Saturday and Sunday provided plenty of holiday action at the Crystal Motor Speedway

Zayden Buskirk6-9 5.27.18
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Saturday and Sunday provided plenty of holiday action at the Crystal Motor Speedway. A full crowd was on hand both nights with 140 cars on Saturday night and 156 on Sunday.


The Michigan Traditional Sprints were on hand Saturday night with 18 cars on hand. Steve Irwin of Fenton grabbed the win over Chris VanDeWieleof Dresden, Ontario, Mike Galadja, Fenton, John Watson, St. Thomas, Ontario, and Chris Pobanz of Sebewang Michigan. Heat winners were Mike Astrauskas of Pierson, Irwin, and Jay Steinbach of Hudsonville.


The Sunday program played host to a huge field of the Great Lakes Super Sprints. Dustin Daggett flew to the win in the main feature and Phil Crestman, Danny Samms, and Pobanz. Kyle Potega advanced to the main feature by winning the B Main.


Saturday night’s KFC sponsored Late Model event saw Drew Wilkerson of Ravenna pocket the win over Tom Dusen of Muskegon, Michael Archer, Jackson, David Hilliker, Midland, and Kenny Plater of Saranac making the top five. Blanchard’s Carl Ries took the B Main win with heat wins going to Tom Dusen, Muskegon, Garrett Wiles, Hubbardston, and Rachel Carpenter of Lainsburg.


The Sunday night event had Josh Borton of Crystal taking his first win in the Late Model division over Garrett Wiles. Kyle Borgman. Muskegon, Ryan Lanphierd, Midland, and Mike VanderMark Jr of Cedar Springs. VanderMark also claimed the B Main event while heats fell to Andy Sprague, Lanphierd, and Playter.


The Saturday feature race of the Lane Automotive IMCA Modifieds saw Ionia’s AJ Ward fend off Myron DeYoung of Stanton for the win. Chad May of Rockford followed in third, with Kody Johnson, Vestaburg, and Chance Allen of Alma rounding out the top five. Ward and May scored heat event wins.


On Sunday, Austin Wonch of Stanton went home with the win, followed by Kody Johnson, Vestaburg, Chance Allen, Alma, Matt Szecsodi, Clio, and AJ Ward of Ionia. Garrett Bennett of Davison grabbed the B Main with heats being won by Johnny DeYoung Jr, Crystal, Milt Montgomery, Sheridan, and Wonch.


In the Next Level Graphics & Design LLC Street Stock division, George Wease of Hubbardston gathered up the win over Dustin Weber, Riverdale, Michael Long, Coleman, Dale Kaake III, Cass City, and Doug McKeown of Sidney. Mickey Currier of Sidney and Brandon Weber of Coleman advanced to the main feature by scoring B Main wins, while Jarrett Monk, Alma, Tim DeGroft Jr, Carson City, Weber, and Wease snagged heat wins.


Sunday night was another hotly contested event with Timothy DeGraft Jr of Carson City finally landing the win. Dale Kaake of Cass City took second, followed by George Wease, Hubbardston, Justin Kuhl, Gagetown, and John Wills. Logan Proctor of Brown City grabbed the B Main, with heats falling to Wease, Jarrett Monk, Alma, and Michael Long of Coleman.


Kolby Rohn of Sheridan claimed the Flinn Stock division feature. Mike Currier, Fenwick came home second, followed by Austin Bean, Stanton, and James Bannister of St. Johns. Currier and Rusty Sowles of Howard City posed for heat win photos.


The Sunday night event found Kolby Rohn in the winner’s circle, followed by Mike Currier, Fenwick, Ronald Fuhrman, Belding, Jason Barrus, Sheridan, and Mack Piper of Shepard. Rohn also claimed the heat win.


Veteran Sheridan racer Don Rohn picked up the Port City Racing Pro Stock event, followed by Rob Brillhart of Crystal, Chris Malek, Alma, Andrew Fidler, Elwell, and Brandon Cunningham of Sheridan. Malek also grabbed a heat win.


On Sunday, the Pro Stocks had the night off, but the Engine Pro Pro Trucks were on the track, with Kenny Dittenber of Carson City taking the win. Curtis Rice of Muskegon grabbed second, followed by Rob Putt, Fenwick, Jim Beltz, Kent City, and Darin Lund of Sheridan. Dittenber also brought home a heat win.



The Mini Wedge group, a beginner division sponsored by the Greenville Daily News saw Zayden Buskirk of Crystal claim the 6 to 9-year-old win over Riley Jones, Muskegon, Eli Fellows, Crystal, Mikah Kurkowski, Sidney, and Keegan Williams of Stanton. Fellows and Kurkowski both gathered heat wins.


On Sunday, Buskirk made it a perfect weekend as he picked up another win over Kurkowski, Carter Brown, Hubbardston, Landyn Neitling, Saginaw, and Jazzlyn Hale of Crystal. Neitling and Kurkowski picked up heat wins.


In the 10-14-year-old division, Stanton’s Brent Wonch gathered up the win over Andre3w Bogart of Howard City, Corcoran Schmitz, Rockford, Lilyann Montgomery, Crystal, and Bryant VanderMark of Greenville. Bogart picked up the heat event.


Hubbardston’s Aby Brown went home the winner of the older division over Andrew Bogart, Howard City, Camern Hendrickson, Muskegon, Danica Woodard, Muskegon, and Braden Wellman. Bogart picked up the heat win.


Next week at Crystal Motor Speedway has all seven of the regular divisions on hand plus the Hiram’s Lightning Sprints. Gates open at 4:30 with racing at 7:30. Adults are $12, kids 5-11 $5, and pit passes at $30. for more information, call the track office at 989.235.5200 or visit the website at

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