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Orrville, Ohio

Saturday, June 16, 2018

   During the World of Outlaw Craftsman Late Model Series’ 5th appearance at NAPA Jani Auto Parts Wayne County Speedway Saturday night, Brandon Sheppard collected his 5th Series win of the 2018 season. The Rocket 1 racing driver also became the 1st ever repeat winner of the event. Sheppard had a stand out night as the 3/8 mile track, collecting the PFC Brakes Fast Time Award, his heat win and ultimately the $10,000 to win Sears Craftsman feature. Sheppard and his team proved to be on the rebound of some early season woes by collecting 2 wins and a second place finish in the last three WoO races.

   The 50 lap feature saw three different race leaders including Dave Hess, Doug Drown and Sheppard. Hess popped to the lead early using full advantage of his luck in the redraw which placed him outside pole. Hess led the first 20 laps until being overthrown by 8th starting Drown. A few laps later, Hess stopped in turn 4 with smoke coming out of his hot rod, forcing him to retire for the night. On lap 25, Sheppard claimed the lead from Wooster’s Drown and never looked back. Seven laps later, Drown climbed the wall in turn 2, sending the Wooster driver to the pits with a flat tire, bringing out the caution on lap 32. At that time, Sheppard had created a 4 second lead in just 7 laps. Despite one additional late race caution on lap 43, Sheppard was never challenged for the lead. Behind the blue #1 was a tight battle for the remaining spots in the top five including the battle for second between Chub Frank and Mike Marlar while Chris Madden and Devin Moran dueled for 4th. Marlar would win the race for second as Frank would fill out the podium with Madden in fourth and Moran rounding out the top five.

   Randolph’s Larry Baldwin would start on the pole in the CorBon Super Stock feature and spend the whole race fending off challenges from Paul Holmes and Bob Daugherty. Holmes, who started right behind the Aamco of Boardman, Friendship Acres Bar & Grill and CRS #7up would put on the early challenge as 8th starting Bob Daugherty quickly worked his way to third on lap 5. Holmes and Daugherty would duel for second that gave Baldwin some breathing room. Three cautions in the middle part of the race would keep the field bunched up. With Baldwin driving a near perfect lap after lap, Holmes took to the high groove and Daugherty stuck to the low groove to try to get past Baldwin. With 4 circuits to go, Holmes would tag the wall in turn one and bring out the final caution as he headed to the pits. Trying a different line each of the last three laps, Daugherty could not get past Baldwin, who would sit in the Summit Racing victory lane for the 1st time this season. Brandon Craver would finish a season best third place as Gary Hensel Jr. and Tyler Nicely filled out the top five. Daugherty and Craver scored the heat wins.

   In the WQKT 104.5 Mini Stock feature it was a family feud up front between the Staley’s and the Hensel’s all race long. Wes and Cory would start on the front row with Doug Hensel starting 4th and Brad Hensel starting 5th and by the end of the opening lap were all in the top four. Wes would set the pace for the first 2 laps before Cory took over and would lead every lap at the line as Wes, Doug and Brad would change positions every lap as the foursome was never more than 3 car lengths apart. A couple of times, Doug Hensel could edge past Cory Staley but could never officially lead a lap. As the checkered flag waved, Cory Staley would win aboard the Canton based Staley Racing, Newfast Motorsports and BL Motorsports #23s for the 1st time at ‘Orrville’s Historic Oval’ as Doug Hensel would finish a 1/2 car length behind in second with Brad Hensel in third and then Wes Staley in 4th. Two time winner and 9th starting Jordan James finished 5th. Heat winners were Brad Hensel, Cory Staley and James as Ryan Carter topped the last chance race.

   Wayne County Speedway is right back in action Monday night with the 36th Annual Ohio Sprint Speedweek with the All Star Circuit of Champions for the $5,000 to win Duffy Smith Memorial. Gates open at 3 pm with hot laps and qualifying at 6 pm.


Saturday, June 16, 2018


Heat   1   Brandon Sheppard, Chub Frank, Mike Marlar, Morgan Bagley, Ryan Fenech, J R Gentry, Matt Lux, D J Miller, Jerry Aber, Kyle Moore, Lance Elson

Heat   2   Dave Hess, Devin Moran, Doug Drown, Rick Eckert, Ryan Markham, Brent Larson, Craig Wolford, Tyler Erb, Jim Nicely, Charlie Duncan

Heat   3   David Breazeale, Chase Junghans, Chris Madden, Chris Ferguson, Shane Clanton, Corey Conley, Brad Malcuit, Cody Scott, Rick Mardis, Ben Mott dns

‘B’Main   Matt Lux, Tyler Erb, Cody Scott, Kyle Moore, Brad Malcuit, Craig Wolford, D J Miller, Jerry Aber, Jim Nicely, Rick Mardis, Charlie Duncan, Lance Elson, Ben Mott dns

Feature   Brandon Sheppard, Mike Marlar, Chub Frank, Chris Madden, Devin Moran, Brent Larson, Chris Ferguson, Morgan Bagley, David Breazeale, Tyler Erb, Ryan Markham, Rick Eckert, Shane Clanton, Doug Drown, Chase Junghans, Corey Conley, J R Gentry, Kyle Moore, Dave Hess, Cody Scott, Ryan Fenech, Matt Lux, Craig Wolford, Brad Malcuit


Heat   1   Bob Daugherty, Logan Yelton, Tyler Nicely, Gary Hensel Jr., Al Farris, Paul McVicker, Dustin Daugherty, Virgil Masters dns

Heat   2   Brandon Craver, Paul Holmes, T A Perrine, Larry Baldwin, Don Rutt, Don Radtka, Paul Kern, Todd Gallion

Feature   Larry Baldwin, Bob Daugherty, Brandon Craver, Gary Hensel Jr., Tyler Nicely, Logan Yelton, T A Perrine, Dustin Daugherty, Paul McVicker, Al Farris, Don Radtka, Paul Holmes, Paul Kern, Todd Gallion, Don Rutt, Virgil Masters dns


Heat   1   Brad Hensel, Doug Hensel, Taylor Mazzoleni, Tony Mullinex, Jimmy Burns, Ryan Carter, Gary Perry, Jason Henderson, Kyle Petit dns

Heat   2   Cory Staley, Wes Staley, Wayne Newbury, Mitch Reichard, Zach Myers, Jolene Voshel, Wyatt Zimmerman, Matt Short, Andrew Carpenter

Heat   3   Jordan James, Stephen Crowe, Michael Stewart, Randy Gibson, Alex Brannon, Jason Carpenter, Clayton Evans, Dylan Tanner, Ken Steel

‘B’Main   Ryan Carter, Kyle Petit, Jason Henderson, Clayton Evans, Jolene Voshel, Jason Carpenter, Matt Short, Wyatt Zimmerman, Andrew Carpenter, Gary Perry, Ken Steel, Dylan Tanner

Feature   Cory Staley, Doug Hensel, Brad Hensel, Wes Staley, Jordan James, Taylor Mazzoleni, Stephen Crowe, Randy Gibson, Mitch Reichard, Kyle Petit, Wayne Newbury, Zach Myers, Jason Henderson, Clayton Evans, Jolene Voshel, Alex Brannon, Michael Stewart, Tony Mullinex, Ryan Carter, Jimmy Burns





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