The second night of the two-day Fourth of July racing event at Crystal Motor Speedway Monday

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The second night of the two-day Fourth of July racing event at Crystal Motor Speedway Monday night saw another night of great racing. Over 150 cars were in the pits for the holiday, sponsored by Engine Pro. After the annual fireworks display put on by Trident Pyrotechnics, each division put on their own display of close racing

The Kentucky Fried Chicken Late Models put on a good fight of titans for the lead and ultimately the win. Ultimately it was David Hilliker of Midland, edging out  Zack Olger of Saint Johns, and Brennan Bowen, Sheridan, and a rapidly charging Ryan VanderVeen from Six Lakes for the win. Michael Archer, Jackson grabbed a fourth place finish, followed by Tyler Norton, Midland, Chris Rinard, Ithaca, Steve Mcclees, Muskegon, Ryan Lanphierd, Midland, and Josh Knoll of Lake. Kyle Borgman of Muskegon advanced by winning the B feature with heats falling to Knoll, Tom Dusen of Muskegon, and Bowen.

In the Lane Automotive IMCA Modified division, Mitchell Hunt of Greenville had his hands after assuming the early race lead, fending off a determined Austin Wonch of Stanton, and Gary VanderMark of Lowell before finally taking his first win of 2017.  Ionia resident AJ Ward staked out a fourth place finish, followed by John DeYoung Jr., Crystal, Vern Buskirk, Stanton, Brenten DeYoung, Crystal, Nick Stormzand, Lowell, Chad Wernette, Sheridan, and Shannon Fisk of Lowell. Ward, VanderMark, and Myron DeYoung of Stanton took heat wins.

Another seismic feature was the Street Stock feature where the win went down to the final inch. After a torrid battle, Dustin Weber of Farwell, nipped Dennis Parker Jr. of Crystal, at the line. Saturday night’s feature winner, Ryan Alexander of Stanton and George Wease of Hubbardston fell just short of the leaders after an event long fight for position. Will Stanley, of Lake, grabbed fifth, followed by Jasen Wiley, Fenwick, Gabe Gesselman, Muir, Timothy DeGroft Jr., Carson City, Tony Vinton, Lake, and Jarrett Monk from Alma.  B feature wins fell to Doug McKeown Jr., and Alexander with heats wins going to Gesselman, Wiley, Billy Wilkens, Gowen, and Christina Sherwood of Saranac.

Collin Schafer of Muir fended off Draven Grosvenor, Crystal, Cory Baker, Belding, and Rusty Sowles of Howard City for the win in the Races On The Web Flinn Stock feature. Allen Roszell from Sheridan finished fifth, followed by Mike Currier, Fenwick, Ronald Fuhrman,  Belding, Kolby Rohn, Sheridan, Jarred Wonsey, Sumner,  and Keith Fike of Carson City. Kolby Rohn of Sheridan and Sowles posed for preliminary race wins.

Mike VanderMark Jr. of Sparta, Jeramie Raby from Mt Pleasant, and Nate Jones of Alma were all in contention to win the Port City Racing Pro Stock event with VanderMark finally taking home the win. Derek Schestag of Ashley came in fourth, followed by Robert Brillhart, Crystal, Matt Muha, Greenville, Ryan Teeter, Crystal, John Wills, Jaycee Baker, White Cloud, and Paul Denny from Lansing. Don Rohn of Sheridan and Jones scored heat victories.

Another barn burner finish was in the Engine Pro Pro Truck division with Matt Pickard of Grant, edging out Chris Malek of Alma for the win. Curtis Rice of Muskegon came in a close third, followed by Jim Beltz, Kent City, Aaron Raby, St. Louis, Kenny Dittenber, Carson City, Paul Grosnickle, Lansing, Rob Putt, Fenwick, Tim Sooy, Stanton, and Scott Harris of Lakeview. Pickard and Malek also scored heat wins.

In the youth program sponsored by the Greenville Daily News  Zayden Buskirk of Crystal, nudged out Mikah Kurkowski of Sidney, to win the six to, nine-year-old division. Jazzlyn Hale of Crystal finished third, followed by Ella Matson,  Lyla Mann, Dewitt, June Dora, Fenwick, Teegan Williams, Stanton, Zayden Olger, St. Johns, and Eli Fellows of Crystal. Kurkowski took the heat race win. In the ten to fourteen section, Andrew Bogart of Howard City, Thomas Parker, Zevon Nemetz, Crystal, Riley Bowen,  Sheridan, Landon Miller, Brent Wonch, Stanton, Rylee Knoll, Lake, and Hunter Bohnow of Midland. Parker claimed the heat event.

Next week at Crystal Motor Speedway is a full slate of all seven divisions and will be sponsored by C.L. Trucking and Excavating of Ionia. Gates open at 4:30. Adult admission is $12, kids 5-11 are $5, and pit passes are $25. Further information can be obtained by calling the track office at 989.235.5200 or visiting the website at

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