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Justin Barger is top Patriot sprinter at Eriez Speedway!

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Justin Barger is top Patriot sprinter at Eriez Speedway!

 Justin Barger is top Patriot sprinter at Eriez Speedway!


By Jay Pees

Hammett, PA, (July 5, 2015): Independence Day was celebrated at Eriez Speedway on a warm, beautiful day with Fireworks and the second visit of the season by the Patriot Sprint Tour. Justin Barger took the lead on a late race restart from Kyle Drum for his first Eriez Speedway win and his twelfth PST triumph.


Max Blair came home the Super Late Model winner for the second time this season. Former Crate a Late a model champion Chad Wright picked up his first win of the season as did former E-Mod champion John Boyd in dominating performances. Former champion Ryan Scott cruised to his third Limited Late Model win of the season after taking the lead at lap five. Both Tyler Green (Street Stocks) and Steve Morse (Challengers) collected their first wins of the season while Casey Bowers extended his Economod points lead with his third win of the year.


Brian Crandall and points leader Chris McGuire led the Kandy's Gentleman's Club Limited Late Models to green with Crandall leading the way through two yellow flags in the early going until lap five when third starting former champion Ryan Scott took over at the front. By lap eight Kelly Frederess was second with John Zimmerman coming to third from sixth on the grid by halfway. With three laps left Zimmerman was second. Scott cruised to the win his third of the season, over Zimmerman, Frederes, McGuire, and pole sitter Crandall.


The Patriot Sprint Tour brought a full field of 24 winged, fire-breathing racers headed by points leader Sammy Reakes IV, who won the Memorial Day visit. After the redraw of the top heat finishers, Gary Edwards and Chris Steele started the 25-lap grind from the front row. Steele led from green with Kyle Drum immediately challenging Edwards for second and getting it at the end of two. With five complete Steve Collins spun a complete '360' in turn two and kept the fire lit, not needing a caution. Drum caught the leader at lap eight as Steele caught the rear of the field but Steele then opened up a lead again. Bruce Dewick spun with fourteen complete, was clipped by the leader, eliminating him from competition, and yellow again slowed the event. Kyle Drum was now the leader with Justin Barger up to second from eighth at the start. Mitch Brown restarted third with the most recent Eriez winner, Sammy Reakes IV fourth and Jack Sodeman Jr fifth. Caution flew again with seven to go when three cars got together in turn two. Drum, who had not seen a win since 2005, had his lead erased with Barger still second, Brown third, defending champion and ninth starting Jared Zimbardi fourth, and Sodeman fifth. Barger flew around the top side right after green, taking the lead, then going on to his twelfth PST win. Brown got alongside Drum coming to the white flag then finished the pass on the final lap. Coming to the checkers Zimbardi also got by Drum. Sodeman wound up fifth.


The Nelson-Lynwood Nursery Street Stocks started twenty-two racers with Tyler Green and Bill Reeves on the front row but four cars including Chris McDonald, Brian Mohawk, Don Kramer, and Brent Crandall never got to the green, crashing with only McDonald able to continue.  Green grabbed the lead at green. Defending champion Brandon Groters was challenging the leader from lap two through lap four when McDonald slowed, bringing caution again. At turn three on the first green flag lap Groters spun sideways, eventually involving five more competitors. Green, Mark Ramsey, and Brad Church brought the field back to green. At lap six on the main straight Guy Adams got sideways and rolled several times, coming to rest on the driver's side. Adams was shaken, but OK. Wesley McCray was also involved. At green Jimmy Kennerknecht came to second, looking for his second win of the season. Two laps later Ramsey was back to second with former champion Chris Withers up to fourth. After another caution at lap ten Withers spun in turn one on the restart, then after the next resumption Green went on to his first win in Street Stocks, with Ramsey second, Kennerknecht third, then Mark Thompson, and Critter Hemphill, getting some air time after driving up the front straight wall right at the flag.


Wyatt Scott and Dave Lyon led the twenty Bonnell Collision Center FASTRAK Late Models to Mark Matthews' green flag with Lyon leading Chad Wright at the end of one lap. At the end of two Wright took over but Michael Mitchell spun in lap three, slowing the race under yellow. At green Wright continued to lead but Mitchell spun again in turn one, again slowing the event. Wright, Blair, and Lyon led the field back to green with Jason Genco coming to third two laps later. At halfway the top three remained the same with Bruce Hordusky and Lyon getting together on the front straight, Hordusky getting air time and Lyon heading pitside. Wright, a former champion, went on to his first win of the season over Blair, Genco, Matt Latta, and Hurdusky.


Dennis Hagg and Casey Bowers led the Clinger E-Mod Chassis Economods to green but caution slowed the field before a lap was in the books. Yellow negated the next two tries at racing but the fourth time saw green with two-time winner Casey Bowers leading in his quest for win number three. Josh Ferry followed the points leader throughout the event without being able to mount a challenge. Bowers went on to the win after two lap twelve cautions with Ferry second, Ty Rhoades third,  Eric Reinwald fourth, and Billy Henry fifth.


The Jay's Auto Wrecking Super Late Models were brought to green by Steve Kania and Bobby Rohrer with Rohrer getting sideways in turn two, accordioning the field with eight cars eventually being involved. Wright, fresh off his Bonnell Collision Center FASTRAK Late Models win, needed towed to the pit but returned to the fray for the restart. Michael Oakes and Matt Urban were unable to restart the race. Rohrer, restarting from the pole, led lap one with Max Blair coming to the front a lap later. Darrell Bossard then moved to second with Chris Hackett coming to third. Bump Hedman was fourth at the end of five with Rohrer back to fifth. By lap ten Blair had half a straight lead with Hackett getting to second and starting to close the gap. At fourteen complete Blair had caught the rear of the pack but was again maintaining his lead over Hackett. At lap fifteen Greg Oakes got by Rohrer for fifth. Hackett closed in on Blair in heavy traffic at the white flag but was not able to mount a charge. Blair collected his second Jay's Auto Wrecking Super Late Model win of the season with Hackett, a former champion, second. Darrell Bossard, Bump Hedman, and Greg Oakes filled out the top five.


The field of Plyler Overhead Door E-Mods were paced by John Schenker and Greg Johnson. Johnson launched himself into the lead with former champion John Boyd coming to second. On lap three Troy Carr displaced Schenker for third. Joel Watson was fourth at lap five and third a lap later. At seven complete Boyd was next to Johnson at the line and leading a lap later when Gary Murphy looped it in turn two, slowing the field under caution. Boyd led Johnson, Carr, and Watson back to green with Cale Crocker now fifth. Carr immediately came to second with Crocker coming by Watson then Johnson by the halfway point. At five left Boyd was powering away from Carr and Crocker. Steve Rex was up to fourth after starting thirteenth. At the stripe it was Boyd for his first win of the season over Carr, Crocker, Rex, and Watson.


Defending champion Jason Brightman brought the Ran-Den Excavating Challengers to green with outside front row starter Steve Morse taking the lead and points leader Andy Proper coming to second by the end of the first lap. Proper caught the leader at the halfway point but caution flew before he could make the pass. At green Brightman came back to second but Proper had the spot again at the end of seven. Pete Volpe was to fourth at this time with Thomas Cupp fifth. Volpe experienced problems and headed to the infield with two to go. At the white flag Brandon Huffman looped his mount, setting up a one-lap run for the glory. Again Brightman regained second on the start and held it to the checkers over Proper, Cupp, and Aaron Marcy. It was Morse's first win of the season.



Patriot Sprint Tour :

Heat 1: Kyle Drum, Sammy Reakes IV, Justin Barger, Jared Zimbardi, Steve Hutchinson Jr, Joe McEwen, Chris Steele, Stan Zanchin

Heat 2: Chris Steele, Gary Edwards, Jack Sodeman, Chris Durand, George Suprick, Bruce Dewick, Jim Porter, Shawn Mott

Heat 3: Mitch Brown, Scott Kreutter, Tyler Graves, Jake Muench, Scott Just, Steve Collins, Dennis Wagner, Dave Just

Dash: Jared Zimbardi, Chris Durand, Tyler Graves, Jake Muench, Bruce Dewick, Scott Just

Feature: Justin Barger, Mitch Brown, Jared Zimbardi, Kyle Drum, Jack Sodeman Jr, Scott  Kreutter, Chris Durand, Scott Just, Sammy Reakes IV, Tyler Graves, Jake Muench, Steve Hutchinson Jr, George Suprick, Joe McEwen, Dave Wickham, Jim Porter, Shawn Mott, Stan Zanchin, Dave Just, Dennis Wagner, Chris Steele, Gary Edwards, Steve Collins, Bruce Dewick


Jay's Auto Wrecking Super Late Models:

Heat 1: Chris Hackett, Darrell Bossard, Mike Knight, Greg Oakes, Rich Gardner, Andy Boozel, Rob Blair

Heat 2: Chad Wright, Bobby Rohrer, Scott Gurdak, Michael Oakes, Doug Eck, John Lacki, Brian Fardink

Heat 3: Max Blair, Steve Kania, Matt Urban, Bump Hedman, Jake Finnerty, Ryan Scott, Bob Dorman

Burger King of the Hill: Max Blair, Darrell Bossard

Feature: Max Blair, Chris Hackett, Darrell Bossard, Bump Hedman, Greg Oakes, Bobby Rohrer, John Lacki, Scott Gurdak, Doug Eck, Andy Boozel, Ryan Scott, Rob Blair, Chad Wright, Bob Dorman, Jake Finnerty, Brian Fardink, Rich Gardner, Mike Knight, Steve Kania, Matt Urban, Michael Oakes


Bonnell Collision RUSH Crate Late Models:

Heat 1: Jason Genco, Chad Wright, Matt Latta, Scott Gurdak, Mike Lozowski, Nathan Earle

Heat 2: Randy Hall, Dave Lyon, Kyle Scott, Chris Ottaway, Eric Andrus, Khole Wanzer, Ward Schell

Heat 3: Max Blair, Wyatt Scott, Bruce Hordusky Jr, Kyle Zimmerman, Jamie Brown, Michael Mitchael

Feature: Chad Wright, Max Blair, Jason Genco, Matt Latta, Bruce Hordusky, Kyle Zimmerman, Wyatt Scott, Kyle Scott, Breyton Santee, Jamie Brown, Scott Gurdak, Mike Mitchell, Mike Lozowski, Nathan Earle, Khole Wanzer, Eric Andrus, Chris Ottaway, Dave Lyon, Ward Schell, Randy Hall


Plyler Overhead Door E-Mods:

Heat 1: Joel Watson, John Boyd, Tom Hagberg, Howard Fraley, Steve Rex, Gary Murphy, Jarrod Silvis

Heat 2: Cale Crocker, Greg Johnson, Steve Simon, Ron Seeley, Butch Southwell, Mike Kinney

Heat 3: Troy Carr, John Schenker Jr, Mike Smith, Troy Johnson, Rob Middleton, Jimmy Diabo

Feature: John Boyd, Troy Carr, Cale Crocker, Steve Rex, Joel Watson, Steve Simon, Greg Johnson, John Schenker, Troy Johnson, Mike Kinney, Butch Southwell. Tom Hagberg, Rob Middleton, Jimmy Diabo, Gary Murphy, Jarrod Silvis, Ron Seeley, Mike Smith, Howard Fraley (DNS)


Kandy's Gentleman's Club Limited Late Models:

Feature: Ryan Scott, John Zimmerman, Kelly Frederes. Chris McGuire, Brian Crandall, Anthony Marotto, Mike Moon, Troy Dorman, Bill Applebee


Nelson-Lynwood Nursery Street Stocks:

Heat 1: Don MaGuire, Gary Fisher, Guy Adams, Rob Bates, Kyle Reinwald, Wesley McCray, Wade Watson

Heat 2: Mark Ramsey, Bill Reeves, Brad Church, Jimmy Kennerknecht, John Cline Jr, Brent Crandall, Chris Withers, Don Kramer

Heat 3: Brandon Groters, Tyler Green, Critter Hemphill, Mark Thompson, Art Edwards, Brian Mohawk, Chris McDonald

Feature: Tyler Green, Mark Ramsey, Jimmy Kennerknecht, Mark Thompson, Critter Hemphill, Don McGuire, Chris Withers, Kyle Reinwald, Bill Reeves, Wade Watson, Art Edwards, Brad Church, Rob Bates, John Cline Jr, Guy Adams, Wesley McCray, Brandon Groters, Gary Fisher, Chris McDonald, Brent Crandall, Brian Mohawk, Don Kramer


Clinger E-Mod Chassis Economods:

Heat 1: Josh Ferry, Casey Bowers, Eric Reinwald, Terry Akerley, Kyle Reinwald, Walter Johnson

Heat 2: Ty Rhoades, Dennis Hagg Jr, Brian Joto, Devin Henry, Steve Haefke

Feature: Casey Bowers, Josh Ferry, Ty Rhoades, Eric Reinwald, Billy Henry, Dennis Hagg, Terry Akerly, Kyle Fellows, Brian Joto, Walter Johnson, Steve Haefke (DNS)


Ran-Den Excavating Challengers:

Heat 1: Jason Brightman, Andy Proper, Brandon Huffman, Pete Volpe, Thomas Cupp, Ryan White, Jeff Nunemaker, Jeffrey Walters, Katie Perry

Heat 2: Steve Morse, Wes Stull, Aaron Marcy, Mike Rotunda, Joe Syzmanski, Preston Matve, Phillip Powell, Matt Proper, Gary Olson

Feature:Steve Morse, Jason Brightman, Andy Proper, Thomas Cupp, Aaron Marcy, Wes Stull, Joe Syzmanski, Mike Rotunda, Preston Matve, Phillip Powell, Katie Perry, Pete Volpe, Jeffrey Walters, Ryan White, Gary Olson, Jeff Nunemaker (DNS)


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