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​Orrville, Ohio

Friday, September 21, 2018

By Mike Swanger

​   Mother Nature used a super soaker of a brief storm right at 5 pm and it would delay the opening night of NAPA Jani Auto Parts Wayne County Speedway for a little over an hour start time for the 6th annual Ohio Dirt Blowout presented by the Kar Connection. With the delay to just past 8 pm, all the races would drop in the number of laps raced and that would intensify the action on the track. Ben Mott would grab the early lead of the Kar Connection Super Late Model feature from the pole with Brad Malcuit taking second from his 4th starting spot with Wooster’s Doug Drown moving into third on the second lap from his 7th starting grid position. As Mott and Malcuit battled for the lead, Drown reeled them in and overtook Malcuit for second on lap 6 and then powered past Mott two circuits later to take the point. Two cautions the next two laps would keep the field bunched together and then Ryan Markham would slip past Malcuit for third on the lap nine restart. Those two would flip flop the third spot for a couple of laps and then Markham would blow by Malcuit and Mott for second on lap 12. Drown and his Ely Road Motors, Wooster Glass and Hall’s Auto Sales #12 had built up a big lead, but a caution on lap 16 would once again group the field together for the final two laps. Drown would edge away from Markham the last two rounds to post the win with Mott holding off Malcuit for third with Mitch Caskey filling out the top five. Rocky Owens posted the last chance win as heat wins went to Craig Hartong, Drown, Malcuit and Caskey. Nate Potts collected the Accu Force Hard Charger award as he started 20th and improved 9 places, up to the 11th finishing position.

  The Never Ever Won (NEW) starting line up would be determined by how the drivers finished in the regular feature so that would put Ben Mott on the pole with Mitch Caskey along side as 18 drivers took the green flag looking for their first feature win. Mott would set the pace for the opening 6 circuits with Caskey in pursuit as Ken Hahn and T J Watson dueled for third. Using the high groove, Caskey shot by Mott on lap 7 and began to distance himself from the field aboard the Orrville based, Dan Weaver Trucking and Coblentz Trucking #43. A caution with two to go would not stop Caskey’s run to his first checker flag but allowed Watson to motor past Mott for second. Jeremy Blake’s machine found traction the last half of the race as he was 7th with seven to go and took fourth at the finish. Hahn would settle for fifth.

   For the second time this season, Doug Drown would set in the driver’s seat of the Bob Daugherty owned, Char’s Cars, McKenzie Concrete and Gionino’s Pizza #21d and take it to the Summit Racing victory lane. Gary Hensel Jr. would lead the way from the pole for the opening 4 laps with Drown and T A Perrine in hot pursuit. Drown used the low groove as Hensel Jr. used the high side of the 3/8 mile oval with Drown taking over for good on lap 5. On the next lap, Perrine would try to take second from Hensel Jr. but would do a 360 spin in turn four and get charged for the caution and go to the tail. As the final laps clicked off, Drown would claim his second win of the night and his second CorBon Super Stock win of the year. Hensel Jr. held on to second as Perrine came roaring back to grab third as Trae Schonauer scored a season best fourth and Chris Albright recorded another fifth. Drown and Perrine notched the heat wins.

  A pair of #41’s would lead all of the laps in the Modified main event as Kyle Brown and Brad Goff of Zanesville would be the front runners with Kyle Moore in the early laps of the race in the mix. Those three were tightly bound together until lap eight when Moore got into the back of Goff’s car, wrinkling the right rear fender, but doing heavy front end damage to Moore’s machine, causing him to spin on the next lap. Brown would be out front for one more lap after the restart as Goff would power past Brown and take the win. During the last two laps, Brown would fade as Larry Kugel and Bob Page would power past and take second and third as Moore battled back for fourth with Brown hanging on to fifth. Goff and Moore scored the heat wins.

  It seemed like all season long it was a Staley or a Hensel in victory lane for the WQKT 104.5 Mini Stocks and Friday night was no different with Wes Staley getting the lead from the pole position with Smithville’s Brad Hensel in his tire tracks. Gary Hensel Jr and Mike Rose were not far behind until Rose’s left front tire decided to unconnect from the car, ending his night on lap 6. On the double file restart, Staley and Hensel would exchange some paint a couple of times with Hensel edging into the lead as Bri Hensel, who started 17th after winning the first last chance race climbed into fourth.  With the checkered flag up in the air, Brad Hensel crossed the finish line by a 1/4 of a car length over Staley. Hensel Jr. was third with Bri Hensel taking fourth and Eugene Arkenburgh rounding out the top five. This would be Brad Hensel’s fifth win of the season in the JoyRide Transport, D J Directional Services and NewFast Racing #28. Heat winners were Rose, Wes Staley, Brad Hensel and Jordan James as Clayton Evans won the second last chance race.



​Friday, September 21, 2018


Heat   1   Craig Hartong, T J Watson, Jimmy Morey, Troy Hahn, Ashlee Todd, Jason Skelly, Dustin Keegan, Jim Nicely dns

Heat   2   Doug Drown, Rick Armstrong, Ken Hahn, Jeff Warnick, Rocky Owens, Nate Potts, Darrick Hubbard Jr.

Heat   3   Brad Malcuit, Ben Mott, Ryan Markham, Justin Chance, Jeremy Blake, Darrick Hubbard Sr., Austin Goon

Heat   4   Mitch Caskey, Larry Bellman, Charlie Duncan, Shawn Donahue, Dana Fry, T J Enos, Jerry Aber

‘B’Main   Rocky Owens, Jeremy Blake, Darrick Hubbard Sr., Nate Potts, Darrick Hubbard Jr., Dustin Keegan, Jason Skelly, T J Enos, Ashlee Todd, Dana Frey, Austin Goon dns, Jim Nicely dns, Jerry Aber dns

Feature   Doug Drown, Ryan Markham, Ben Mott, Brad Malcuit, Mitch Caskey, Charlie Duncan, Rick Armstrong, Ken Hahn, Darrick Hubbard Sr., Craig Hartong, Nate Potts, T J Watson, Jimmy Morey, Shawn Donahue, Rocky Owens, Jeremy Blake, Jeff Warnick, Troy Hahn, Justin Chance, Larry Bellman

‘NEW’ Feature   Mitch Caskey, T J Watson, Ben Mott, Jeremy Blake, Ken Hahn, Nate Potts, Jason Skelly, Ashlee Todd, Jerry Aber, Jimmy Morey, Rick Armstrong, T J Enos, Darrick Hubbard Jr., Troy Hahn, Dana Frey, Craig Hartong, Shawn Donahue, Dustin Keegan dns, Jeff Warnick dns, Austin Goon dns



Heat   1   Doug Drown, Gary Hensel Jr., Seth Dickerson, Dan Radtka, Don Rutt, Zach Myers, Paul Kern, James Stanley, Paul Holmes dns

Heat   2   T A Perrine, Dustin Daugherty, Jordan James, Trae Schonauer, Chris Albright, Nick Humphrey, Tyler Nicely, Brandon Craver dns, Paul McVicker dns

Feature   Doug Drown, Gary Hensel Jr., T A Perrine, Trae Schonauer, Chris Albright, Tyler Nicely, James Stanley, Paul Kern, Nick Humphrey, Dan Radtka, Seth Dickerson, Dustin Daugherty, Jordan James, Zach Myers, Don Rutt, Paul McVicker,  Brandon Craver dns, Paul Holmes dns



Heat   1   Brad Goff, Larry Kugel, Bob Page, Dusty Boley, Donald Writesel, Cody Basinger

Heat   2   Kyle Moore, Kyle Brown, John Disbennet, Richard Grogg, Pauly Hess dns

Feature   Brad Goff, Larry Kugel, Bob Page, Kyle Moore, Kyle Brown, Donald Writesel, Dusty Boley, John Disbennet, Richard Grogg, Cody Basinger, Pauly Hess dns



Heat   1   Michael Rose, Jason Henderson, Johnny Bruce Jr., Michael Stewart, Cory Staley, Wyatt Zimmerman, Jolene Voshel, Lewis Walters, Blaine Markey dns

Heat   2   Wes Staley, Kevin Markey, Eugene Arkenburgh, Robert Jette, Bri Hensel, Dustin Bedlion, Jimmy Burns, Dylan Tanner, Corey Cecil

Heat   3   Brad Hensel, Gary Hensel Jr., Dakota Wells, Wayne Newbury, Darrell Taylor, Matt Short, J R Graser, Ken Steele dns

Heat   4   Jordan James, Cliff Staley, Johnny Bruce Sr., Alex Bannon, Clayton Evans, Cory Mills, James Rowe, Gary Perry

‘B’ #1       Bri Hensel, Dustin Bedlion, Jimmy Burns, Jolene Voshel, Cory Staley, Wyatt Zimmerman, Dylan Tanner, Lewis Walters dns, James Rowe dns

‘B’ #2       Clayton Evans, Cory Mills, Darrell Taylor, Matt Short, J R Graser, Gary Perry, Cory Cecil dns, Ken Steele dns, Blaine Markey dns            

Feature   Brad Hensel, Wes Staley, Gary Hensel Jr., Bri Hensel, Eugene Arkenburgh, Kevin Markey, Dakota Wells, Robert Jette, Dustin Bedlion, Johnny Bruce Sr., Wayne Newbury, Johnny Bruce Jr., Jason Henderson, Clayton Evans, Michael Rose, Cory Mills, Jordan James, Cliff Staley, Michael Stewart, Alex Bannon

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