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We finally got the Bomber class going at the historic Mottville Speedway this past Saturday!

So the roar of the V8 and V6 engines are heard again!

3 cars ran, Eric Root’s car was in the pits but still has fuel issues!

Impressive heat and feature wins for Keri Martz over Scott Binkley.

Interesting story on Bomber driver Pete Demerly!

He told me he used for Joe Hamsher at Mottville in the 1970’s!

Nice first win for Tracy Thompson in the Mottville Stocks and he moved up to 7th in the point standings!

Clay Crowner moved into 5th and is now the leading candidate for Rookie Of the Year!

Dennis Yoder padded his season points lead.

Tom Sprague came all the way from Muskegon to race the MTC 53 at the historic Mottville

Speedway and wo the feature!

Tough night for Tobiace Wheeler who exited after the pursuit and was done for the night.

Eric Root won the pursuit and was leading the dash when his transmission and before he exited the track he left two streaks of transmission oil around the track which tool awhile to clean up!

Worse spill we have had this season by far but thanks to all who helped clean it up!

Feature win number 11 for Hornet driver Ed Martz and Emily Root got 2nd. Emily has really improved this season!

Adam Bradford side swiped the back stretch wall in the heat but was able to continuer racinmg.

Season points leader James Harman won the heat.

Because of the transmission spill we turned on the lights for the first time this season but I imagine we will be turning them every night now for the rest of the season.



We are getting ever closer to the 3rd Annual Victor Krontz Memorial Trophy Night and the 32nd Annual Indiana-Michigan Challenge which will be a record pay-off!

Lots of exciting racing ahead!

With other tracks now starting to warp up their seasons we remind one and all that he historic Mottville Speedway is open through the end of October and we may well run the first week of November!!

Racing  at the historic Mottville Speedway resumes SATURDAY , September 23  !!Gates open at 5:30 PM with racing at 6:30  PM!

MS, MTC,   Hornets AND BOMBERS!!

Saturday, October 7 is the 3rd Annual Victor Krontz Memorial  sponsored by Bullet Race Cars!


SUN  OCT 15-32ND ANNUAL IMCC  PART II! LOGAN LANDSCAPING PAYING MS $1000-800-600-400-200-100-70-60-50! SC ROOFING PAYING MTC $500-400-300-200-100-50-40-35! INSTANT CASH HORNETS $200-150-100-75-50-35.You must run Saturday for regular pay-off to run Sunday!!!

I am super excited!

What about you?




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