown would power past Duncan for second coming out of turn two on lap 13. The yellow would wave on lap 16 that would set up a wild finish between Markham and Drown. Markham used the high groove while Drown ran low in turns one and two and both stayed low in three and four until there was four to go when Drown took his Ely Road Motors, D J Directional Services and McDonald’s #12 to the high side of turn 3 and 4. As the two came down the front stretch, Drown went to the inside of Markham’s #5m and they touched and somehow did not wreck as both had to check up for a split second to get straightened back up and Drown was the quicker to do that and take the lead. A final caution on the last lap would give Markham a last chance to get the win but came up short to Drown. Corey Conley would edge past Duncan with five to go for third and at the same time, Mitch Caskey, the winner of the NEW race on Friday, got past Brad Malcuit for fifth. Caskey also was the winner of the Accu Force Hard Charger award as he moved up five places in the feature. Heat wins were claimed by Conley and Markham.
For the second night in a row, and third time this season, Doug Drown would take the Bob Daugherty owned, Char’s Car, K & A Tree Service and Rick’s Hauling #21d into the Summit Racing victory lane, giving him four wins during the ODB weekend. This CorBon Super Stock feature would not be easy though as Paul Holmes would work his way into second on lap 6, taking it away from Gary Hensel Jr. Running the high side in turns one and two, Holmes made a couple of runs and was able to pull alongside Drown, but never could edge past for the lead as Drown had an answer for each one of Holmes’ attempts. Hensel Jr. finished up third while Dustin Daugherty and Tyler Nicely filled out the top five. Hensel Jr. and Holmes won the heat races. With his 4th place finish, Daugherty wins the Aamco Transmission Super Stock “Summer Series” followed by Brandon Craver and Gary Hensel Jr.
The first ten laps of the Modified feature went nice and smooth with Scott Peltz leading the way for the first four laps before Nathan Loney took over. Zanesville’s Jesse Wisecarver overtook Loney down the back stretch on the next lap to lead lap 11 and then a caution would slow the action. On the restart, drivers were guilty of guilty of getting on the gas to soon and the field had to try it again. As they came out of turn four this time, a lot of contact was made that sent Loney into a retaining tire as third place Kyle Brown and John Disbennentt were involved also, ending all three of their nights. As the race went back to green, Wisecaver and his Denny’s, Slagle Auto Electric and SDP #101 would drive away from the field to collect his first win at leave Brad Goff and Kyle Moore to duel for second with Goff winning the battle. Peltz would hang on for fourth with Bob Moskey scoring a fifth place finish. Wisecarver and Loney were the best in the heat races.
Jordan James took the lead of the WQKT 104.5 Mini Stock main from the pole and was quickly challenged by Brad Hensel for the lead on lap two. They went side by side, lap after lap and always less than a car length apart all the way to the finish as they changed the lead several time although James was credited with the lead the first 10 times they crossed the finish line as Dale Beckett was right behind them in third. Hensel, of Smithville, inched ahead as the white flag waved and then won by less than a car length over James to put the D J Directional Services, JoyRide Transport and NewFast Racing #28 into victory lane for the second night in a row. Following James and Beckett across the finish line were Wes Staley and Gary Hensel Jr. Best in the heats were Stephen Crowe, Kevin Markey, James and Hensel while Kenny Long and Dustin Bedlion topped the last chance races. With his feature win, Brad Hensel won the Mini Stock “Summer Series” over James and Bedlion.
The next event for ‘Orrville’s Historic Oval’ will be the Awards Banquet on November 17th at the Pines Golf Course. Go to the website at for more information.

Saturday, September 22, 2018
Heat 1 Jordan Ryan, Wayne McPeek, Jamie Myers, Josh Davis, Henry Malcuit, Dave Dickson, Dylan Kingan, R J Jacobs dns
Heat 2 Jake Hesson, Danny Mumaw, Nick Patterson, Jason Dolick, Keith Baxter, Troy Kingan, Noah Dunlap, Andy Fike
Heat 3 Andrew Palker, Trey Jacobs, Tracy Hines, Brinton Marvel, Steve Butler, Lance Webb, Brandon Fredericks, Neven Root dns
Feature Andrew Palker, Danny Mumaw, Jordan Ryan, Jamie Myers, Trey Jacobs, Josh Davis, Brinton Marvel, Wayne McPeek, Jason Dolick, Nick Patterson, Keith Baxter, Henry Malcuit, Troy Kingan, Lance Webb, Steve Butler, Dave Dickson, Noah Dunlap, Andy Fike, Tracy Hines, Dylan Kingan, Brandon Fredericks, Jake Hesson, R J Jacobs dns, Neven Root dns

Heat 1 Corey Conley, Brad Malcuit, Ben Mott, John Lee, Dave Hornikel, Michael Davis, Jerry Aber, Blaine Aber, Austin Goon, Bob Fry
Heat 2 Ryan Markham, Doug Drown, Charlie Duncan, Thomas Baker, Mitch Caskey, Darrick Hubbard Sr., Darrick Hubbard Jr., Ashlee Todd, T J Enos, Rocky Owens dns
Feature Doug Drown, Ryan Markham, Corey Conley, Charlie Duncan, Mitch Caskey, Brad Malcuit, John Lee, Michael Davis, Ben Mott, Blaine Aber, Jerry Aber, Bob Fry, Austin Goon, Darrick Hubbard Jr., T J Enos, Darrick Hubbard Sr., Ashlee Todd, Thomas Baker, Dave Hornikel, Rocky Owens dns

Heat 1 Gary Hensel Jr., Doug Drown, Tyler Nicely, Dustin Daugherty, Brandon Craver, Paul McVicker, Gary McGregor, Nick Humphrey, Ken Catlette, Paul Kern, Luke Sprouse
Heat 2 Paul Holmes, T A Perrine, Trae Schonauer, Chris Albright, James Stanley, Don Rutt, Duke Davidson, Don Lehman, Zach Myers, Seth Dickerson, Jordan James dns
Feature Doug Drown, Paul Holmes, Gary Hensel Jr., Dustin Daugherty, Tyler Nicely, Trae Schonauer, Chris Albright, Brandon Craver, Paul McVicker, Don Rutt, T A Perrine, Paul Kern, Don Lehman, Duke Davidson, James Stanley, Gary McGregor, Zach Myers, Ken Catlette, Nick Humphrey, Seth Dickerson, Luke Sprouse, Jordan James dns

Heat 1 Jesse Wisecarver, Kyle Moore, Scott Peltz, Tom Ungurean, Larry Kugel, Robert Page, Mark Enos, Richard Grogg, Will Webster
Heat 2 Nathan Loney, Brad Goff, Kyle Brown, Bob Moskey, Larry Jarrett, Caplinger, Robbie Ledger, John Disbennett, #1*
Feature Jesse Wisecarver, Brad Goff, Kyle Moore, Scott Peltz, Bob Moskey, Larry Jarrett, Tom Ungurean, Robbie Ledger, #1*, Richard Grogg, Caplinger, Robert Page, Will Webster, Mark Enos, Larry Kugel, Nathan Loney, Kyle Brown, John Disbennett

Heat 1 Stephen Crowe, Brent Boreman, Johnny Bruce Sr., Cory Mills, Jessica James, Gary Perry, Ken Steele, Darrel Taylor, David Coffin, Blain Markey
Heat 2 Kevin Markey, Gary Hensel Jr., Bri Hensel, Eugene Arkenburgh, Johnny Bruce Jr., Kenny Long, Clayton Evans, Wyatt Zimmerman, Bob Cates
Heat 3 Jordan James, Dale Beckett, Andrew Vilt, Cliff Staley, Brock Denman, Jimmy Burns, Matt Short, Ray Butler, James Rowe
Heat 4 Brad Hensel, Wes Staley, Wayne Newbury, Michael Rose, Dustin Bedlion, Dakota Wells, Colin Slykhuis, Jolene Voshel, J R Graser
L.C. #1 Kenny Long, Blain Markey, Gary Perry, Bob Cates, Wyatt Zimmerman, Darrel Taylor, Clayton Evans, Jessica James, Ken Steele dns, David Coffin dns
L.C. #2 Dustin Bedlion, Jimmy Burns, Colin Slykhuis, Jolene Voshel, J R Graser, Matt Short, Ray Butler, Johnny Bruce Jr., Brock Denham, James Rowe
Feature Brad Hensel, Jordan James, Dale Beckett, Wes Staley, Gary Hensel Jr., Stephen Crowe, Cliff Staley, Kevin Markey, Wayne Newbury, Brent Boreman, Eugene Arkenburgh, Johnny Bruce Sr., Kenny Long, Cory Mills, Andrew Vilt, Blain Markey, Jimmy Burns, Bri Hensel, Dustin Bedlion, Michael Rose

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