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Orrville, Ohio

Saturday, July 28, 2018

By Mike Swanger

Back in the 90’s, Chub Frank would pull into Wayne County Speedway with the STARS group and won many features and tonight he would lead most of the 40 lap Buckeye Late Model Dirt Week feature to collect another feature win. Jordan Ryan would escape a last lap skirmish to post his first Sprint win of the season while Bob Daugherty would lead the last 14 laps of the Super Stock feature while Brad Hensel went flag to flag for the Mini Stock win on Hall’s Auto Sales night.

Chub Frank would start the night by setting the WiseKing Motorsports fast time of 16.895 seconds and would start the feature on the outside front row as the Ultimate Dash winner Dave Hess Jr. would start on the pole. Frank would get the jump at the drop of the green flag and set the pace for the opening five laps before Hess Jr. would take over as Rod Conley would take second from Frank on lap eight for two circuits before Frank would reclaim it. Behind them was a four way tussle between Tim Dohm, Michael Maresca, Ryan Markham and Doug Drown. Maresca would take control of third on lap ten as Frank was chasing Hess Jr. The Bear Lake Pa. driver would take the lead for good on lap 13 as Hess Jr. started to fade and would stop on the track with a flat tire on lap 19. Frank would stay out front for the rest of the feature as Maresca made a couple of challenges as the laps dwindled down but could never overtake Frank’s #1*. Rod Conley would run third to the checkers as Tim Dohm would take fourth as he out battled Doug Drown for that position. Heat wins went to Eddie Carrier, who finished 6th in the feature, Ryan Markham, who locked up the Attica Raceway Park/ Wayne County Speedway series championship and R J Conley who finished 7th in the feature.

Trevor Baker would use the outside front row starting position to lead the way for the first five circuits of the Pine Tree Towing & Recovery Sprint feature. The race went red on lap 4 as Mitch Harble and Steve Butler would tangle in turn three with Butler’s sprinter ending up on his tail above the guardrail and leaning on the catch fence. Both drivers were ok. Before going back to green, Brad Haudenschild developed a flat tire, knocking him out of second place. As the green flag returned, Danny Mumaw would shoot down the back stretch and take the lead from Baker. At that point Mumaw checked out as Baker had Jordan Ryan and Andrew Palker on his tail with Nick Patterson and Ryan Broughton right behind them. Things happened fast in the last few laps as Mumaw, with a straightaway lead, would pull off with mechanical problems on lap 23 while Clay Riney came to a stop in turn 4 to bring out the caution. On the restart, Ryan of Castalia, would lead Palker and as the pair saw the white flag, made contact right before the flag stand and Palker would bounce off the wall and going sliding into the infield as the race stayed green. Ryan would pick up his first win at ‘Orrville’s Historic Oval’ aboard the Harbach Electronics, Burns Electric and B & B Drain Service #9 and take over the points lead. Broughton would take the runner up spot with Ricky Peterson making his first trip to WCS a good one with a third place finish. Trey Jacobs picked up ten spots for fourth as Patterson filled out the top five. Harble, Mumaw and Baker notched the heat wins as Tom Schinderle topped the last chance race.

Paul McVicker used his pole position to set the pace of the opening lap of the CorBon Super Stock feature but Mansfield’s Bob Daugherty would take over after that and would fend off challenges from Brandon Craver and points leader Paul Holmes as those two would go back and forth for second while staying right on Daugherty’s tail. With four circuits to go, Holmes’ car developed a problem as T A Perrine would take over third. Up front, Craver would try to slide past Daugherty but could never make the pass in the closing laps as Daugherty would put his Char’s Cars, McKenzie Concrete and Rick’s Hauling #21d into the Summit Racing victory lane for the third time this season. Craver would finish second for the second time as T A Perrine finished third followed by Tyler Nicely and Don Rutt, his first top five finish. Heat winners  were Craver and Jordan James.

The last few weeks of the WQKT 104.5 Mini Stock features have turned into a Hensel’s versus Staley’s rivalry and this would be no different. Although Smithville’s Brad Hensel would lead every lap, he had no room to make a mistake aboard the JoyRide Transport, D J Directional Services and NewFast Motorsports #28. Behind Brad Hensel, Cory Staley and Wes Staley would take their shots at Hensel for the lead as a couple of laps they would be three wide but Hensel would hold them off. The race for fourth was between Doug Hensel and Cliff Staley with Dustin Bedlion in the mix. Cory Staley, the defending track Champion, would finish second with Wes Staley right behind as Doug Hensel finished fourth in front of Cliff Staley. Bedlion, Doug Hensel and Cory Staley posted the heat wins as Jordan James captured the last chance race.

Next Saturday night, August 4th will be Kid’s Night with many prizes and games will available for the Kid’s as it will be a Fast Four Racing Program with the Sprints, Super Late Models, Super Stocks and Mini Stocks providing the racing action. For more information, go to


Saturday, July 28, 2018


Fast Qualifier   Chub Frank  16.895 seconds

Heat   1   Eddie Carrier, Doug Drown, Chris Garnes, Ryan Montgomery, J R Gentry, Mitch Caskey, Craig Hartong

Heat   2   Ryan Markham, Brad Malcuit, Walker Arthur, Matt Irey, Jim Nicely, Jerry Aber

Heat   3   R J Conley, Cody Mahoney, Corey Conley, Jeromy Misel, Larry Bellman, D J Miller

Dash        Dave Hess Jr., Chub Frank, Boom Briggs, Rod Conley, Tim Dohm, Mike Maresca

Feature   Chub Frank, Mike Maresca, Rod Conley, Tim Dohm, Doug Drown, Eddie Carrier, R J Conley, Ryan Markham, Cody Mahoney, Dave Hess Jr., Ryan Montgomery, Corey Conley, Jim Nicely, Craig Hartong, Boom Briggs, Mitch Caskey, Larry Bellman, D J Miller, Chris Garnes, J R Gentry, Brad Malcuit, Jeromy Misel, Walker Arthur, Matt Irey, Jerry Aber



Heat   1   Mitch Harble, Brad Haudenschild, Steve Butler, Ricky Peterson, Henry Malcuit, Jim Morris, Tom Schinderle, Kris Davis, Troy Kingan, Bret Barbone

Heat   2   Danny Mumaw, Jordan Ryan, Ryan Broughton, Cody Bova, Trey Jacobs, Dean Jacobs, Jack Sodeman Jr., Kirk Jeffries, Frankie Nervo

Heat   3   Trevor Baker, Andrew Palker, Nick Patterson, Sye Lynch, Clay Riney, Joe McEwen, Tyler Dunn, Matt Russell, Jared McFarland

‘B’Main   Tom Schinderle, Jim Morris, Frankie Nervo, Joe McEwen, Kirk Jeffries, Troy Kingan, Jared McFarland, Matt Russell, Bret Barbone, Kris Davis, Jack Sodeman Jr., Tyler Dunn, Dean Jacobs

Feature   Jordan Ryan, Ryan Broughton, Ricky Peterson, Trey Jacobs, Nick Patterson, Sye Lynch, Tyler Dunn, Jim Norris, Kirk Jeffries, Joe McEwen, Andrew Palker, Trevor Baker, Danny Mumaw, Brad Haudenschild, Tom Schinderle, Clay Riney, Cody Bova, Frankie Nervo, Henry Malcuit, Mitch Harble, Steve Butler



Heat   1   Brandon Craver, Bob Daugherty, Gary Hensel Jr., Don Rutt, Tyler Nicely, Chris Albright, Don Lehman, Mike McElravy, Paul Holmes

Heat   2   Jordan James, Paul McVicker, Todd Gallion, James Stanley, Dan Radtka, T A Perrine, Danny Sanchez, Logan Yelton, Dustin Daugherty

Feature   Bob Daugherty, Brandon Craver, T A Perrine, Tyler Nicely, Don Rutt, Paul Holmes, Paul McVicker, Logan Yelton, James Stanley, Mike McElravy, Dan Radtka, Don Lehman, Chris Albright, Dustin Daugherty, Gary Hensel Jr., Jordan James dns, Todd Gallion dns, Danny Sanchez dns



Heat   1   Dustin Bedlion, Wes Staley, Jessica James, Brad Henderson, Aaron Buckingham, Mitch Reichard, Taylor Mazzoleni, Stephen Crowe, Bri Hensel, Lewis Walters

Heat   2   Doug Hensel, Cliff Staley, Wayne Newbury, Jimmy Burns, Matt Short, Clayton Evans, Lance Smith, John Constantino, Wyatt Zimmerman, Darrell Taylor

Heat   3   Cory Staley, Brent Boreman, Brad Hensel, Gary Perry, Jolene Voshel, John Butler, Kollen Butler, Jordan James, Ryan Carter

‘B’Main   Jordan James, Clayton Evans, Lance Smith, Ryan Carter, John Constantino, John Butler, Wyatt Zimmerman, Lewis Walters, Darrell Taylor, Kollen Butler, Taylor Mazzoleni, Mitch Reichard dns, Stephen Crowe dns, Bri Hensel dns

Feature   Brad Hensel, Cory Staley, Wes Staley, Doug Hensel, Cliff Staley, Dustin Bedlion, Ryan Carter, Brent Boreman, Lance Smith, Aaron Buckingham, John Constantino, Gary Perry, Matt Short, Jolene Voshel, Wayne Newbury, Clayton Evans, John Butler, Jimmy Burns, Jessica James, Jordan James









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