Tom Botos, Midwest Racing Roundup!

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Hello racing world it truly is great to be back writing this column again after losing interest when our printed racing publications ceased due to technology and the instant internet access.


Like I have stated before interviewing drivers and helping to promote all aspects of short track racing is my life long dream. I miss the old days waiting,anticipating reading Marc Time’s, Mid American Auto Racing News,Kentucky Racing News. I would be sitting at school hoping that I would see racing papers sticking out of my mailbox when I get home. I actually used to call mom and dad asking “Are my racing papers there yet?” Bear in mind this was before we had the internet. Although I like instant racing results I feel we miss out on some racing coverage because nothing is written down anymore ,and seeing track advertising every week in one place to remind us of what’s going on in the racing world.


If anyone would like to chat about racing or if any driver’s would  like that stud a free racing interview please email me at or send me a message on Facebook messenger with your contact information. I would like to know how many people actually seek out tracks they have  never been to just  to say that they have been there?


I do enjoy racing history immensely and I feel that the great drivers and forgotten racing legends of  yesteryear should still be acknowledged and appreciated for there contributions and for all the great memories they have created for us devoted racing fan’s. How much time and money have you all spent trackchasing? I appreciate any emails about racing sent to my mailbox.


If I was rich and money was no object I would buy Winchester,Indiana Speedway in a heartbeat. I would love to interview legendary Frank Funk’s family and be able to thank him for building such an awesome race track known as Winchester Speedway. just imagine if Dayton Ohio Speedway was still open as well as the old half mile Fort Wayne Speedway that Frank Funk promoted at one time.


What Bob Memmer did for short track dirt racing is fascinating to me. He was able to travel and organize and get a lot of dirt track racing promoters to get together and unify as one group and become the United Midwestern promoters and because of his vision and dream look how successful dirt track racing is today! The asphalt tracks need a visionary man like Bob Memmer to unify them on rules to allow continuity and help to get the car counts where they should be on our asphalt tracks. This is all food for thought everyone take a newbie to the races with you this weekend and expose new fans to this great sport that we love…..





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