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35 Raceway action!

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35 Raceway action!


Hurricane Hustler Gets Hustled

     Before the race action got underway there was a little rain right after hot laps but the best dirt track prep crew got right to work running in the track and it was good to go 35 Raceway got right into racing action.          in Modlite class and Eddie Smith iii in the 6 machine from Columbus Ohio taking the pole his bother in the 3 car Evan Smith right next to him and their dad in the 9 car Eddie Smith Jr  right behind them this would turn out to be the family brawl of the night. With the drop of the Green Flag Eddie and Evan battled for the lead as there dad set back and let bothers do what they do best and with only five to go could he do it Evan was blocking every attempt for the lead. But Eddie was doing the same thing to his dad white flags out. As the field came around for the checkered the order was Eddie Smith in the 6, Evan Smith in the 3 and their dad Eddie Smith in the 9.

The racing shifted over to the 4 cylinder stocks as the green flag waved the whole pack starts battling to get to the lead. Mark Clifford in the 44 from Williamsport Ohio was able to get around early leader in the 5 Robert Haynes and the 186 being driven by Chad Swigert from Washington Courthouse Ohio by lap 7 Brandon Furniss from Mount Sterling in the 13 was able to get to second and the 4 being driven by Jr LeMaster from Washington Courthouse Ohio was able to work up to third so by lap ten the top three where Mark Clifford, Brandon Furniss, and Jr LeMaster Clifford had a good lead on Furniss but LeMaster was on a roll and was reeling in Furniss and by lap 18 was right on his bumper and the crowed was on their feet watching as Clifford lead and was challenged back and forth by LeMaster for the top spot as the two exited turn four it was a race to the checkered as Clifford won by only a bumper with LeMaster 2nd and Furniss 3rd. just As the fans sat back down from the excitement of that race the race of the night was about to get under way the V8 Modifieds feature was roaring to life as the cars started on the with Shawn Donahue in the 11 from Little Hocking Ohio taking the pack to the line in turn four Shawn from there on it was wheel to wheel action between the 52 of Brian Whiteman with Whiteman taking a slight advantage but  behind them things were quickly heating up by Larry Holbrook in his L19 from Heath along with Yellow Springs Mark Bailey in the 88 and the 36k driven by Keith Bills, as Whitenman  put a few car lengths between himself and Donahue as Holbrook moved to take 2nd and challenge with Bills in tow. Those three Battled for the lead until Bills spun out in turn four on lap 6 now things got interesting as Bills was regulated to the tail for bringing out the yellow leaving the Whitenman and Holbrook and the 98 driven by John Arthurs from Chillicothe Ohio to battle for the lead with the wave of the green it was like the action never stopped with Holbrook taking the lead from Whitenman as bills moved from the back to take the third spot and then moved to challenge Whiteman where the two ran wheel to wheel for several laps leaving Bills on top to move in and try and Challenge Holbrook but Holbrook had other ideas as the Hurricane Hustler who had won every other time being at 35 Raceway was finally over thrown by Holbrook who put a car length between the two at the finish it was Holbrook, Bills, Whiteman

 In the 4 Cylinder Outlaw feature Dustin Gatwood from Circleville Ohio in his 27G would take the pack to the line and the green dropped and let’s say this Gatwood didn’t hold back he tried to get a lead started before the 32 driven by Brandon Furniss from Jeffersonville Ohio could work his way through the pack and by lap two Furniss was almost there only one driver stood between Dustin and Furniss, that driver Scott Henry in his 95 from Mount Sterling Ohio tried to hold of Furniss as much as he could but just couldn’t as Furniss took second on lap 7 and Furniss was  chasing down Gatwood as they battled for the lead with Furniss coming out on top but that didn’t keep Gatwood from trying to pass with three to go but Furniss slammed that door closed he top three at the checkered Brandon Furniss for the win Dustin Gatwood Second and Scott Henry for third. The sport mod where ready to go and when they rolled onto the field the 8D being driven by Stevie Thornberry from Beaver Ohio would take them to the line and there was some racing getting ready to happen when the race started the nine year old Harrison Hall from Circleville Ohio in the 99 and Steve Cruise from Jackson in the 0 would challenge Thronsberry for the lead as lap five Rolled around Harrison was leading with Thronsberry in tow him as they approached the Halfway point Harrison was still out front but was approaching the back of the field he carefully maneuvered thru the field as Cruse moved in to challenge  Thronsberry  at the finish it was Harrison Hall, Steve Cruse , Stevie Thronsberry. The last feature of the night was the Crazy compacts the 115 of Rex Smith from Chillicothe taking them to the line and the 13 driven by Les Stephenson of Ashville Ohio was quick to challenge him but the 86 driven by Jesse Mick of Leesburg wanted in two they exchanged the led three time before Les took it and ran with it that left  Rex and Jesse to figure out who would get second at the halfway point the order for finest was set Les Stephenson would win Jesse Mick would take second and Rex Smith would take third.

In Beginner Karts. With Denton Slonaker driving the 76 Machine from Grove City Ohio took the field to the start line in turn four. Right away a kart from the back of the pack Tanner LeMaster in his 4 car from Williamsport, Ohio started working his way through the pack by lap 5 he had worked his way up to the Third position two laps later the 40 driven Clayton Groff from Washington Courthouse Ohio was having his second place position challenged by LeMaster  who was by this time challenging Groff  for second just as Groff regulated Slonaker to 2nd LeMaster then passed Slonaker to challenge Groff for the lead with Flagman Kenney Blade giving the field one to go. LeMaster was looking for the win it came down to the back stretch LeMaster tried to go below Groff and it paid off as Groff went a little high coming out of turn 4. LeMaster took the Opportunity to pass and take the checkered. Next feature event was the Sr Clone Karts the with Butch Eblin driving his RC2 out of Logan Ohio.

Mechanis’s race winners were

 Chris Brown in the Karts, Estill Scarbery in 4 Cylinder Stocks, Shawn Thornsberry In Sport Modifieds, Josh Shannon in Modlites, Bud Furniss in Outlaw 4 Cylinders, Chris Brown in Crazy Compacts.

Results June 28th

V8 Modifieds

Heat Winner: Larry Holbrook

Feature:  Larry Holbrook, Keith Bills, Brian Whitenman, Shawn Donahue, Mark Bailey, John Arthurs


Jr Karts

Heat Winner:  Tanner LeMaster

Feature:  Tanner LeMaster, Clayton Groff, Denton Slonaker, Tori Moore, Eric Kinney II


Sport Mods

Heat Winner:  Steve Cruse

Feature:  Harrison Hall, Steve Cruse, Stevie Thornsberry, Eric Kinney


Super Heavy Karts

Heat Winner:  Jeff Dubois

Feature:  Ron McMannis, Greg Clary, Jeff Dubois


4Cyl Outlaws

Heat Winner:  Scott Henry

Feature:  Brandon Furniss, Dustin Gatwood, Scott Henry, Vonley Jordan, JR LeMaster, Tommy Bigham


Sr Karts

Heat Winner:  Colton Taylor

Feature:  Butch Eblin, Colton Taylor, Chad Hyatt, Justin Gozy, Randale Brown, Todd Wills


4Cyl Stock

Heat Winners:  Brandon Furniss, JR LeMaster

Feature:  Mark Clifford, JR LeMaster, Brandon Furniss, Teddy Lowery, Charles Dozier, Robert Haynes, Chad Swigert, Jeremy Moore


Mod Lites

Heat Winner:  Eddie Smith

Feature:  Evan Smith, Eddie Smith III, Eddie Smith Jr


Crazy Compacts

Heat Winner:  Les Stephenson

Feature:  Les Stephenson, Jesse Mick, Rex Smith

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