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Orrville, Ohio

Saturday, June 30, 2018

By Mike Swanger

   For the first time in three weeks, it was a Fast Four Racing program at NAPA Jani Auto Parts Wayne County Speedway on Ray’s Garage night featuring the Ohio Valley Sprint Car Association and Mid Season Championships for the other three class’ with Andrew Palker going flag to flag for his first Pine Tree Towing & Recovery Sprint win of the season while J R Gentry piloted to the Kar Connection Super Late Model victory as Paul Holmes posted his second CorBon Super Stock win and Doug Hensel grabbed the checkered flag in the WQKT 104.5 Mini Stock main.

   Coming off his second place finish in the Ohio Sprint Speedweek race almost 2 weeks ago at ‘Orrville’s Historic Oval’, West Salem’s Andrew Palker took his outside pole position starting spot and quickly distances the El Campesino Restaurent and King Inspection #57x from the field. A couple of cautions would be the only time the field would have a chance at getting close to Palker. One of the cautions came just past the halfway mark when Steve Butler would spin in turn two but Trey Jacobs and Brad Haudenschild would get together in turn four as they were fighting for top five placing. With OVSCA’s rule of if you stop on the track, you go to the tail, that would end their chances of top five as Haudenschild would pull off the next lap. This would now set up a showdown for second as the green flag waved again. With Palker pulling away, the McClure team cars of Jordan Ryan and Dean Jacobs had the eye of the fans as they went back and forth before Ryan put on a slider in turns three and four on lap on lap 17 to secure second place as 13th starting Danny Mumaw had climbed into fourth. A white flag caution would bunch the field together one last time with Palker powering away for the win as Ryan would take second as Mumaw would ride high in turn one and two to slip past Jacobs for third as Jason Dolick rounded out the top five after passing Tom Schinderle on the restart and Clay Riney dropped out on the last lap while running fifth. Heat winners were Tyler Dunn, Palker and Schinderle.

   Brad Malcuit used his outside front row starting position to set the pace for the first two laps of the Kar Connection Super Late Model feature as Wooster’s J R Gentry was right in his tire tracks. Taking to the high side of the 3/8 mile oval, Gentry and his El Campesino Restaurent, Holmes Pest Control and Campco #14 would power past Malcuit on lap three and drive away. This would set up a three car race for second between Malcuit, points leader Cody Scott and Ryan Markham. Malcuit would be scored in second every lap although Scott, using the low groove, could edge ahead coming out of turn two a couple of times and when he did not do that, Markham would use the high side of the track to momentarily get ahead of Scott coming out of turn two. Markham would slide back in the late stages of the race with Malcuit and Scott seemingly joined at the hip. A last lap caution for D J Miller when he went hard into a front stretch retaining tire after his steering broke, while dueling with Charlie Duncan for fifth. On the restart, Gentry would dash away for the win and Malcuit would edge out Scott by millimeters for second as Markham, who won the Accu Force hard charger was fourth followed by Duncan. Collecting the heat wins were Markham and Duncan

  Several cautions would keep the CorBon Super Stock feature in tight quarters as Brandon Craver would lead the opening three circuits from his pole position as fourth starting Paul Holmes pulled into second on the start and swiped the point away from Craver on lap four. Eighth starting and points leader Bob Daugherty moved into fourth behind Chris Albright at that point and three laps later took third. Craver would keep the pressure on Holmes but following a caution on lap 7, Daugherty moved into the runner up position on the ensuing restart. Like the other features, a last lap caution would bunch the field together, but Holmes of Canton, would hang on to put the CorBon, D.L. Rutt Builders and JET #68 into the Summit Racing victory lane for the second time this season. Daugherty would finished second as Craver finished a season best third. Gary Hensel Jr. was running fourth on the last lap until mechanical issued slowed him and gave T A Perrine fourth and Albright getting his best finish of fifth as he also picked up a heat win along with Holmes.

  Jordan James took the outside front row starting spot and lead the first eight laps of the WQKT 104.5 Mini Stock feature but problems with his machine would slow him and gave Wooster’s Doug Hensel the lead at that stage of the race. Hensel and his Mid Ohio Auto Refinishing #18 had started 7th and was second on lap four before taking the lead on lap nine. The final three laps would see Cory Staley challenge Hensel but never was able to get by. Stephen Crowe was right with the two leaders and took home third while Michael Stewart finished fourth as James salvaged fifth. Topping the heats were Stewart, James, Staley and Doug Hensel as Taylor Mazzoleni bested the last chance race.

  Next Saturday, July 7 will be Mid Season championship and double points for the Pine Tree Towing & Recovery Sprints as the second week end of the Attica/ Wayne County Super Late Model Series is on tap also. The CorBon Super Stock and the WQKT 104.5 Mini Stocks will have their second ‘Summer Series’ action of the year.

  Go to for more information and text WCSFAN to 51660 for the up to date status on race day.


Saturday, June 30, 2018


Heat   1   Tyler Dunn, Trey Jacobs, Jordan Ryan, Brad Haudenschild, Danny Mumaw, Jamie Myers, Steve Butler, Jordan Harble

Heat   2   Andrew Palker, Dean Jacobs, Nick Patterson, Clay Riney, Andy Fike, Dave Dickson, Jeremy Duposki

Heat   3   Tom Schinderle, Jason Dolick, Henry Malcuit, Lance Webb, Troy Kingan, Andre Layfield, Jake Hesson

Feature   Andrew Palker, Jordan Ryan, Danny Mumaw, Dean Jacobs, Jason Dolick, Tom Schinderle, Trey Jacobs, Tyler Dunn, Clay Riney, Lance Webb, Henry Malcuit, Jake Hesson, Jamie Myers, Dave Dickson, Jeremy Duposki, Andy Fike, Steve Butler, Brad Haudenschild, Troy Kingan, Nick Patterson, Andre Layfield, Jordan Harble dns


Heat   1   Ryan Markham, Matt Bee Aber, Brad Malcuit, Jim Nicely, Craig Hartong, Loren Longbrake dns, Thomas Baker dns

Heat   2   Charlie Duncan, J R Gentry, D J Miller, Cody Scott, Mitch Caskey, Greg Mazzoleni

Feature   J R Gentry, Brad Malcuit, Cody Scott, Ryan Markham, Charlie Duncan, D J Miller, Craig Hartong, Greg Mazzoleni, Matt Bee Aber, Mitch Caskey, Jim Nicely dns, Loren Longbrake dns, Thomas Baker dns


Heat   1   Paul Holmes, T A Perrine, Brandon Craver, Bob Daugherty, Don Rutt, Tyler Nicely, Al Farris

Heat   2   Chris Albright, Gary Hensel Jr., Logan Yelton, Dan           

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