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Orrville, Ohio

Saturday, August 4, 2018

By Mike Swanger

It was Kid’s Night at NAPA Jani Auto Parts Wayne County Speedway Saturday that would see hundreds of Kids getting prizes on Pepsi night while on track action would see T A Perrine flip flop the lead early in the race with Brandon Craver before Perrine would pull away for his 1st win and collect the $1,000 winners share of the Super Stock feature while Danny Mumaw would hang on to beat a fast closing Tyler Dunn for the Sprint win. Doug Drown would gain control of the Super Late Model race on lap 7 to score his second win of the season as Jordan James kept Wes Staley at bay for his third trip to victory lane.

The CorBon Super Stocks main would see front row starters Brandon Craver and Perrine go back and forth at the start of the race with Craver leading the opening two circuits before Perrine took over the next two laps and Craver reclaiming the lead on lap five but after that Perrine would take over for good and pull away in the caution free feature. Driving the Wooster based CorBon, Hillcrest Trucking and Fultz Fabrication #16t, Perrine would win his first feature and the biggest payday of his career as pulled into the Summit Racing victory lane. Craver would finish second for the third time this season. With two laps to go, Bob Daugherty slipped past Gary Hensel Jr. for third and at the same time Jordan James passed Dustin Daugherty for fifth. Perrine, Craver and Bob Daugherty receiving trophies from Anne and Brandon Gardner that Danny Gardner had won back in the ’70’s. Heat winners were Bob Daugherty and James.

The start of the Pine Tree Towing & Recovery Sprint feature would see several cars getting out of shape at the flagstand that would send Trevor Baker and Steve Butler sliding into the infield but both was able to keep going while front row starters Brad Haudenschild and Trey Jacobs received flat tires. Haudenschild would be the only one of the four not able to continue. On the restart, Danny Mumaw would grab the lead and set a torrid pace early in the race. The yellow flag would fly on lap 8 as Dylan Kingan spun in turn four that left very little room between his car and the guardrail and Mumaw was able to slow up and squeeze his way through the small opening that was left. As the race went back to green, Nick Patterson was able to stay with Mumaw and make a couple of challenges for the top spot but would start to fade with five laps to go and that’s when Tyler Dunn made his move on Patterson for second and closed in on Mumaw. With lapped traffic in front of them, Dunn was able to ride Mumaw’s bumper as the checkered flag flew. For Mumaw, the Wooster driver would win for the first time since opening night aboard the ABR Farms, Finishline Auto Body and Finzer Farms #16. It was season best finishes for Tyler Dunn with a second and a third for Nick Patterson with Trevor Baker taking 4th and points leader Jordan Ryan in fifth. Trevor Baker and Mumaw were the heat winners.

A pair of five time track champions, Brad Malcuit and Ryan Markham, would set on the front row of the Kar Connection Super Late Model feature and they would go side by side the first few laps with Malcuit being scored the leader for the opening 5 laps with Markham taking over on the next circuit. Lurking right behind them was Wooster’s Doug Drown. They would go three wide on laps five  and six in the corners and Drown would power his way into the lead on lap seven and never look back. A caution with five laps to go would give Markham and Malcuit one last chance but Drown and the Hall’s Auto Sales, Kar Connection #240 would pull away for his second win of the season. Markham would increase his points lead with a second as Malcuit finished third while Jerry Aber scored his season best finish of fourth while D J Miller posted his second fifth place finish. Heat winners were Markham and Drown.

Loudonville’s Jordan James would start on the pole of the WQKT 104.5 Mini Stock main and would lead all the way for his third win of the year at ‘Orrville’s Historic Oval’. Driving the Ugly Duck, Lorentz Lawn Care and Troutman Kutz and Kennels #4, James would run picture perfect laps as Wes Staley was hounding him the whole race as Staley would try every line he could try but would have to settle for second. Brad Hensel held off Cory Staley for third while Justin Cranmore filled out the top five. The night’s only red flag flew when Aaron Buckingham got squeezed into the turn two guardrail and rolled twice in the second heat race as he would walk away ok. Heat wins went to Brad Hensel, James and Wes Staley.

A Big Thank You goes out to Quota and all their helpers, all the teams and individuals who donated items for the Kid’s night and to Rick Susong and Fisher Performance for the Gold Rush.

This Saturday, August 11th, it will be $5.00 general admission with Back to the 80’s theme night as fans are encouraged to wear 80’s style clothing or race shirts from back then. There will also be Bike races for the kid’s. along with $1 hotdogs. The Modifieds will make their second trip to Wayne County Speedway this season as the Super Late Model, Super Stocks and Mini Stocks will also be in action. Gates will open at 3 pm and racing at 7 pm. Check out the website at for more information and at .


Saturday, August 4, 2018


Heat   1   Bob Daugherty, T A Perrine, Gary Hensel Jr., Dustin Daugherty, Paul Holmes, Logan Yelton, James Stanley

Heat   2   Jordan James, Brandon Craver, Don Rutt, Tyler Nicely, Chris Albright, Dan Radtka, Todd Gallion dns

Danny Gardner Memorial Feature   T A Perrine, Brandon Craver, Bob Daugherty, Gary Hensel Jr., Jordan James, Dustin Daugherty, Paul Holmes, Tyler Nicely, Logan Yelton, Chris Albright, Don Rutt, James Stanley, Dan Radtka, Todd Gallion dns



Heat   1   Trevor Baker, Trey Jacobs, Nick Patterson, Kirk Jeffries, Chase Baker, Troy Kingan, Dylan Kkingan

Heat   2   Danny Mumaw, Tyler Dunn, Steve Butler, Brad Haudenschild, Henry Malcuit, Ryan Broughton, Jordan Ryan

Feature   Danny Mumaw, Tyler Dunn, Nick Patterson, Trevor Baker, Jordan Ryan, Trey Jacobs, Chase Baker, Henry Malcuit, Kirk Jeffries, Steve Butler, Troy Kingan, Dylan Kingan, Brad Haudenschild, Ryan Broughton dns



Heat   1   Ryan Markham, Chuck Kimble, D J Miller, Jerry Aber, Greg Mazzoleni, Mitch Caskey, Hiram Bachman dns

Heat   2   Doug Drown, Brad Malcuit, Jim Nicely, Larry Bellman, Craig Hartong, Nick Cox, J R Gentry dns

Feature   Doug Drown, Ryan Markham, Brad Malcuit, Jerry Aber, D J Miller, Larry Bellman, Mitch Caskey, Jim Nicely, Nick Cox, Craig Hartong, Greg Mazzoleni, Chuck Kimble, Hiram Bachman dns, J R Gentry dns



Heat   1   Brad Hensel, Cory Staley, Stephen Crowe, Bri Hensel, Cory Cecil, Dylan Tanner, Wyatt Zimmerman, Gary Lewis, Ken Steele dns

Heat   2   Jordan James, Doug Hensel, Michael Stewart, Wayne Newbury, Clayton Evans, Matt Short, Taylor Mazzoleni, Aaron Buckingham

Heat   3   Wes Staley, Justin Cranmore, Dustin Bedlion, Michael Rose, Jimmy Burns, Jolene Voshel, Darrel Taylor, Travis Tice

Feature   Jordan James, Wes Staley, Brad Hensel, Cory Staley, Justin Cranmore, Dustin Bedlion, Michael Stewart, Doug Hensel, Michael Rose, Bri Hensel, Wayne Newbury, Cory Cecil, Jimmy Burns, Clayton Evans, Wyatt Zimmerman, Jolene Voshel, Matt Short, Darrell Taylor, Stephen Crowe, Taylor Mazzoleni, Travis Tice, Dylan Tanner dns, Aaron Buckingham dns, Gary Lewis dns, Ken Steele dns







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