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Orrville, Ohio

Saturday, July 7, 2018

By Mike Swanger


   With each class of cars having something extra to race for, it was a very entertaining night of racing at NAPA Jani Auto Parts Wayne County Speedway on Bechtel Services night. For the Pine Tree Towing & Recovery Sprints, it was Mid Season Championship and double points up for grabs with Dean Jacobs setting the pace from his pole position with Chillicothe’s Ryan Broughton in his tire tracks. Behind them in the first half of the feature were Brad Haudenschild, Jordan Ryan, Clay Riney and Trey Jacobs as they were tightly grouped together. As the leaders started to encounter the back markers, Broughton was putting the pressure on Dean Jacobs for the lead and as they came out of turn four on lap 11, Jacobs got trapped behind one of the slower cars and Broughton would slip past for the lead and on the next lap the red flag waved for a fan in the stands. As the race returned to green, Ryan would move into third past Haudenschild with Riney and Trey Jacobs going back and forth fifth. Broughton and his A K Ready Mix, M&M Fabrication and Dr. Tint #22 would start to pull away from the field but would get slowed down for Dean Jacobs losing a wheel in turn for on lap 18 and looked like he was going to flip but didn’t as the red flag waved. Ryan would take over the second spot but as the laps dwindled down, Broughton would pull away as the attention of the fans went to the battle for third as 12th starting Danny Mumaw was on the move. With four circuits to go, Mumaw was sixth behind Trey Jacobs as Riney would take third from Haudenschild. On the final lap, Broughton would have the win in hand with Ryan in second but Mumaw went to the highside of turn one and two and blew by both Haudenschild and Riney for third. Haudenschild, Trey Jacobs and Broughton topped the heat races.

   For the Kar Connection Super Late Models, it was race #4 for the Attica/ Wayne County Series with Kyle Moore taking charge from his outside front row start and set the pace for the first four laps when Ryan Markham took the lead. Moore would pull off with mechanical issues two laps later putting Wellsburg W.Va’s Corey Conley into second with Cody Scott in third. With numerous cautions keeping the field bunched up, Conley was looking at different lines to get past Markham. After a caution on lap 18, Markham would take the highside of turns one and two while Conley went low and slid up in front of Markham in turn two for the lead as Markham tried to get back in front down the back stretch but Conley held him off going into turn three and from that point on started to pull away aboard the H & K Equipment, Premier Granite and D & S Hoist #14. Markham would finish second with Scott in third. Mitch Caskey came from his 12 starting position to take home fourth with Aaron Phillis filling out the top five. The Accu Force hard charger award went to Justin Chance as he started 19th and worked his way to a sixth place finishing, improving 13 positions. Heat winners were Lauren Longbrake, Conley and Markham.

   Brandon Craver would lead the way for the opening 10 circuits of the CorBon Super Stock feature as they were also running for Aamco Transmission ‘Summer Series’ points. Close behind Craver were Gary Hensel Jr., Jordan James Larry Baldwin, John Wilson and Paul Holmes. Baldwin would move into second on lap 7 and pressure Craver for the lead but would spin himself out two circuits later and he would go pitside. This would put Coshocton’s John Wilson into second and on the restart would quickly take over the lead from Craver with T A Perrine grabbing third from Hensel Jr. As the checkered flag waved, Wilson and his Lity Scrap Yard and B & T Valley #7 parked it in the Summit Racing victory lane for the first time this year at ‘Orrville’s Historic Oval’ with Craver in the runnerup spot. Perrine held off Hensel Jr. for third as Holmes rounding out the top five. Baldwin, Craver and Holmes pocketed the heat wins.

  The WQKT 104.5 Mini Stocks would also be chasing after ‘Summer Series’ points along with the regular points and it was Smithville’s Brad Hensel leading all the way to secure his second win of the season. It was a three car battle for second with Jordan James, Doug Hensel and Stephen Crowe mixing it up until lap nine when Crowe’s car slowed going down the front stretch and with the field closely bunched together, four other cars stacked in Crowe’s car with Zach Myers, Jeff Rust and Matt Short machines getting involved and ending their night. On the restart, James would slip past Doug Hensel for second but could not get by the JoyRide Transport, D J Directional Services and NewFast Motorsports #28 of Brad Hensel. Third went to Doug Hensel while fourth was claimed by Bri Hensel. who won the last chance race and was also involved in the lap nine wreck but was able to continue. Roger Rush completed the top five. Wes Staley, Brad and Doug Hensel and James scored the heat wins.

  Next Saturday, July 14th will see the Kar Connection Super Late Models, CorBon Super Stocks, WQKT 104.5 Mini Stocks and the Modifieds in action. Gates open at 3 pm and racing at 7 pm. go to www.waynecountyspeedway. com for more information.



Saturday, July 7, 2018


Heat   1   Brad Haudenschild, Mitch Harble, Russ Sansosti, Troy Kingan, R J Jacobs, Dylan Kingan, Kris Davis dns

Heat   2   Trey Jacobs, Jordan Ryan, Nick Patterson, Tyler Dunn, Dennis Wagner, Henry Malcuit, Frankie Nervo

Heat   3   Ryan Broughton, Dean Jacobs, Clay Riney, Danny Mumaw, Steve Butler, Kirk Jeffries

Feature   Ryan Broughton, Jordan Ryan, Danny Mumaw, Clay Riney, Brad Haudenschild, Trey Jacobs, Tyler Dunn, Dennis Wagner, Steve Butler, Kirk Jeffries, Henry Malcuit, R J Jacobs, Troy Kingan, Nick Patterson, Mitch Harble, Frankie Nervo, Dean Jacobs, Russ Sansosti, Dylan Kingan, Kris Davis dns


Heat   1   Lauren Longbrake, Austin Goon, Greg Mazzoleni, Ashlee Todd, Matt Bee Aber, J R Gentry, Justin Chance dns

Heat   2   Corey Conley, Kyle Moore, Jerry Aber, Aaron Phillis, Craig Hartong, Jason Skelly

Heat   3   Ryan Markham, Cody Scott, Charlie Duncan, Mitch Caskey, Shane Campbell, Nick Cox

Feature   Corey Conley, Ryan Markham, Cody Scott, Mitch Caskey, Aaron Phillis, Justin Chance, Jerry Aber, Shane Campbell, Craig Hartong, Austin Goon, Greg Mazzoleni, Ashlee Todd, Jason Skelly, Nick Cox, Kyle Moore, Charlie Duncan, Matt Bee Aber, Lauren Longbrake, J R Gentry


Heat   1   Larry Baldwin, T A Perrine, Logan Yelton, Eric Eicholtz, Al Farris, Paul McVicker, Mike Rose dns

Heat   2   Brandon Craver, Gary Hensel Jr., John Wilson, Todd Sherwin, Don Lehman, Paul Kern, Todd Gallion dns

Heat   3   Paul Holmes, Jordan James, Don Rutt, Dustin Daugherty, Tyler Nicely, Jaret Sams, Virgil Masters

Feature   John Wilson, Brandon Craver, T A Perrine, Gary Hensel Jr., Paul Holmes, Jordan James, Todd Sherwin, Don Rutt, Dustin Daugherty, Logan Yelton, Larry Baldwin, Al Farris, Paul Kern, Virgil Masters, Eric Eicholtz, Mike Rose, Jaret Sams dns, Tyler Nicely dns, Paul McVicker dns, Don Lehman dns, Todd Gallion dns


Heat   1   Wes Staley, Stephen Crowe, Alex Brannon, Jimmy Burns, Darrell Taylor, Jeff Rust, Ryan Carter

Heat   2   Brad Hensel, Wayne Newbury, Randy Gibson, Zach Myers, Wyatt Zimmerman, Ray Butler, Mitch Reichard

Heat   3   Doug Hensel, Roger Rush, Clayton Evans, Matt Short, Cory Staley, Jolene Voshel

Heat   4   Jordan James, Michael Stewart, Taylor Mazzoleni, Dustin Bedlion, Bri Hensel, Travis Weaver

‘B’Main   Bri Hensel, Mitch Reichard, Jeff Rust, Ray Butler, Wyatt Zimmerman, Ryan Carter, Darrell Taylor, Travis Weaver, Cory Staley,

Jolene Voshel dns 

Feature   Brad Hensel, Jordan James, Doug Hensel, Bri Hensel, Roger Rush, Randy Gibson, Dustin Bedlion, Clayton Evans, Wayne Newbury, Cory Staley, Jeff Rust, Taylor Mazzoleni, Zach Myers, Matt Short, Stephen Crowe, Wes Staley, Jimmy Burns, Mitch Reichard, Alex Brannon, Michael Stewart

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