Fast! That one word provides the best and most accurate description of Portsmouth Raceway Park Saturday

PRP Press Release

   Fast!  That one word provides the best and most accurate description of Portsmouth Raceway Park Saturday, as 31 Late Models showed up and showed out for the annual Bob Miller Memorial Presented by Pepsi.

   A track record fell, a car went flipping, and the front-running Late Models rubbed their right rears along the cushion all night long.

   Brandon Sheppard claimed the 50-lap Late Model Feature, while Ervin Vance and Zach Pendleton took the checkers in the Modified and Sport Mod Divisions.

   Excitement began early, as a track record fell twice during Late Model Time Trials.  Ricky Thornton, Jr. from Kansas established a new mark first, but his track record lasted less than two minutes before Mooresburg, TN’s Scott Bloomquist made history becoming the first-ever Late Model driver to turn a lap less than 14 seconds.  Bloomquist, who had the track record entering the night, turned a lap clocked at 13.840 seconds equating to an average speed of 114 mph.

   The cars didn’t slow much as the evening wore on.  Bloomquist, Josh Richards, Kyle Bronson, and Brandon Sheppard all logged heat race wins.  Shannon Thornsberry and Tim McCreadie each scored B-Main victories.

   Early on in the feature, it appeared that Kyle Bronson and Bloomquist were going to be the class of the field.  They made up the front row, and Bronson would get the jump on Bloomquist from the outside.

   They would ride first and second up until lap 12 when they each got caught up in an accident involving lapped cars that wrecked in front of them.  Neither sustained significant damage, but while Overton was able to keep going, Bloomquist spun and had to go to the rear of the field.

   On the ensuing restart, Brandon Sheppard and Josh Richards got by Overton.  Sheppard and Richards would ride first and second throughout the remainder of the race.

   New Berlin, IL’s Brandon Sheppard, who is no stranger to winner’s circle at PRP having won two Dirt Track World Championships in Portsmouth, earned $12,000 for claiming Saturday’s Bob Miller Memorial Presented by Pepsi.

   Jonathan Davenport placed third.  Gregg Satterlee charged from 21st to fourth and in doing so earned the Hard Charger Award Presented by Jason Smith for Court of Appeals.

   Bobby Pierce was fifth, while Mason Ziegler, Dennis Erb, Jr., Earl Pearson, Jr., Tim McCreadie, and Steve Casebolt rounded out the top 10.

   PRP points leader Eddie Carrier, Jr. was 11th.  Quick qualifier Scott Bloomquist placed 12th, and early leader Brandon Overton finished 18th.

   The evening witnessed another scary wreck involving R.J. Conley, who has now rolled at PRP two out of the last three weekends.  Thankfully, he was able to walk away from the crash.

   In the R.W. Rental & Supply Modifieds, Beaver, KY’s Ervin Vance grabbed his third win of the season.  Ben Adkins, Austin Francis, Justin Jacobs, Anthony Slusher, Robert Garnes, Logan Burke, Brayden Berry, Dave Jamison, and Tony DeHart rounded out the top 10.

   Brian Skaggs set fast time in the Dynamic Shock Services Modified Time Trials.  Adam Jordan was the Markwest Ranger Pipeline Hard Charger moving up six positions.

   In the EMC2 Party Rentals & Inflatables Sport Mods, Stout’s Zack Pendleton claimed his second victory of the year.  Rick Neace, Derek Richmond, Luke Jordan, Jason Spillman, Cody Gifford, Casey Jones, Brennan Bobst, Emily Jordan, and Jeremy Brady made up the remainder out the top 10.

   Portsmouth Raceway Park, where Bazell Race Fuels and Sunoco are the official track fuel, will return to action on September 15th.  It will be Pepsi Employee night and the annual Mod Squad Spectacular paying $3,000 to win for the R.W. Rental & Supplies Modifieds will highlight the evening.  Also on the card will be Giovanni’s Pizza Late Models, O’Reilly Auto Parts Limited Late Models, and EMC2 Party Rentals & Inflatables Sport Mods.

Late Model A-Main

1. Brandon Sheppard [3], 2. Josh Richards [3], 3. Jonathan Davenport [7], 4. Gregg Satterlee [21], 5. Bobby Pierce [11], 6. Mason Ziegler [12], 7. Dennis Erb, Jr. [22], 8. Earl Pearson, Jr. [6], 9. Tim McCreadie [18], 10. Steve Casebolt [8], 11. Eddie Carrier, Jr. [10], 12. Scott Bloomquist [1], 13. Jackie Boggs [24], 14. Darrell Lanigan [9], 15. Jason Jameson [13], 16. Kyle Bronson [2], 17. Jimmy Owens [5], 18. Brandon Overton [20], 19. Ricky Thornton, Jr. [15], 20. Chris Ferguson [14], 21. Shannon Thornsberry [17], 22. Shannon Buckingham [16], 23. Don O’Neal [23], 24. Josh Bocook [25], 25. Audie Swartz [19]

Modified A-Main

1. P20-Ervin Vance [2]; 2. 75-Ben Adkins [4]; 3. 11-Austin Francis [3]; 4. 20J-Justin Jacobs [5]; 5. 2-Anthony Slusher [6]; 6. 000-Robert Garnes [9]; 7. Z28-Logan Burke [11]; 8. B75-Brayden Berry [12]; 9. D4-David Jamison [13]; 10. 35-Tony DeHart [8]; 11. 16-Josh Tonkin [14]; 12. 7-Doug Adkins [17]; 13. 13-Adam Jordan [19]; 14. 11C-Adam Colley [18]; 15. 96-Josh Thomas [20]; 16. H24-Cody Hunley [15]; 17. 11S-Tyler Smith [7]; 18. 24H-Michael Howard [10]; 19. 42-James Grigsby [16]; 20. 20S-Brian Skaggs [1]

Sport Mod A-Main

1. 24Z-Zack Pendleton [1]; 2. 12N-Rick Neace [2]; 3. 34-Derek Richmond [3]; 4. 13J-Luke Jordan [4]; 5. 44-Jason Spillman [6]; 6. 88G-Cody Gifford [8]; 7. 7J-Casey Jones [17]; 8. 24B-Brennan Bobst [13]; 9. 13E-Emily Jordan [12]; 10. B9-Jeremy Brady [16]; 11. 45L-Greg Litteral [15]; 12. 14-Joe McClain [9]; 13. 51-Jr. Spillman, [14]; 14. 11B-Brandon Colley [23]; 15. B75-Brayden Berry [5]; 16. 10-Harley Hall [19]; 17. 8D-Stevie Thornsberry [18]; 18. 19-Robert Lunsford [7]; 19. 2AKA-Kristin Butler [21]; 20. 24M-Jimmy Fritz [20]; 21. 16-Mikey Howard [10]; 22. 53-Gary Whitt [11]; (DNS) 25S-Derek Spencer

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