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Orrville, Ohio

Saturday, September 23, 2017

By Mike Swanger

   The 5th annual Ohio Dirt Blowout presented by the Kar Connection is now in the books with some great racing action recorded at NAPA Wayne County Speedway. For the Kar Connection Super Late Models, their action started on Friday night as Mike Davis would set fast time at 16.967 and J R Gentry and Doug Drown would win the heat races but Gentry did not cross the scales after his heat race giving the win to Shane McLoughlin and Gentry would have to start on the tail of the feature. In Saturday’s action, Drown would win the Tye Twarog Motorsports Hans Gross Memorial Dash to start on the pole of the 75 lap Don Gross Memorial. As the feature took the green flag, outside front row starter Mike Davis would take the lead for the opening 12 laps when the caution would fly. On the restart, Drown would make the pass for the lead as Davis would make a couple of attempts to regain the lead to no avail. An intense battle was going on for third place between Ryan Markham, Larry Bellman and Shane McLoughlin. Following a caution on lap 19, Markham edged into second past Davis and on the next lap, Bellman took third from Davis. For the next few laps, Bellman and Davis would exchange third place several times as Drown and Markham pulled away from the field. For the 1st 50 laps, caution laps would count as laps raced and lap 48 would be the last of those as the race would go caution free the next 17 circuits with Drown keeping a three car length lead over Markham as Davis ran third with Charlie Duncan getting past both Bellman and McLoughlin. The field would stay status quo until lap 70 when the caution reappeared and bunch the field together. With the race back to green, 2017 track champ, Drown and his Hall’s Auto Sales, Wooster Glass and ABR Farms #240 was hugging the bottom groove through both ends of the track with Markham on his rear bumper. As the two leaders came out of turn four to complete lap 72, Markham tagged Drown and sent him spinning to bring out the yellow flag as Markham was charged for the caution that would send him to the back of the lead lap as Drown would retain his lead. As the green flag waved again, Drown would pull away as the Wooster driver would win his second Ohio Dirt Blowout race. On that final restart, Bellman powered past Davis for second for his best finish of the season. With two rounds left, Duncan would take third from Davis and on the final lap, Markham would drop Davis to fifth.

   The Ohio Valley Sprint Car Association made their second visit of the season to ‘Orrville’s Historic Oval’ with Tyler Gunn taking his pole position spot and grab the lead with Jordan Ryan in pursuit until lap 6 when 2017 track champion Andrew Palker would move into the runner up spot. Brad Haudenschild and Danny Mumaw would motor past Ryan on lap 9. Palker of West Salem, would track down Gunn and take the lead on lap 13. Mumaw, who won the OVSCA race back in May and had started 12th tonight, powered past Gunn on lap 18 for second. The race came to stop on lap 21 when Mitch Harble took a tumble in turn four. as the race went back to green, Palker and his El Campesino Restaurant and King Inspection #57x would pull away and collect his third win of the season and 1st Ohio Dirt Blowout win. Mumaw finished second with Gunn, Haudenschild and Ryan rounding out the top five. Clay Riney picked up the last chance win and would finish 6th after starting 16th and coming off his Never Ever Won win on Friday night. Jason Dolick, Ryan and Palker scored the heat wins.

    Action started Friday night for the Lowes Super Stocks and by the end of the week end, Mansfield’s Kyle Moore swept the week end as he would set fast time at 20.011 seconds and win his heat race on Friday, win the Mars Trucking dash and lead all 25 laps of the McKenzie Concrete feature on Saturday for his third win of the season at NAPA WCS and his 1st Ohio Dirt Blowout victory. Driving the Kryptonite Race Cars, Keller Flooring and Tim Arnold Motorsports #11, Moore would hold off early challenges from Paul Holmes for the first four circuits and 2017 track Champion Bob Daugherty would try his hand at taking the lead on laps 5 through 8 and then John Wilson would try his luck at grabbing the lead. Wilson would edge ahead a couple of times in turns one and two but could never stay ahead of Moore when they passed the flag stand. Wilson would finish second as Daugherty and Holmes flip flopped third a couple of times in the closing laps with Daugherty winning that battle. Gary Hensel Jr. worked his way to fifth from his 18th starting spot. Daugherty and Wilson joined Moore in the heat race victory lane. Chris Albright scored the last chance race. With his 4th place finish, Holmes locked up the ‘Summer Series’ championship with Gary Hensel Jr. and Bob Daugherty finishing second and third and will receive their awards at the banquet.

   After being close a couple of times this season, Canton’s Wes Staley finally found the Summit Racing victory circle as he went flag to flag for his first win of the season and that also clinched the ‘Summer Series’ crown for him in the WQKT 104.5 Mini Stock action. Driving the Tires & More, Finish Line Motors, and the Dalton Dari-ette #73s, Staley would fend off early runs by Sean Rush and Brad Hensel. Rush would drop out midway through the Wayne Newbury & Dirt Track Weekly feature with mechanical issues as Friday nights winner, Dale Beckett would be joined by Jordan James to battle Brad Hensel for second. As those three dueled for second, Staley was able to open up a good size lead and cruise to the win. Beckett would take second as Hensel was third followed by James, After winning the first of the two last chance races, Jerry Adkins would fill out the top five from his 17th starting spot. Brianna Hensel won the second last chance race as Billy Parsons, James, Brian Dawson and Wes Staley posted the heat wins. Matt Miller and Brad Hensel finished second and third in the ‘Summer Series’ and will also get their awards at the banquet.             

  One last night of racing is left for the 2017 season as the Arctic Cat All Stars return on Saturday October 7th for a $5,000 to win event. In four All Star races at Napa Wayne County Speedway, four different drivers have won, those being Sheldon Haudenschild, Kyle Larson, Joey Saldana and Caleb Helms. The Lowes Super Stocks will also be in action for the final time.

   The Awards Banquet will be held on Saturday, November 11th at the Pines Golf Course banquet room. Watch for details later this week for the banquet at www.waynecountyspeedway.com



Saturday, September 23, 2017

Kar Connection Super Late Models

Fast Qualifier   Mike Davis  16.967 seconds

Heat   1   J R Gentry dq’ed, Shane McLoughlin, Larry Bellman, Damian Bidwell, Mike Davis, Brett Bee, Larry Holbrook, T J Enos, Thomas Baker

Heat   2   Doug Drown, Jerry Aber, Ryan Markham, Charlie Duncan, Craig Wolford, Blaine Aber, Bob Daugherty, Brad Haudenschild

Hans Gross Memorial Dash  Doug Drown, Mike Davis, Damian Bidwell, Shane McLoughlin, Ryan Markham, Larry Bellman, Jerry Aber

Don Gross Memorial Feature   Doug Drown, Larry Bellman, Charlie Duncan, Ryan Markham, Mike Davis, Shane McLoughlin, Craig Wolford, Thomas Baker, J R Gentry, Bob Daugherty, Brad Haudenschild, Brett Bee, Jerry Aber, Blaine Aber, Larry Holbrook, Damian Bidwell, T J Enos dns

Ohio Valley Sprint Car Association

Heat   1   Jason Dolick, Chris Myers, Jack Sodeman Jr., Mitch Harble, Jamie Myers, Brian Benson, Brandon Conkle, Andy Fike, Randy Fink

Heat   2   Jordan Ryan, Jim Morris, Aaron Middaugh, Josh Davis, Dave Dickson, Kris Davis, Lance Webb, Benny Hickel, Dylan Kingan

Heat   3   Andrew Palker, Tyler Gunn, Brad Haudenschild, Danny Mumaw, Andre Layfield, Tim Hunter, Clay Riney, Steve Butler, Nathan Skaggs

‘B’ Main   Clay Riney, Brian Benson, Lance Webb, Brandon Conkle, Dylan Kingan, Andy Fike, Randy Fink, Kris Davis, Steve Butler, Tim Hunter dns, Benny Hickel dns, Nathan Skaggs dns

Feature    Andrew Palker, Danny Mumaw, Tyler Gunn, Brad Haudenschild, Jordan Ryan, Clay Riney, Jack Sodeman Jr., Andre Layfield, Chris Myers, Jason Dolick, Josh Davis, Brandon Conkle, Dave Dickson, Lance Webb, Mitch Harble, Aaron Middaugh, Jamie Myers, Jim Morris, Brian Benson, Dylan Kingan

Lowes Super Stocks

Fast Qualifier   Kyle Moore  20.011 seconds

Heat   1   Kyle Moore, Todd Werntz, Tyler Nicely, Brandon Craver, Jamie Gibbs, Mike McElravy, Don Rutt, Jim Nicely, Eric Eicholtz dns

Heat   2   Bob Daugherty, Paul Holmes, Steve Wolford, Brandon Welker, Bubba Smith, Darren Dawson, Todd Gallion, Paul Kern, Gary Hensel Jr., Logan Yelton

Heat   3   John Wilson, Jordan James, Jimmy Smith, Tim Myers, Jason St. John, Chris Albright, Tim Coen, Ryan Ambrose

Mars Trucking Dash    Kyle Moore, John Wilson dq’ed, Paul Holmes, Todd Werntz, Jordan James, Bob Daugherty

‘B’ Main   Chris Albright, Jim Nicely, Gary Hensel Jr., Ryan Ambrose, Tim Coen, Eric Eicholtz, Darren Dawson, Don Rutt, Paul Kern, Todd Gallion, Logan Yelton dns, Mike McElravy dns

Feature   Kyle Moore, John Wilson, Bob Daugherty, Paul Holmes, Gary Hensel Jr., Jason St. John, Tim Coen, Tim Myers, Jamie Gibbs, Chris Albright, Todd Werntz, Steve Wolford, Bubba Smith, Jimmy Smith, Tyler Nicely, Ryan Ambrose, Brandon Welker, Jim Nicely, Jordan James, Brandon Craver

WQKT 104.5 Mini Stocks

Heat   1   Billy Parsons, Kyle Petit, Kevin Markey, Colin Slykhuis, Cory Mills, Trevor Kirsch, Jim Burns, Gary Perry, Johnny Bruce, Wayne Newbury

Heat   2   Jordan James, Brad Hensel, Cory Staley, Doug Hensel, Jerry Adkins, Brent Boreman, Jeff Slykhuis, Mike Rose, Greg Dulaney

Heat   3   Brian Dawson, Matt Miller, Jason Shaw, Aaron Nitz, Tim Workman, Brad Henderson, Keith Rush, Eugene Arkenburg, Clayton Evans

Heat   4   Wes Staley, Sean Rush, Dale Beckett, Colton St. John, Brianna Hensel, Zain Dick, Randy Gibson, Travis Tice, Ken Steele dns      

L. C. #1    Jerry Adkins, Brent Boreman, Cory Mills, Mike Rose, Jeff Slykhuis, Gary Perry, Trevor Kirsch, Johnny Bruce, Jim Burns, Greg Dulaney, Wayne Newbury

L. C. #2    Brianna Hensel, Brad Henderson, Zain Dick, Travis Tice, Eugene Arkenburg, Keith Rush, Tim Workman, Randy Gibson dns, Clayton Evans dns, Ken Steele dns

Feature   Wes Staley, Dale Beckett, Brad Hensel, Jordan James, Jerry Adkins, Jason Shaw, Brent Boreman, Cory Staley, Kevin Markey, Colton St. John, Kyle Petit, Aaron Nitz, Brad Henderson, Brianna Hensel, Matt Miller, Brian Dawson, Billy Parsons, Sean Rush, Doug Hensel, Colin Slykhuis


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