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Orrville, Ohio

Saturday, July 29, 2017

By Mike Swanger

For the second time this season, the Ohio Sprint Car Series (OSCS) stopped in at NAPA Wayne County Speedway and Chillicothe’s Danny Smith would take the win and add on to his 300+ career win on Santmyer Oil night. Driving the Kiger Signs, Smalley Excavating and Dean Knittel & Sons Auto Repair #4, would start on the pole but the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame driver would get shuffled back to third on the opening lap as Bryan Nuckles and Nick Patterson would motor into the top two spots. Before lap 2 was complete, a three car entanglement occurred in turn two as the red flag would appear as Troy Kingan would roll over. As the race went back to green, Nuckles would set the pace with Patterson right behind and going into turn three, Patterson would power past Nuckles using the low groove and came out of turn four with the lead as lap 8 was recorded. Patterson started to open up a sizable lead as Smith slipped past Nuckles on lap 11 for second with a three car battle between Brad Haudenschild, Andrew Palker and Tracy Hines taking place for 4th. Those three drivers would get past a fading Nuckles on lap 14 with Palker grabbing third followed by Haudenschild and Hines. Patterson had built up a half straightaway lead at one time as Smith ran second. As the two lap signal was given, Patterson encountered a couple of lapped cars in turn one as he made contact and spun, ending his night on the hook and giving Smith the lead back. On the restart, Smith held off Palker’s charge the last two laps for the win as Haudenschild finished up third while 13th starting Danny Mumaw, who changed a tire on the lap 2 red flag and went back to 16th, worked his way up to 7th when the caution flew for Patterson, blasted past Hines and Jordan Ryan the last two circuits to claim fourth. Hines and Ryan finished up fifth and sixth. Patterson, Smith and Haudenschild won the heats for the 23 car field of Sprints. The OSCS will return to ‘Orrville’s Historic Oval’ on Saturday, August 19th.

Wooster’s Doug Drown powered into the lead from the outside front row and would lead all 25 laps of the caution filled Kar Connection Super Late Model feature and pull into the Summit Racing victory lane for the third time this season and take the points lead. During the racing action, Drown and his Hall’s Auto Sales, Kar Connection and Wooster Glass #240 would maintain a comfortable lead while teammate Charlie Duncan and Cody Scott hotly contested second place with Ryan Markham, Matt Irey and JR Gentry dueling for third. Gentry’s run was short lived as he came to a stop on lap five in turn four after jumping the cushion and losing his brakes. With Drown stretching his lead, Duncan, who was in a hot lap wreck, secured second place on lap 14 with Scott entrenched in third from that point on. Markham and Irey kept their battle alive with Irey, who started 9th, gaining control of fourth on lap 18 and holding off Markham the rest of the way. With Drown and Duncan finishing 1 and 2, it was an emotional finish as their car owner, Leroy Hall has been in the hospital with pneumonia. Gentry and Duncan posted the heat wins.

Jordan James came up big Saturday night as he would record two feature wins in two divisions as track historians are believing that is a first at NAPA WCS. In the Lowes Super Stock feature, Bob Daugherty would grab the lead with Tyler Thompson, Eric Eicholtz, and Dustin Daugherty racing for the lead while Gary Hensel Jr., Paul Holmes and James battled for fifth. Tight racing and contact between the leaders would send Eicholtz to the pits with a flat tire. Jordan went to the high side of the track on the restart and jumped into third  and as Daugherty and Thompson were squeezing each other in the low groove, James, who started 7th, and his new Ugly Duck, Lorentz Lawn Care and Lochevale Farms #83 would take the high side in turn two and take the lead on lap 10. Dustin Daugherty came to a stop as he was running 4th with five laps to go ending his night. Gary Hensel Jr. made a big move on the return of the green flag, moving from fifth to third as he powered past Holmes and Thompson for third and then with three laps to go, overtook Bob Daugherty and finish second behind James. Daugherty, Holmes and Thompson would fill out the top five. Heat winners were Thompson, Mike Rose and Bob Daugherty. For James, it was his first Super Stock win

In the WQKT 104.5 Mini Stock feature, James, who won back on July 15th with a brand new car, went back to his old #83 and started ninth, slowly worked his way through the field as Michael Stewart would set the early pace with points leader Cory Staley riding his rear bumper. Staley would duck underneath Stewart for the lead at the crossed flags mark as James was fifth behind Roger Olar and Wes Staley. The races only caution flag waved with four laps to go and when the race went back to green, James passed Stewart for third and closed in on Cory Staley and Olar. With the checkered flag raised, those three were three wide coming out of turn four, James and his Brad’s Auto Body, Ugly Duck and Lochevale Farms was inches ahead of Olar who was inches in front of Staley as they crossed the finish line. Doug Hensel would swipe fourth away from Stewart in the last four circuits. Claiming the heat wins were Stewart, James and Doug Hensel.      

All the racer’s were competing for the ‘Racer Rewards’ program thanks to the Contingency Connection.

Saturday, August 5th will be Kid’s Night with many activities and prizes for the kids as the Fisher Performance Sprints and the Kar Connection Super Late Models will be in action while the Lowes Super Stocks and the WQKT 104.5 Mini Stocks will run the third race of the ‘Summer Series’ along with regular points.

For more information about the track, go to www.waynecountyspeedway.com or on facebook/waynecountyspeedway


Saturday, July 29, 2017


Heat   1   Nick Patterson, Tracy Hines, Jordan Ryan, Cale Conley, Danny Mumaw, Shawn Hubler, Kris Davis, Mark Imler

Heat   2   Danny Smith, Andrew Palker, Tyler Dunn, Ryan Myers, Steve Butler, Bill Ault, Dylan Kingan, Jarrett Gerber

Heat   3   Brad Haudenschild, Bryan Nuckles, Sean Zemunik, Troy Kingan, Josh Davis, Nate Reeser, Andy Fike

Feature   Danny Smith, Andrew Palker, Brad Haudenschild, Danny Mumaw, Tracy Hines, Jordan Ryan, Cale Conley, Tyler Dunn, Bryan Nuckles, Shawn Hubler, Josh Davis, Kris Davis, Bill Ault, Mark Imler, Andy Fike, Nick Patterson, Nate Reeser, Steve Butler, Ryan Myers, Sean Zemunik, Dylan Kingan, Jarrett Gerber, Troy Kingan


Heat   1   JR Gentry, Ryan Markham, Doug Drown, Brian Baumberger, Matt Irey, Jim Nicely, Lauren Longbrake, Blaine Aber, Bob Fry

Heat   2   Charlie Duncan, Tommy Schirnhofer, Cody Scott, Larry Bellman, Brett Bee, Doug Dodd, Scott Smith, Austin Goon

Feature   Doug Drown, Charlie Duncan, Cody Scott, Matt Irey, Ryan Markham, Tommy Schirnhofer, Lauren Longbrake, Jerry Aber, Bob Fry, Jim Nicely, Austin Goon, Brett Bee, Larry Bellman, Scott Smith, JR Gentry, Brian Baumberger, Doug Dodd, Blaine Aber


Heat   1   Tyler Thompson, Jordan James, Gary Hensel Jr., Paul Holmes, Brandon Craver, Paul McVicker, Ryan Tope, Mickey Thorpe

Heat   2   Mike Rose, Dustin Daugherty, Tyler Nicely, Tod Bevilacqua, Ryan Ambrose, Jamie Gibbs, Gary McGregor, Trae Schonauer

Heat   3   Bob Daugherty, Eric Eicholtz, Jon Preston, Chris Albright, Tim Cowen, Bob Fry Jr., T A Perrine

Feature   Jordan James, Gary Hensel Jr., Bob Daugherty, Paul Holmes, Tyler Thompson, Paul McVicker, Tyler Nicely, Chris Albright, Jon Preston, Jamie Gibbs, T A Perrine, Ryan Ambrose, Tod Bevilacqua, Dustin Daugherty, Brandon Craver, Bob Fry Jr., Trae Schonauer, Gary McGregor, Ryan Tope, Mickey Thorpe, Eric Eicholtz, Mike Rose, Tim Cowen dns


Heat   1   Michael Stewart, Wes Staley, Stephen Crowe, Taylor Mazzoleni, Chip Patterson, Wayne Newberry, Jimmy Burns, Andy Vilt, Ken Steele dns

Heat   2   Jordan James, Cory Staley, Roger Olar, Cory Mills, Dustin Bedlion, Lance Smith, Ryan Carter, Clayton Evans, Bud Cales

Heat   3   Doug Hensel, Jeff Slykhuis, Dale Beckett, Brianna Hensel, Colin Slykhuis, Jessica Hensel, Randy Gibson, Brad Hensel dns

Feature   Jordan James, Roger Olar, Cory Staley, Doug Hensel, Michael Stewart, Brad Hensel, Wes Staley, Stephen Crowe, Dustin Bedlion, Jeff Slykhuis, Colin Slykhuis, Chip Patterson, Taylor Mazzoleni, Ryan Carter, Cory Mills, Lance Smith, Jessica Hensel, Jimmy Burns, Andy Vilt, Randy Gibson, Clayton Evans, Bud Cales, Brianna Hensel, Dale Beckett, Wayne Newberry dns, Ken Steele dns





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