Portsmouth Raceway Park fans were witness to a lot of side-by-side, three-wide racing Saturday night

PRP Press Release

   Portsmouth Raceway Park fans were witness to a lot of side-by-side, three-wide racing Saturday night, as PRP hosted The Eighth Annual Mod Squad Spectacular presented by Lemley Motorsports.

   North Carolina’s Taylor Cook claimed the big Modified paycheck.  R.J. Conley returned to winner’s circle in the Late Models, and Sport Mod competitor Derek Richmond grabbed his third victory of the season.

   In total, 102 race teams were in attendance Saturday representing three divisions with drivers ready to race.  Forty R.W. Rental and Supply Modified racers from Ohio, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Tennessee were on hand for PRP’s annual Modified showcase.

   The four Modified heats were stupendous with drivers jockeying back and forth for position.  Shon Flanary, Taylor Cook, Ben Adkins, and Ervin Vance would claim heat-race wins, and all would go on to put forth solid efforts in the 30-lap Mod Squad Spectacular, which paid $3,000 to win.

   Cook would start on the outside pole and would get the jump on polesitter Shon Flanary at the onset.  Cook would go on to lead every lap, but the win didn’t come all that easy. 

   The race had very few cautions and ended with a long stretch of green flag racing.  Cook built a substantial lead, but Vance would eventually run him down and get within striking distance before breaking with eight laps to go. 

   While West Portsmouth’s Ben Adkins would gain ground on Cook as the laps wound down, the night would belong to Cook, a 23-year-old from Stanley, NC.

   Adkins would place second with Adam Jordan, Shon Flanary, and James Grigsby rounding out the top five.  Tony DeHart, Jeremy Rayburn, Shawn Holliday, Jesse Wisecarver, and Jimmy Lennex made up the rest of the top 10.

   Lennex was named The Markwest Ranger Pipeline Hard Charger for advancing eight postions.  Flanary set quict time in The Dynamic Shock Services Modified Time Trials.

   R.J. Conley owned the night in The Giovanni’s Pizza Late Model Division.  The Wheelersburg native won both the dash and the A-Main and was never seriously challenged in either.  His father Delmas Conley placed second.  Eddie Carrier, Jr. took third.  Josh Bocook placed fourth, and current points leader Kenny Christy had another solid night finishing fifth.  The next five were Jeff Arnold, Ben Adkins, Shannon Thornsberry, Derek Fisher, and Lee Logan.

   Thornsberry set quick time in the Impact Race Gear Time Trials.  In total, there were 27 Late Model competitors on hand.

   Stout’s Derek Richmond fended off a competitive field of Sports Mods. There were 35 Sport Mod drivers in attendance.  Mitchel Fields, Luke Jordan, Brian Sammons, B.J. Branham, Brianna Robinson, Brayden Berry, Billy Baldridge, Brian Sammons, Jr., and Alan Gulley made up the rest of the top 10.

   The Sport Mod Division witnessed an horrific crash during its B-Main in which seven cars knocked out of the race.  Thankfully, all drivers involved were alright.

   PRP will be off this coming week and will return to action on Saturday, August 19th for the 23rd Annual running of The Fred Dillow Memorial.  Late Models, Modifieds, Limited Lates, and Sport Mods will be on the card.

   For more details, visit www.portraceway.com.


Late Model A-Main

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1. 71C-RJ Conley [1]; 2. 71-Delmas Conley [3]; 3. 10C-Eddie Carrier Jr, [2]; 4. B1-Josh Bocook [6]; 5. C7-Kenny Christy [9]; 6. 77A-Jeff Arnold [13]; 7. B7-Ben Adkins [7]; 8. 17-Shannon Thornsberry [4]; 9. 38S-Derek Fisher [12]; 10. 11-Lee Logan [8]; 11. 10-Audie Swartz [11]; 12. 57-Ron Hinds II [17]; 13. 99-Scott LeMaster [16]; 14. 88-Paul Davis [20]; 15. 66R-Roger Ruark [14]; 16. 48L-Robbie Lewis [10]; 17. CJ1-Charlie Jude [15]; 18. 159-Avery Taylor [19]; 19. 36-Kenneth Howell [5]; 20. 12LM-Larry Martin Jr [18]


Modified A-Main

1. 21-Taylor Cook [2]; 2. 53-Ben Adkins [3]; 3. 13-Adam Jordan [7]; 4. 98-Shon Flanary [1]; 5. 42-James Grigsby [5]; 6. 35-Tony DeHart [6]; 7. 12R-Jeremy Rayburn [8]; 8. 1PJ-Shawn Holliday [12]; 9. 101-Jesse Wisecarver [11]; 10. 8-Jimmy Lennex [18]; 11. 87-Eddie Harmon [10]; 12. 4D-John Burdette [9]; 13. B32-Brandon Russell [13]; 14. 11-Austin Francis [16]; 15. 38-Aaron Branham [14]; 16. 1B-Jimmy Adams [17]; 17. P20-Ervin Vance [4]; 18. 35C-Craig Christian [20]; 19. 24H-Michael Howard [15]; 20. 1Y-Aaron Pendleton [19]


Sport Mod A-Main

1. 34-Derek Richmond [1]; 2. 01JR-Mitchel Fields [3]; 3. 13J-Luke Jordan [6]; 4. B5-Brian Sammons [4]; 5. 77T-BJ Branham [8]; 6. 83-Brianna Robinson [5]; 7. 75B-Brayden Berry [14]; 8. 7WB-Billy Baldridge [2]; 9. B5JR-Brian Sammons Jr [9]; 10. 51G-Alan Gulley [7]; 11. 25S-Derek Spencer [16]; 12. 11C-Adam Colley [15]; 13. 8A-Daniel Webb [19]; 14. 24B-Brennan Bobst [12]; 15. 88-Nick Phillips [20]; 16. 13E-Emily Jordan [13]; 17. 07-Eric Wade [10]; 18. 12N-Rick Neace [18]; 19. 88G-Cody Gifford [11]; 20. 11-Dallas Pickelheimer, [17]

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