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Sunday night we had unfortunate incident in which a race car burned at the historic Mottville Speedway!

Now no one is happy about this at all, most especially myself and the track officials!

But we are all very grateful the driver was ok and I have thanked God for that!

But Sunday evenings the haters came out in full force!

I can you that if these haters have their way they will eventually destroy short  track racing!

These unfortunate incidents happen and when they happen the haters at once blame the promoter!

Truth is no one is to blame, it happens and we are sure not the first track to have a car burn!

And I am sure we will not be the last either!

When I drove a race car many years ago I twice hit the front stretch wall!

Once at SBMS and once at Mottville!

For years afterwards my should hurt every time it rained!

But I sure did not blame Mike Bird and Ralph McGlothlen!

Simple fact is I came out of turn 4 too fast and too high!

That is the risk you take in racing!

The lies they posted were incredible!

They seem to focus on lack of a safety crew and equipment!

True we currently only have 2 people on our safety crew but that is not for lack of trying as we are very open to adding two more if we could find them!

But how 4 people or 8 people could have helped the situation I do not know!

Our equipment was fine-this was the first time in 27 years we lost a car to a fire  that we were unable to put out!

The haters ignore the fact a White Pigeon fireman came and used his large fire extinguisher on the fire with no more success than we had!

The fire truck put the fire out but I am guessing by that time it was about out of fuel!

In any event I purchased 8 new fire extinguishers-all meeting code or above-including 3 large ABC units and 5 smaller units Monday and they are at the track now!

The haters seem to think we are not a safe track yet we are the only area track with a tire barrier which has saved many a driver from injury!

Single file starts also add safety!

We run only  4 cylinder cars which means speeds are reduced and that too adds to safety!

One hater even asked if our proposed Bomber class would require a fire suppressants system!

Clearly the intent of the haters is to close the historic Mottville Speedway!

I am sure they invasion someone buying the track, hiring a professional safety crew, making all kinds of expensive improvements, paying more money than any other track and charging $5 for admission!

Oh yes and letting people bring in all the food and drinks they want!

Well, let me tell you something-not going to happen!

The margin of profit we run on is paper thin!

There is a far better chance that when I am done at Mottville the 24 acres reverts to a corn field then someone spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on it!

I did not read all the negative posts by the haters but here is just some examples:

Fence was damaged by the fire.

FALSE-I was at the track Tuesday and there is no  damage to the fence at all!

One hater suggested I was going to spend eternity in hell because a car burned at the track!

Well let me tell you this I will spend eternity in heaven but not because I am good or that in any way I deserve it!

I will spend eternity in heaven because I have accepted Christ as my Lord and Truly Risen Savior and seek  to follow Him, even though I know I fall short!

Now I have put up with haters for the –past 27 years so I am used to it but they even got to Jeff Skwiat!

For that they should be ashamed!

As Patrick McNamara pointed out only a handful of tracks in both Indiana and Michigan combined  have professional safety crews!

But now we move on!

These haters truly have no idea the sacrifices we have made to keep this historic speedway oep for the past 27 years and obviously, they have no appreciation for it!

For 27 years we have had the enjoyment and challenge of owning and promoting the historic Mottville Speedway and we are not about to let the haters chase us away!

A huge thank-you goes out to all those who have sent messages of encouragement and support!

Racing  at the historic Mottville Speedway resumes SUNDAY , August 20 !!Gates open at 5:30 PM with racing at 6:30  PM!

MIDWEST MINI CUPS go 50 laps plus MS and Hornets!

August 27 is our final Sunday race until the IMC in October!

Final Sunday because starting September 2 we switch to SATURDAYS with Sunday as the rai date!


Trophies to all dash and heat winners and he top 4 in each feature!


Hopefully JR LONG will be track side before long!

We sure do miss him!

I am super excited!

What about you?




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