Another double header week-end in the books for the historic Mottville Speedway

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Another double header week-end in the books for the historic Mottville Speedway and it was a good one with very exciting racing!

Sure was nice to return to SATURDAY  racing once again!!!

JR LONG returned Monday after a long absence and went right to work helping Jeff flag!

Derk Sargent returned to Mottville to race for the first time since 2004 and ran both nights!

Doug Gallandt returned after a long absence and led only less than ¼ of a lap but it was all he needed for the win!

Great job by Bobby Laughter taking the 12 car to 2nd and  leading most of the race!

Denis Yoder padded his points lead by winning Saturday and was part of a 4 car battle Sunday for the win before spinning just before the finish line!

Rick Gale back and won the heat Monday and was 3rd in the feature!

Tracy Thompson was back with us Monday!

Predictions of thundershowers, hail and high winds kept  the car count and crowd down and while their was a stiff breeze and some very light sprinkles there was no hail!

The sprinkles were just enough to throw the caution during the MS heat but soon the drivers gave a thumbs up and we resumed racing after maybe 4 caution laps!

And that was it for the rain!

It was so light during the heat that no fan took shelter!

I knew we were on the very edge of any rain and I figured starting 90 minutes early we cold easily take a rain delay!

Just to be safe we ran a fast paced program and were done by 6:45!!!

Tobiace Wheeler added two more feature wins and padded his MTC points lead and Eric Root returned after a long absence and took over 2nd in the MTC points!

Ed Martz picked up two Hornet feature wins and moved to within 3 points of 2nd in the standings!

Fast improving Emily Root won the pursuit Monday and was 3rd in the feature while Adam Bradford took home a 2nd in the feature!

James Harman scored a dash and heat win Monday .

His car was damaged when he got into Emily Root coming out of turn 4 and Root just missed hitting Adam Bradford!

Some very exciting racing for sure!

I got asked a question concerning the 32nd Annual IMC Oct 14 and 15.

The question was “could the same car have one driver on Saturday and a different one on Sunday?” and the answer is yes that would be allowed.

We are now so close to starting a BOMBER class you can almost feel it!

Martz Racing has a Bomber in the pits ready to go!

Root Racing has a Bomber in the pits that needs a fuel pump and they should have one for Saturday!

Martz Racing and Scott Binkley are looking hard for another Bomber and think they will have one this week!

Meanwhile some others have sent me messages they are looking!

We still have 9 or 10 nights of racing left in 2017 so if you build a Bomber you will still plenty of racing in plus we plan to run them all 34 nights in 2018!

I had a very interesting conversation with some drivers before the races Monday!

Two other area tracks had cars destroyed by fire and not a word from the haters!

Not one word!

A driver was air lifted to the hospital from a track this week-end and when happens at Mottville the owner is blamed at once by the haters!

Actually it has only happened once in 27 years and in 27 years we have only lost one car due to fire!

So anyone can see there is no reason for blame us for things that happen everywhere!

Unfortunately it is a part of racing and happens!

With other tracks now starting to warp up their seasons we remind one and all that he historic Mottville Speedway is open through the end of October!

In fact if the weather is decent we may well run the first Saturday of November!


Racing  at the historic Mottville Speedway resumes SATURDAY , September 9  !!Gates open at 5:30 PM with racing at 6:30  PM!

MS, MTC  and Hornets!


Saturday, October 7 is the 3rd Annual Victor Krontz Memorial  sponsored by Bullet Race Cars!


SUN  OCT 15-32ND ANNUAL IMCC  PART II! LOGAN LANDSCAPING PAYING MS $1000-800-600-400-200-100-70-60-50! SC ROOFING PAYING MTC $500-400-300-200-100-50-40-35! INSTANT CASH HORNETS $200-150-100-75-50-35.You must run Saturday for regular pay-off to run Sunday!!!

I am super excited!

What about you?




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