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I get asked about JR Long and here is the latest.

JR sees a specialist at the University of Michigan on September 5.

But he hopes to attend the historic Mottville Speedway on Monday, September 4 for out trophy night sponsored by Squadron 189, Sons of the American Legion, in Walkerton!

I hope he can be at the track because we miss him and he has really worked hard for the historic Mottville Speedway!

In addition Jack Hurford was very sick last Sunday and had near pneumonia which is nothing to mess around with!

Hopefully Jack is back with us Sunday!

Plus Al Maurer, of Goshen Collision Center fame and former driver had two stents put in Tuesday afternoon!

Our prayers for a speedy recovery are with Al as well as Jack and JR!

We have been trying for some time now to find someone with a bucket truck to change some blown out bulbs on the track lights.

Thursday I left messages with two firms and no call back but Saturday one firm called and said they could do it Saturday afternoon or after that it might be several weeks!

So Saturday afternoon Judith and I went to the track and we replaced 8 bulbs in the track lights!

Well, as it turned out we did not need to turn the lights on Sunday!

Just before race time we had a report of rain in Chicago and heading our way so we ran a speeded up program!

Turns out the rain stalled around Gary and we had about 15 minutes to spare before we would needed to turn on the lights!

However, that might be the last time this season we do not have to turn on the lights!

Nice first time feature winners in Terry Kline in the Mottville Stocks and Adam Bradford in the Hornets!

Dennis Yoder is our new Mottille Stock points leader!!!

The MWMC 50 lap feature went very well!

Only 4 cautions and 3 of those for the same car so that car was sent to the pits on the 3rd single car spin-out.

I think Stephanie and Bob Hile and Darren Bohne has raced a lot of laps over the years at the historic Mottville Speedway!

We have run the MC at Mottville for many years now and,  of course, some of them come great distances to race.

But both events this year they have stayed around in the pits talking while everyone else had left!

Except this time we locked the gate (thinking all had left) and lo and behold I get to the intersection of M40 and US 12 and get a call that they are locked in the pits!

Not happy at all about it but turned around, unlocked the gate and no less than 5 vehicles pulling trailers came out!

JR Long and I are working on plans for 2018!

We will be doing the usual pattern of starting the season on Saturdays and ending it on Saturday but running Sundays in-between.

We are giving most serious consideration to combing the present MTC and Mottville Stock classes into one combined Compact class!

That way with the addition of Bombers we can stay at 3 classes


Racing  at the historic Mottville Speedway resumes SUNDAY , August 27 !!Gates open at 5:30 PM with racing at 6:30  PM!

MS, MTC  and Hornets!

August 27 is our final regularly scheduled Sunday race until the IMC in October!

Final Sunday because starting September 2 we switch to SATURDAYS with Sunday as the rai date!


Trophies to all dash and heat winners and he top 4 in each feature!

Saturday, October 7 is the 3rd Annual Victor Krontz Memorial  sponsored by Bullet Race Cars!

Hopefully JR LONG will be track side before long!

We sure do miss him!

I am super excited!

What about you?




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