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Orrville, Ohio

Saturday, June 2, 2018

By Mike Swanger

  After a couple weeks of rain stopping the action at NAPA Jani Auto Parts Wayne County Speedway, racing got back on track with some late race pass’ leading to wins for some drivers in front of a big crowd on White’s Ford night. Trey Jacobs and Brad Haudenschild would lead the Pine Tree Towing & Recovery Sprints to the green flag with Jacobs taking the point on the opening lap but Brad would take over on the next circuit and would open up a big lead until the race’s 1st caution would fly for Jason Dolick. The caution would wave four laps later as Danny Mumaw and Jamie Myers rubbed together on the front stretch battling for 4th. Mumaw slid into the infield with a flat tire as he would change it to stay in the race as Myers received no damage. The green flag reappeared and Brad would set the fast pace at the 1/2 way mark with Jacobs, Tyler Dunn, Myers and Jordan Ryan in the top five. The fans were watching as Jac Haudenschild would start to move forward from his ninth stating position as he replaced Ryan in the top five on circuit # 14, powered past Myers on the next lap and then past Dunn the next time around for third. Brad Haudenschild’s run for the win came to an end as he smacked the guardrail on lap 18 as he coasted back to the pits as the yellow lights came on. This would put Trey Jacobs in the lead with Jac Haudenschild’s Southern Pacific Farms, Whistle Stop Bar & Grill and Finzer Farms #3 in second and when the green flag waved again, quickly went to the high side of the track and took command of the race from Jacobs and drove away in the final laps for the win. Myers slipped past Dunn on that last restart to claim third while Ryan edged past Dunn at the line for fourth. Heat wins went to Ryan, Nick Patterson and Brad Haudenschild as Clay Riney topped the last chance race.

  The Kar Connection Super Late Models would be going after points in the Attica Raceway Park/Wayne County Speedway Series points along with regular points and action would heat up fast with Brad Malcuit powering his way to the front on the opening lap from his 3rd starting spot, getting by the front row if Matt Aber and Ryan Markham. Cody Scott would also get by the front row on the start as he started 4th. Malcuit would open up a good lead early on as Scott, Markham and Doug Drown was in pursuit. Markham would take second from Scott on lap 11 as all three closed in on Malcuit. With the race hitting the 1/2 way mark, both Markham and Scott would squeeze by Malcuit for the top two places and Drown slipped past Malcuit two laps later. Jim Nicely would bring out the caution on lap 15. The last 10 laps would go non stop as Markham would hug the bottom groove and Scott went to the high side with Drown right behind. Scott would be able to get beside Markham in the corners but the two time champ of the ARP/WCS series could stay out front down the straight away’s. With the white flag waving, Scott’s last run in turns one and two paid off as he edged past Markham coming out of turn two to take the lead and hang on by less than a car length at the finish line. For Scott and his Mansfield based Fultz Fabrication, CLR Truck Repair and Dzugan Realty #19, it was his second win of the year at ‘Orrville’s Historic Oval’, his 1st ARP/WCS win and puts him in the lead of the series after the first week end. Markham would finish second followed by Drown, Malcuit and JR Gentry who passed Charlie Duncan on the last lap. Gentry and Malcuit, who beat Drown at the line were the heat winners. Heat #2 would see Jim Nicely and Mike Bores get together on the back stretch and would send Bore’s into a series of barrel rolls, ending his night. Craig Hartong was the Accu-Force Hard Charger of the night.

  It was double features for the CorBon Super Stocks as they had to finish up the feature from May 12th that was three laps in when the rains came and Canton’s Paul Holmes was the leader and he would lead the rest of the way aboard the CorBon, D.L. Rutt Builders and JET #68 for his 1st win. T.A. Perrine would get Bob Daugherty on the last lap for second with Gary Hensel Jr. and Brandon Craver filling out the top five. For the regular feature, which was also the 1st night of the Aamco Transmissions ‘Summer Series’, Larry Baldwin would set the early pace until lap 5 when he spun out in turn 4 giving the lead to Bob Daugherty. A series of cautions in the middle portion of the race kept things close as the last six circuits would go green with Jordan James driving hard to try and take the lead away from Daugherty. Driving the Char’s Cars, McKenzie Concrete and Gionino’s Pizza #21d, Daugherty kept James at bay to win his second feature of the season. Dustin Daugherty finished third followed by Tyler Nicely and Eric Eicholtz. Baldwin and both Daugherty’s, Dustin and Bob posted the heat wins.     

  Last season, Jordan James won both the Super Stock and the WQKT 104.5 Mini Stock features on the same night but tonight would sweep both the Mini Stock features. In the rained out feature from May 12th, James and his Brad’s Auto Body, Thompson’s Memorials and Troutman Kutz-n-Kennels #83 would lead from flag to flag for the victory as Doug Hensel, Wes Staley, Cory Staley and Michael Stewart rounded out the top five. In the regular feature, which also was the 1st ‘Summer Series’ race for the WQKT 104.5 Mini Stocks, Michael Stewart would open the race with the lead for two laps when Cory Staley took over and James, who started 8th, was quickly into second. Doug Hensel moved into third at the start of the second half of the race and the three car battle was on. It would come down to a one lap shootout as the caution slowed the action just as the white flag waved. Lining up double file, Staley elected to take the inside lane on the restart giving James the high side and as they came out of turn two on the final lap, the Loudonville driver overpowered Staley and beat him back to the line for his second win of the night. Hensel would settle for third as Logan Martin and Stephen Crowe filled out the top five. Scoring heat wins were Martin, Wes Staley, Bri Hensel and Doug Hensel as Ryan Carter captured the last chance race.

  The Fast Four Racing Program will be back in action next Saturday, June 9 with Mid Season Championships with double points on the line. For more information about the track, go to www.waynecountyspeedway.com and text WCSFAN to 51660 for the current status on race day at he track.


Saturday, June 2, 2018


Heat   1   Jordan Ryan, Danny Mumaw, Jac Haudenschild, Dylan Kingan, Adam Cruea, Aaron Middaugh, RJ Jacobs, Bret Barbone dns

Heat   2   Nick Patterson, Tyler Dunn, Max Stambaugh, Jordan Harble, Jason Dolick, Clay Riney, Kris Davis, Henry Malcuit

Heat   3   Brad Haudenschild, Trey Jacobs, Jamie Myers, Andrew Palker, Mitch Harble, Troy Kingan, Steve Butler

‘B’ Main  Clay Riney, Aaron Middaugh, Troy Kingan, Henry Malcuit, Kris Davis, Steve Butler, RJ Jacobs, Bret Barbone dns

Feature   Jac Haudenschild, Trey Jacobs, Jamie Myers, Jordan Ryan, Tyler Dunn, Andrew Palker, Jordan Harble, Danny Mumaw, Mitch Harble, Jason Dolick, Brad Haudenschild, Henry Malcuit, Nick Patterson, Adam Cruea, Dylan Kingan, Clay Riney, Kris Davis, Max Stambaugh, Troy Kingan, Aaron Middaugh


Heat   1   J R Gentry, Cody Scott, Ryan Markham, Charlie Duncan, D J Miller, Thomas Baker, Craig Hartong, Jason Skelly

Heat   2   Brad Malcuit, Doug Drown, Matt Aber, Mitch Caskey, Greg Mazzoleni, Mike Bores, Jim Nicely

Feature   Cody Scott, Ryan Markham, Doug Drown, Brad Malcuit, J R Gentry, Charlie Duncan, D J Miller, Greg Mazzoleni, Craig Hartong, Jim Nicely, Jason Skelly, Matt Aber, Thomas Baker, Mitch Caskey, Mike Bores dns


May 12th Feature   Paul Holmes, T A Perrine, Bob Daugherty, Gary Hensel Jr., Brandon Craver, Al Farriss, Tyler Nicely, David Uhler, Don Rutt, Chris Albright, Paul Kern, Derrick Ganson, Logan Yelton, Kyle Moore, Jordan James dns

Heat   1   Larry Baldwin, Paul Holmes, Brandon Craver, Jordan James, T A Perrine, Paul Kern, Derrick Ganson dns

Heat   2   Dustin Daugherty, Don Rutt, Al Farriss, Eric Eicholtz, Todd Sherwin, Paul McVicker, Chris Albright dns

Heat   3   Bob Daugherty, Gary Hensel Jr., Tyler Nicely, Logan Yelton, David Uhler, Gary McGregor

Feature   Bob Daugherty, Jordan James, Dustin Daugherty, Tyler Nicely, Eric Eicholtz, Don Rutt, Paul Kern, Al Farriss, Larry Baldwin, Brandon Craver, T A Perrine, Paul Holmes, Gary Hensel Jr., Logan Yelton, Todd Sherwin, Paul McVicker dns, David Uhler dns, Gary McGregor dns, Derrick Ganson dns, Chris Albright dns


May 12th Feature   Jordan James, Doug Hensel, Wes Staley, Cory Staley, Michael Stewart, Taylor Mazzoleni, Dustin Bedlion, Stephen Crowe, Wayne Newbury, Bri Hensel, Jimmy Burns, Ryan Carter, Aaron Buckingham, Jolene Voshel, Jessica James, Josh Clark, Brad Hensel, Michael Rose dns, Mitch Reichard dns, David Keagy dns, Colton St. John dns

Heat   1   Logan Martin, Alex Brannon, Wayne Newbury, Johnny Bruce Sr., John Butler, Gary Perry, Wes Staley, Brad Henderson

Heat   2   Cory Staley, Jordan James, Stephen Crowe, Dustin Bedlion, Jolene Voshel, Zach Myers, Clayton Evans, Derrick Bruce

Heat   3   Bri Hensel, Martin Seitz, Tony Mullinex, Brad Hensel, Jason Henderson, Aaron Buckingham, Matt Short, Bob Cates, Josh Clark

Heat   4   Doug Hensel, Michael Stewart, Taylor Mazzoleni, Andy Vilt, John Warner, Lewis Walters, Randy Gibson, Lester, Jessica James

‘B’Main   Ryan Carter, Jason Henderson, Jessica James, Zach Myers, Aaron Buckingham, Clayton Evans, John Warner, Jolene Voshel, Derrick Bruce, Lewis Walters, Lester, Randy Gibson, John Butler, Wes Staley, 13x dns

Feature   Jordan James, Cory Staley, Doug Hensel, Logan Martin, Stephen Crowe, Michael Stewart, Tony Mullinex, Bri Hensel, Johnny Bruce Sr., Martin Seitz, Dustin Bedlion, Ryan Carter, Wayne Newbury, Jason Henderson, Zach Myers, Andy Vilt, Brad Hensel, Alex Brannon, Jessica James, Taylor Mazzoleni




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